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Sooo, I started writing the sequel of the story "His angel" earlier than I thought I would and the first chapter is ready for all of you to read :)

This story takes place three and a half years later. House is still the head of Diagnostics, Cameron is still the head of Immunology and Cuddy and Wilson haven't gone anywhere either :p House has the same team and only Foreman isn't a permanent member of his team but he is at the hospital as well. In the first chapters I am going to write about the main characters' life and then I'm going to move on with the plot.

I hope you are going to like this story as well as the prequel. I'm looking forward to reading your opinions about this first chapter. The second chapter is almost ready so I'll probably post it tomorrow.

Let's move on with the story then :)

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Chapter 1: Drawings

"What's an STD?" four and a half year old Beth asked looking up from her coloring book and making her father stop in mid-sentence and the other four doctors look at her.

"Allison is so going to kill you." Foreman said with an amused smile and House glared at him.

"It's a… disease sweety." He explained and Beth nodded.

"Oooh…" she said and House thought that the crisis was averted but then she spoke again.

"And how is it tras… tram… transmitted?" she managed to ask, repeating the sentence she had heard from Taub earlier and grinned, looking at her father.

"Sex…" Kutner mumbled distractedly, too engrossed into the patient's file to notice who had asked the question.

He realized what he had done after he felt House's oversized tennis ball hitting him on the head.

"Oooh…" said Beth again and turned her attention back to her coloring book.

Everybody glared at him and he blushed furiously.

"Go run a tox screen and schedule an MRI. And book the OR too." He said looking at Thirteen and Taub who nodded and exited the conference room.

"And you will spend the rest of your day pretending to be me!" he exclaimed and tossed his name tag to Kutner who groaned but exited the room without a second word.

"I think it's time to start believing in God." Foreman commented with a smirk and House furrowed his eyebrows in question.

"Only a miracle is going to save you if she goes to Allison and tells her the new words she learnt today." He said, laughing and House threw the tennis ball to him this time.

"Tell her anything and I'll make sure that Clair learns that Adam was saying 'Vicodin – Vicodin' all day long yesterday." House said with a smirk and Foreman stopped laughing and turned his attention to Beth.

"What are you doing here bug?" he asked her.

"My teacher was sick and they sent us home." She replied without looking up from her coloring book but then remembered what they were talking previously.

"Daddy, what's sex?" she asked, her blue eyes connecting with his and Foreman burst out laughing.

House shot him a glare and he got up immediately before he could throw him his cane this time.

"Good luck with that!" he yelled as he walked down the hall "See you later bug!"

"Where are you going?" yelled House.

"To the Neurology Department, I just came for a consult." Foreman yelled back and House groaned.

"Bye Uncle Eric!" shouted Beth and then turned to look at her father again expectantly.

"Oook, why don't we talk about that again when you are forty or something? Are you going to make a nice picture for daddy now? I want to put it on the whiteboard so that everyone can see it!" he said with a smile and Beth grinned at him and nodded.

He exhaled loudly and sat on a chair next to his daughter, observing the symptoms written on the whiteboard.

He was going to kill Kutner after they found out what was wrong with the patient.

Meanwhile at the Immunology Department Cameron was trying to put everything back in place.

She was away for a week to a conference that Cuddy had sent her and now the Department was a complete mess.

She was also waiting one of the benefactors of the hospital to show him around Immunology and the labs they used because the next fundraiser was going to be held for her department.

Cuddy was sure that she would impress the guy so he sent him to her a month earlier. And she couldn't have chosen a worst time…

So now she was sitting behind her desk trying to sort out the huge stacks of papers, resumes and mail that were currently occupying her desk.

It took her some time to sort everything out but she finally managed to create three piles, separating the huge stack into three categories.

She was ready to start opening the mail when a knock on the door made her turn to look at the intruder.

She saw a man, around thirty-eight with dark hair and green eyes, dressed in black trousers and a white shirt.

"May I help you?" she asked, placing her mail back on the desk.

"It depends. Are you Dr. Cameron?" he asked, smiling at her.

"Yes, that would be me." She replied and motioned for him to enter.

"I've heard that you were beautiful, but no one informed me that you are that stunning." He said with a grin and sat down on a chair in front of her desk.

"Thank you for the compliment. Care to tell me who told you these things or the reason you are here?" she asked seriously, not giving him a chance to continue.

"I'm Dr. Evans. Dr. Cuddy told me to pass by, mentioned something about a fundraiser and that you would show me around your Department and the labs." He explained, placing his hands in his pockets.

"So you are the benefactor that Dr. Cuddy was so anxious to send to me." She said with a small smirk and he nodded.

"You didn't answer my first question though." She commented and he smiled.

"Just some friends of mine, Dr. Cameron. They also said that you are one hell of a doctor along with extremely pretty." He stated and he got up from his chair.

"Shall we?" he said motioning to the door.

Cameron stood up as well and made her way out of her office with Evans following close behind her.

"Dr. Cameron!" one of her interns' voice made her stop and turn to look around.

"What now?" she asked in frustration.

"We can't prepare Mrs. Lindsey for surgery; Dr. House booked the last OR." He said cautiously making her groan and rub her temples, trying to sooth the headache that was forming.

"I'll deal with it; go tell her that she will have to wait a little more." She said and started walking towards the labs again.

"Is Dr. House giving you a hard time?" Evans asked with curiously.

"You haven't heard anything about him but you know everything about me?" she asked, challenging him and he smirked.

"Good point. I do know about him, I have worked with him in the past. I don't think he liked me though…" he concluded with a shrug.

"He is a difficult man." Cameron commented, not giving away any information about her relationship with him.

"He is a jerk, it's that simple actually. I was one of his interns for a while. Just the name Gregory House in your resume will open up almost every door. But, as I said, he didn't like me…"

"So he fired you." Cameron said, interrupting him.

He looked at her inquisitively as they entered the elevator.

"Yeah… after making my life a living hell." He said in disdain.

"You must have done something to him." She commented looking straight ahead to the doors.

"I didn't do anything to him." He said defensively with a small charming smile.

Cameron just raised an eyebrow, studying the man next to her.

"I didn't want to work for him at the beginning but my father insisted that he was a great doctor so I caved in. He made a phone call and…"

"That explains it." She said triumphantly clicking her fingers and he looked at her questioningly.

"He took you in his team because of your father. You didn't do anything to make him respect you; it's rational that he fired you." She explained and he snorted.

"So, you just see me as a daddy's boy who lives on his father's money?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and moved closer to him.

"I haven't formed a complete opinion about you but pretty much, yeah." She replied and took a step back.

The doors to the elevator opened and before he could reply to that she exited motioning for him to follow her.

She showed him around and then they walked back to her office.

"Can I interest you in going out with me for a cup of coffee?" he asked with a bright smile and she cocked her head, looking at him with a smirk.

"I will have to say no." she said and sat down behind her desk again.

"Because you have too much work to do?" he asked, fishing for more information.

"Because there is another man in my life." She replied and he raised his hands in the air.

"Oook, I think that's my cue to live. It was nice meeting you. I guess I'll see you again." He said with a small smile and exited her office.

Cameron shook her head and returned back to work, picturing House's reaction if he found out about this Evans guy.

In the Diagnostics Department House was still sitting with Beth but instead of looking at the symptoms on the whiteboard he had taken some of her coloring markers and he was engrossed in one of his own drawings.

"Look what I made!" exclaimed Beth happily and lifted her drawing up.

"Is that me?" he asked with a grin and Beth nodded, smiling widely.

"That's you, that's mommy and that's me!" she said pointing at her drawing.

"And what are we doing?"

"We are at the park we went last week, and you and mommy are sitting on the bench and I am at the swings!" she explained and handed him the drawing.

"It's beautiful…" he said with a smile "Wanna help me out put it on the whiteboard?" he asked and Beth nodded excitedly.

He lifted her up and helped her use some fridge magnets to post it on the board.

"I think it's perfect." He commented and Beth wrapped her little arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

"What did you make?" she asked him and he smirked.

He placed her down and got his own drawing.

"I made Dr. Cuddy!" he exclaimed and Beth giggled.

"That's not Dr. Cuddy this is a face hidden by two huge balloons." She said.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed making his daughter laugh again.

"I don't think she is going to like it…" she commented after studying the drawing, rubbing her chin with her little hand, her head tilted to the right.

House shook his head as he observed his daughter and picked her up again, making her sit on his good leg.

"That's why we are going to give it to her and then go hide!" he said making Beth grin.

"Where?" she asked, looking at him mischievously, like only a child could.

"That's my girl. Last time we went to the coma guy's room so now I think that mommy's office will be great." He said and she nodded.

The knock on the door made both of them turn to look at the person who was standing there.

"Dr. House, I never believed that I would see you babysitting." Commented Evans and entered the conference room.

"Dr. Evans" he greeted making quotes in the air with his fingers at the doctor part.

"I see you haven't changed." He said with a smile.

"I see you haven't changed either." House replied "Is your father still running behind you?" he asked all the way piercing him with his gaze.

"I think that I'm not going to answer…" he said making House smile smugly.

"Sooo, what did she do?" he asked nodding his head to Beth.

House frowned.

"She must have done something and they are punishing the kid by making you take care of her." Evans said with a smirk.

"I didn't do anything, right daddy?" asked Beth with wide eyes.

"Yes angel, you didn't do anything. Dr. Evans here is playing games." He replied and glared at him.

"Wow… You, a father?" he asked in shock.

"Did Cuddy send you here to annoy me?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe…" he said cryptically. "The kid looks familiar…" he commented "Do I know her mother?"

"Don't you have anything else to do? I'm kind of busy here." He said pointing to the whiteboard.

"Oh, sure… I'll be in Dr. Cuddy's office." He said and exited the conference room, leaving Beth with House alone.

"I don't like him." Beth said, looking at Evans' retreating form.

"Me neither… He is an idiot." replied House and looked at his daughter.

"Come on, Sponge Bob starts in a while." He said making Beth grin.

She got of his lap and together they made their way to his office, both settling down in the recliner and both singing along to the theme of Sponge Bob.