Trina The Wild One

Chapter 1


The knight swung gracefully from his saddle, "Who are you?"

Trina looked up at him defiantly. "I might ask you the same question." She didn't like people thinking they could just barge in and take charge. It wasn't their place to control her. She was a free woman and practically had been since birth. She had lived with Mentor because she was obligated to because of Mentor's decency to raise her, but that didn't mean she wasn't free if she wanted to be. Mentor had never laid any more claim on her once she could take care of herself.

The knight cupped her chin in one of his gauntleted hands. Trina glared angrily into his icy blue eyes. "You being a mere commoner will not take that kind of tone with me. I am the one in charge here not you, you puny imp."

Trina snorted, "I'm not a commoner," She stood straighter, prouder, "and I am most certainly under your jurisdiction. I don't belong to this village in any way. I am only here because I have to be. I am a druid and I would much rather be," She glanced at the pathetic hovels around her, "elsewhere."

The knight's eyes widened in surprise, "You dare show yourself here?" he spat, "You and all your kind bring destruction, you are not part of the natural world. Leave now or we will hang you. Choose now you pathetic beast. What do you value your life or your name?" His mouth twisted into an angry snarl.

Trina watched him calmly brushing dust from her furs. "You Solmanic Knights always were cocky. I am so grateful that I was saved from dealing with your kind before now." She smiled rather smugly. "I can't believe you think you can control me. You and your pathetic lies, I am more part of the natural world than you could ever be, what did you think my magic dealt with, you fool."

A guard from the wall suddenly cried out, "Draconian! Draconian! Bar the Gates!"

Trina growled angrily. Draconian were monsters created for evil and she couldn't wait to destroy some. Besides this knight obviously wasn't competent enough to truly deal with anything when left to his own devices.

The knight leapt for the stairs, hoping to gain an advantage from the top of the wall. Trina dashed for the gate. All she needed was a loose slat.

Luckily for her the gate was ill made, either that or simply old, but she was more inclined to believe the former, judging by the state of the rest of the village. Slats hung loosely in many places, and they hardly looked weathered, so it seemed mostly to be the maker's fault.

There would be plenty of spaces for her to jam her weapon in and shoot. She would even have a choice of places to get the best shot. She ripped away one of the splintered slats. It was the perfect place.

She pulled her crossbow from her back and quickly fitted it with a bolt. Time to make some heads roll. She shoved the crossbow through the gap and chose a target. She pulled the trigger.

The bolt flew straight and true, smashing into the dead center of the skull of Trina's chosen draconian. The draconian fell to the ground twitching but the arrow flew on, hardly even slowed after jamming through the first draconian skull. It slammed a second draconian into a tree. The draconian struggled trying to free itself. Blood spurted everywhere. Slowly the creature's thrashing slowed.

Meanwhile, Trina had already obliterated several more draconian. Each in a different and equally gruesome way. Soon all of the draconian were on the ground either dead or dying.

Trina collapsed against the wall breathing heavily. It always drained her to fight multiple enemies in such a manner. She glanced over and saw the knight once more at her side. Trina raised her eyebrow, "Well?" She asked only slightly breathless.

"Impressive bow work, I've never seen someone reload a crossbow so quickly. Your skill has even outdone some of my men." Then he scoffed, "Pity you're a druid and obtained your skills from darkness. We could have really used one with your skills on our wall, but of course, we don't accept workers of darkness in our ranks."

Trina rolled her eyes. "At least I'm not a pompous prig of a knight. I don't know how you can stand to be in the same village with yourself. It just doesn't seem possible that someone could really be that self-centered."

"Your irritation will shortly mean very too little to anyone. Especially you." The knight answered rather angrily.

"Oh and how is that?" She gestured having a rope tighten around her neck, "Think you're going to get away with hanging me? You can't possibly be the only law keeper in this pathetic dredge of a town."

"I charge you to death by hanging. You are a danger to our society." The knight answered with a very indistinct tremor in his voice.

Trina smiled amused, "Oh and what's that? The word of pigheaded knight how cute that you think you can actually punish me. I don't see how that could be possible." She gazed about her coolly, "It's lucky for you that I have unfinished business in this town. Or you would never see me to the gallows. But that's exactly where I want to go."

"Do not mock me!" The knight growled angrily. He grabbed her arm angrily. "I'll see you hanged hag!"

Trina let the knight drag her away. She behaved quite placidly, simply letting him drag her along. The plan was working out quite nicely. She knew that she was not going to die so why not let him have his fun? Besides this is what Mentor had seen, this is what had to be done.

Trina stood and calmly let the noose tighten around her neck. She was completely confident in Mentor. She would not die this day. The knight was so angry the noose hardly allowed her to breath but she would not die.

In the next instant the planking dropped. Before the rope could hold her properly and swing her through the air like a prize, a knife snapped the rope. Trina fell to the ground. She crouched for a moment in the darkened space under the gallows. She was climbing out in another moment and was soon running for the gate.

Trina allowed her legs to propel her fast than she had ever run before. The rogue however was much faster. The rogue gave Trina the briefest of nods before her legs carried her past the gate. Everything was happening just as Mentor had said it would. The plan was flawless.

Trina reached the gate a moment later. She stopped for a moment. She turned back to face the town. "Idiots!" She called, "Try to capture Trina Bal'hamori and you'll only be disappointed! Good day to you! You should pray we never meet again!"

Her feet leapt once more in the direction of the forest. Suddenly Trina was grabbed from behind. A gloved hand clamped down on Trina's mouth to silence any cry.

Trina struggled. She hated being manhandled. After a moment of scuffling about and useless fighting she stopped. At least she was still headed towards the forest. The forest was the one place you did not want to meet Trina. It was the only place she had never lost a fight. Besides, Trina already had a fair idea of who had captured her and she wasn't particularly worried. She was pretty sure that this capture would only aid her in the end.