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A/N: A is for Awesome! John/Cameron.

Rating: K



John is gazing at the gigantic skeleton when she speaks.

"In the future you say dinosaurs are lucky," Cameron says, her face blank as she looks up into the jaws of the massive structure. "You say they are lucky because they're dumb animals who die long before Judgment Day."

John stares at her. "That's kind of stupid." He says. "Why would I say that?"

Cameron flashes him a shockingly genuine smile. "It's a joke," She says, her voice lilting and so very human. "You say it to make me laugh."

John swallows, his heart beating quickly. Then Cameron is pointing at his notes, her voice hollow once more.

"That's wrong." She says, before walking away. "It's an Allosaurus, not a Tyrannosaurus Rex."