Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

A blond head dipped closer to the desk's cool surface, fingers curled loosely around the stem of a half empty wine glass. Drinking may accomplish very little, but at the moment its numbing qualities greatly outweighed the possible headache come morning. Puffs of air ghosted from between pale rose lips to turn the space in front of his eyes misty for a moment. To say that Wolfram von Bielefeld, third son of the 26th demon queen, looked the picture of a heart broken soul would be an understatement. Fortunately no one was there to witness this extraordinarily un-princely moment in the so called brat's life. His study was in one of the least visited parts of the castle. In another age it served as common room for artisans living at the castle. Now only one artist ever entered the spacious room, not that most of the residents of Covenant Castle would ever call him such a thing. Morose thoughts drifted though Wolfram's mind, the events of the afternoon coming back to him clearer than he'd hoped the wine would allow.

The maids chattered shrilly as a blue blur strode past them on a direct path to the Maou's office. It seems Lord Bielefeld was on the hunt for his recently returned fiancé. Yuri had been away for nearly six months visiting his family in the other world. He may have quit school in order to better run Shin Makoku, but there was not a chance that he would abandon his family completely. Especially considering the feats Jennifer of Yokohama might be driven to should her son be gone too long. Turning the last corner before reaching Yuri's office Wolfram took a deep breath in order to calm himself. In the years since Soushu's defeat he'd spent considerable effort in calming his temper, something he'd never imagined that he would get the opportunity to accomplish. By the time he stood in front of the doors of the Maou's office he had adopted an unfazed mask, ready to greet Yuri without threats or accusations. With his pressed lightly on the door a question resonated from the room beyond.

"Gunter, um, how does one go about… you know ending an engagement?" the Maou's voice hesidently questioned. Had Wolfram not known for sure what one's own heart stoping felt like he would have sworn his own froze in his chest.

"Heika… I… May I inquire as to why you are interested in this particular part of Mazoku culture?"

"Well I've been thinking. When I first got back after the whole box thing Wolfram wrote that note breaking the engagement but when he came back nobody took it seriously. I mean come on he didn't even have to tell anybody that he didn't really want to end the whole thing!" Yuri explained his voice rising to a near whine on the last few words. Wolfram's heart begged his feet to rush him away from this incidental eavesdropping, yet it seemed his feet had turned to traitors.

"Hum I supose that is true Heika; however, that note was hardly a formal disolvtion of an engagement. Perhaps if Heika had not immediately gone to bring Lord Bielefeld back it may have eventually ended your engagement permanently. Ending such a contract requires a bit more than a simple exchange of words," Gunter's voice stated sliding into lecture mode quite easily.

"What! You mean the whole reason I'm still engaged to… to…. to HIM is my fault! Oh man, unbelievable!" A fine tremor began to take hold of Wolfram's limbs as he listened to his fiancé's words, served the traitors right if only they had listened to him in the first place they'd be half way to his study by now.

"Haha, you could say that Heika. Still I must admit my curiosity as to why you are only now asking about this. Lord Bielefeld and you have been engaged for close to five years now." Gunter's words were laced with affection for boyish king, despite the passage of time Yuri had not changed much from the energetic fifteen year old who found himself flushed into a new world.

"Ugh after the boxes and Murata's cult I didn't really have time to deal with …it. It only feels like I'm just now getting the hang of being king."

"And a fine king you are becoming, Heika."

"Uh yea thanks Gunter. But that's the thing a king should have a queen not a.. a.. a whatever you'd call a guy married to a king!" The whine in Yuri's voice vibrated in Wolfram's ears. He'd always known Yuri wasn't all that comfortable with the idea of two men becoming spouses, but it always hurt to hear it spoken.

"That would be a Royal Companion Heika. Really anyone you marry would carry such a title Shin Makoku only has one person with such a high honor of being the king or queen."

"Whatever, still I should be dating girls, trying to find my soul mate or something. Heck even Shori has a girlfriend! And he can barely be bothered to get off his computer to eat let alone date." Wolfram could practially hear the air moved by Yuri's flailing arms as the Maou ranted to his adviser. "And seriously Wolfram can't be happy with this whole thing, I bet he could have any girl he wanted, stupid lucky pretty boys." Yuri's tone dropped to a dissatisfied grumble as he finished his argument.

"Hum yes I suppose Lord Bielefeld was considered quite the eligible bachelor before your engagement, though most turned tail and ran after getting a taste of his temper," Gunter mused with a touch of amusement playing in his words.

"Exactly! So how do I do I become un-engaged? That way we can both get on with our lives." It seemed Wolfram's feet had finally seen the grievous error of their traitorous ways, and were finally carrying him swiftly away from his waking nightmare. Yet his ears still heard the Maou's last rather loud exclamation, "I HAVE TO DO WHAT!?"

A plan, Wolfram needed a plan. It would take the wimp at few days at least to work up the courage to break the engagement, so a plan but first a drink, defiantly a drink.

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