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Chapter 39

--Ω∞Ω-- One Week Since the Start of Battle --Ω∞Ω--

It had been one week since Yugi, Ryou, Malik and the children were placed in the room and Bakura and Yami couldn't get out to help once they had healed. Also the fact that their mates wouldn't let them leave also didn't help with them trying to get back to the battle. They didn't like the idea of not knowing what was happening.

At the moment they were all sitting around quietly talking when they heard something at the door and Bakura changed to his full daemon form, Malik changed his dragon form and Yami stood next to them, shadows swirling around his hands. The door opened to show Marik, Atemu and Akefia coming in bloody and tired, well Atemu and Akefia were while Marik was clean as a whistle. No scratches, gashes or bruising.

All three stopped what they were doing and changed back before the 5 mates ran over and embraced their respect mate. Yugi and Ryou were close to tears while Malik just held Marik tightly scared that he'd disappear.

Atemu looked over to see his children slowly inching forward. Waving his hand that was behind Yami to them they ran over and grabbed onto him and crying. Akefia looked over to see his eight children looking at him while they cried. Akefia led Ryou and Bakura over to them and knelt down wincing at the large gash in his side and embrace all eight of them as they clung to him. Marik looked over at his boy and called him over and then picked him up and the wrapped his arms around Malik and the boy.

"Atemu please let us take you to Isis."

"Alright it if makes you feel better." Yugi nodded quickly.

"Akefia you to please?"

"Very well Ryou." Ryou smiled.

"Atemu, Akefia we'll take your kids back to our chamber for the night. You can collect them tomorrow."

"Thankyou Marik. You sure you're fine?"

"Yeah I'm ok."

"Alright children you are all going with Marik and Malik and are staying with them for the night."

The children nodded and followed Marik and Malik out of the room and down the halls. Ryou, Yugi, Bakura and Yami helped Atemu and Akefia to the healing chambers where Isis was. Atemu and Akefia wince as they sat down on the beds before laying back. Isis came over and quickly patched them both up before shooing them away so others come in and get help.

Their mates helped them back to their chambers and into bed. Yugi and Yami lay down on either side of Atemu who wrapped his arms around them both tightly.

"You ok?" Atemu asked both.

"Yeah just worried was all." Yugi said.

"Yeah we were worried. Bakura and I tried to come back out after we were healed but we couldn't get out of the room."

"I know that. It's because I ordered for it to be locked. Yami you nearly died out there along with Bakura. You were less than 20meters from that explosion. Did you really think I wouldn't have you both locked away till this finished."

Yami sighed and cuddled up to Atemu's side and looked at Yugi who had fallen asleep a beautiful smile on his face. Yami smiled and nodded his head to Yugi and Atemu looked over and smiled and tugged Yugi gently closer. Yugi mumbled softly and curled up closer.

"He's perfectly happy now." Yami said. "He was so worried about you. Both of us were."

"I know I was worried about you both as well. Especially considering I saw you nearly get blown up."

Yami looked at Atemu and leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be it's not like you did it on purpose."

"Atemu get some rest."

"You too."

Yami smiled and cuddled up next to him and slowly fell asleep after Atemu had.


Ryou sat down next to Akefia while Bakura sat on the other side. Ryou smiled sadly and leaned forward and placed a kiss on his lips and curled up carefully at his side. Bakura looked at Ryou and sighed softly. He didn't blame him that he was upset, he was worried as well the whole time.

"Ryou don't worry I'm ok. I'll be all well again by the day after tomorrow."

Ryou smiled and nuzzled his arm. Akefia moved his arm next to Ryou and wrapped it around him and hugged him gently. Ryou smiled and kissed him gently again and curled up again and slowly fell asleep. Bakura smiled at Ryou and gently kissed him on the forehead before turning to Akefia and kissed him as well before Akefia took over.

Bakura smiled before laying his head down on the pillow and lay next to Akefia, whose arm was wrapped around his waist. Bakura slowly fell asleep with Akefia following behind him.


Malik and Marik had set up beds on the floor for the 12 children that were in their room before relaxing in bed together.

"I'm glad everyone's alright." Malik said softly.

"So am I. It was scary seeing Yami and Bakura to be thrown across the battle field when the explosion went off."

"It's a good thing they were ok. Yugi and Ryou were both in tears when they saw them brought in it."

"I don't blame them. Get some sleep. Tomorrows a new day."

Malik smiled and gently kissed Marik before resting his head on his chest. Marik wrapped his arms tightly around Malik's waist.


That's it it's the end.

Malik and Marik had taken the children back their parents the next morning before relaxing for the day with their son in the gardens under a tree.

Ryou, Bakura and Akefia stayed in their chambers the next day with their children on the bed as well just relaxing for the whole day.

The same happened with Yugi, Yami and Atemu for that day. During the years that passed after the week war the children grew and eventually some left home and went out into the daemon world. It had been put on that to go through the portal you had to have permission from the King to let you go through so no one in many years had left. After many years their mates got pregnant again and started to raise their children again.

Their lives were happy and after all they had many, many years to live.

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