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Summary: A young tri-hair boy has been accused of beating his father and is sentenced to 6yrs in prison. Except this prison isn't a normal prison. It's full of daemons. He is put in a cell with 2 of the most powerful daemons in the world. Scared and cold he stays away hoping to just survive his time there. He meets later 2 other humans that were also sent to the prison under false accusations. Will he and the other 2 be able to survive and will the boy be able to survive with his cell mates? And will he and the other 2 humans be able to escape?

A couple of the ideas that this story has comes from Rose Mistress's story 'Dark Prison'.

Starting pairings are: Monarchshipping, Puppyshipping, and Geminishipping.

Chapter 1

16 year old boy with spike black, gold and amethyst coloured hair. The black was the main part of his hair, gold bags framed his face while amethyst tipped the top of his gravity defying hair. He had big, amethyst coloured eyes that matched his hair. He stood staring at the floor. He was standing in a court room awaiting his sentence. A sentence for something he never did.

"Yugi Motou, I hear by sentence you to 6yrs imprisonment in Nomead Prison, for the attack on your father, Simon Motou. No parole. " The judge ruled out.

Yugi looked at the ground, tears falling down his face. He hadn't even tried to deny any of the accusations against him by his father at all. Knowing if he did and his father got to him, he wouldn't live to see another day. He couldn't believe they would sentence him to 6yrs for a thing like that.

His father had had beaten him and tried to rape him one night 2weeks ago and Yugi had had enough of it and grabbed the bedside table lamp and rammed it into the back of his father's head, knocking him out. Yugi was able to clean himself up and slept that night on the couch as his father was still in his room on the floor. His father woke the next morning and did nothing. He allowed for Yugi's injuries to heal, so that if Yugi said that his father beat him there would be no trace of it on him.

Then 2 weeks after that night Yugi's father dragged him gently as to not leave bruising on his skin to his room and made him stand in the middle of the room. He used Yugi's hands to toss things around the room. He then beat himself up in front of Yugi then rammed his head into the mirror in his room and called the police with the claim that Yugi was beating him up.

Yugi didn't understand how the jury could believe that a thing like him could possibly beat up a man of his father's size and do everything that his father claimed he did. Yugi looked at his father as he was escorted out of the court room by police in handcuffs, which weren't really necessary, as he wouldn't dare run from the police. The look on his father's face said everything. 'I got you where you will disappear and I won't be blamed for it.' His father snickered as he was led out of the room.


Yugi walked along dark corridors of the prison he would be staying at. The judge told him that he would put Yugi in the normal prison if there was room, but there was none. So he was sent to another and wished him good luck in his stay there. Yugi didn't want to know why the judge wished him luck as he was sure he would find out when he arrive.

Yugi heard howls, growls, scratching and inhuman screams from the prison he was walking through. He kept his head down as he walked along with his cuffed hands to his chest as he clutched his pillow, blanket and photo of his mother and grandfather that the guards at the prison allowed him to have. He was curious as to why the guards kept a cloak over them when they were in his presence and had Yugi put his stuff in the shadow where the guards where waiting for him so they could look through his items. He didn't know why but he was given everything back and was now following the guard as he was led down a dark cold corridor to his cell.

He stopped when the guard in front stopped and turned to the cell to his right. He stood in front of the door while the guard unlocked the door. Yugi noticed that he was sharing his cell with two others and those two was chained to a wall and hidden in the shadows on the right hand side of the cell, curled up with each other.

The guard took the key to Yugi's cuffs and unlocked them, keeping his limbs hidden from him. Yugi whispered a thankyou and was ushered in his cell. Before the guard left he spoke to him.

"Kid, if I were you I would stay on the far side of the cell away from your cell mates if you want to survive the night. They are the most powerful and dangerous ones here. Sorry but I can't move you to another as this is the last cell that I can put you in. You'll have to stay here.

"Also you will have to sleep on the floor all our cots were destroyed when the inmates had a small riot a few months ago. Have a nice sleep, someone will come and get you in the morning for breakfast and will tell Atemu and Yami you are an inmate. Don't guaranty that will save you.

"I won't wake them up, as it will most likely anger them, so keep quiet and you should make it through the night. Also whatever you do, try not to bleed." Yugi gave a puzzled look to him. "You'll find out in the morning. I'm wearing this clock as to not give you nightmares at the moment, as you look like you need a good night's sleep."

"O-Ok. Thankyou. Have a nice night." Yugi said sincerely.

He sat in the furthest corner of the cell away from his cell mates. Yugi noticed it was long and narrow. It was 3metres wide and 4 metres long. There was a small L-shaped indent in the wall where a toilet sat. If you sat down the guards could just see you feet.

He untied his blanket and removed the pillow from inside, along with the picture. He put the picture next to the wall and lay down and pulled the thin, tattered blanket over him to try and keep the cold off him. It didn't do much and he slowly drifted off into a nightmare filled sleep of his father and what he had been through.


Atemu looked at the sleeping figured in the furthest corner of the cell. He figured the human thought that if he slept far away then they couldn't get to him. As a matter of fact, they could reach every inch of the walls in the cell. It didn't matter if they had a chain around their wrists; it was long enough so they would chase his meals around the cell. But that only happen once a month.

He was confused as to why there was a human here and especially one so young. It was either another meal or a prisoner. But if it was a meal then why did it have belongings. It occurred to him that it was obviously a prisoner and the humans mostly likely filled up their prison for now and put him here.

He noticed the state of his blanket and it was not covering him well from the cold but it didn't work. He wondered how long the human had had it and why he didn't get a better one before coming here. He knew it was brought with him because it had his scent all over it and the fact that the guards don't give humans that would sometimes come and stay blankets. But it had been 1yr since humans came here and most were dead in the less than a year. There was only two that were human here not including the one in his cell.

He saw the human toss and turn in his sleep and noticed he was whimpering.

"Iie...Iie...please shuushi... please I won't do it again... please shuushi..."

He watched as the human slowly stopped mumbling in his sleep but was still tossing and turning in his sleep, but did nothing. Atemu watched him for a few minutes before drifting back off to sleep next to his mate, with the human tossing and turning in his make shift bed.

Japanese meanings,

Iie - No

shuushi- Stop

Yugi - Why is it I'm always the one getting hurt?

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