Chapter 1.

When did I become like this? This...thing I'm staring at. When did I become like this? I wasn't like this. I loved myself, I loved my life. How did this happen? How could I have let this happen? What is wrong with me?

"Alex, honey?" Mom's voice speaks from outside the door.


I remove my fingers from my throat, flush the toilet, and fluff my hair before opening the door to see Mom standing there. Her hair is pulled back into a slobby-looking ponytail. I smile at her.


Her eyes bleed with sadness. She swallows roughly. "Would - would you care to come to the store with me?"

I nod, cooly take out a piece of gum and slip it in my mouth. Partly so she can't smell the vomit and my chummy breath. "Sure. Meet you out in the car."

She forces a small smile onto her lips and I slip away from her into my room. I shut the door, leaning against it and sighing. It feels so good to exhale all of the stress, all of the bad feelings inside. Mom hasn't been the 'norm' for the past couple of months. I don't think any of us have.

I grab my hoodie and slip it over me. It's warm and it smells like cigars. His minty, black cigars. I love that smell. I reach for my brush, and comb through my straight black hair. I stash the clumps that fall out in my ziploc baggy and then shove that underneath my dresser. What's happening?

A Word From The Author: Let me know what you think. I was just playing with words that's all. Anyway, I inted for chapters to be alot longer. Don't worry, I am still with my Today friends and chapter 18 should be finished shortly.

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