A/N: So this is exciting, my first Death Note fic. I liked Death Note a bit and have been wanting to write something for it for a while now and well, let's see how it turns out. I'm a yuri (girlXgirl) writer so this story will be yuri; if you aren't into that you're in the wrong place. The story will at some point contain sexual material (note the rating). You're also in the wrong place if you're looking for something strictly serious and sensible in tone, this story won't be. And of course, this story will diverge heavily from the actual anime/manga plot.

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Misa Amane was bored.

She couldn't see Light. She had nothing to do. Her manager had let her off work and she had arrived home fifteen minutes ago. Now, she lie on her bed, staring up at the ceiling of her room, a pout on her face. Oh how she wanted something to just bring an end to this tedious misery. She couldn't take it anymore.

"I can't take it anymore! This is so boring!" she exclaimed into the air in frustration.

"Misa, it has only been fifteen minutes... Is it really so unbearable?" sounded the despondent, androgynous voice of the shinigami Rem hovering behind the girl. Misa turned to face the monstrous creature at once.

"Yes, it so is! Why did Light tell me to wait!" Misa huffed angrily.

"It was only last night that you and Light Yagami were first in contact. Do you really lack the patience to wait two weeks?" the shinigami asked with downcast eyes.

"What, is there something wrong with desperately yearning to be reunited with the one you love?!" the girl continued to fume.

"Humans are so unreasonable..." Rem muttered lowly.

"What's unreasonable about it! Misa loves light! Misa's bored out of her mind, so Misa wants to see him," Misa argued.

Rem gave a faint sigh. "I fail to comprehend this 'boredom' you speak of..."

"That should be obvious, Rem. Misa has nothing to do. No Light... and now that Light has Misa's Death Note, Misa can't even kill people anymore!" the young model continued to rage. Her shinigami companion shook her head.

"Weren't there things to fill your time before Light Yagami and the Death Note?" Rem asked somewhat pointedly.

"Maybe. But those things don't interest me anymore. There's no distraction distracting enough to distract a woman in love!" Misa said in a loud romantic sigh.

"I suppose love is the most unreasonable thing of all..." the shinigami mumbled, seemingly in contempt.

"Guess so," Misa said, suddenly sitting up as she did so, "Now, let's go see Light!"

Rem sighed again, "Perhaps you should heed his instructions and wait... If you disobey him so readily, it's doubtful you'll succeed in making him think fondly of you."

"But what else can I do?! My heart beats wildly with the longing to gaze into his eyes once more!" Misa said in a dramatic tone, her arms wrapped around hugging herself. Smiling widely, she added, "Besides, how am I going to make him 'think fondly' of me if he doesn't even get to see me?"

"Perhaps you are right. Perhaps waiting is too much of him to ask of you. Even if that is so, should you not at least give him a single night to himself before running to him?" Rem suggested in a more reserved, almost defeated fashion.

Misa gave a loud, exaggerated sigh before lying back forcefully on the bed. She grumbled, "Urgh, fine! Misa can wait one day! But that's it! After that, I will see my Light again!"

Rem's face showed signs of content but she didn't say anything further. The conversation died. As she lie there, Misa quickly became bored again. Two full minutes passed before the silence was broken again.

"This is so boring! How many hours am I going to have to wait!" Misa exclaimed, kicking hard down at her bed.

"Misa. only two minutes have passed..." the shinigami seemed somewhat fed-up.

"It doesn't matter! It's still boring..." the girl pouted.

"I'm sure, if you actually got up and looked, you'd find something to hold your interest..." Rem dryly commented.

Misa continued to look up at the ceiling, not eve listening to the words of the other. Then, suddenly she shot up, smiling as she faced her shinigami guardian, "I know! Misa will have Rem tell her something interesting!"

"What's that? I doubt there's much I have to tell..." the shinigami replied.

"But when you told me that story about the shinigami who saved me that was interesting. It was a really good story..." Misa challenged.

"I don't have another story that would interest you, Misa," came the simple response.

Misa shot a disappointed look at the shinigami. After a single moment of thought, she put forth a request," Well at the very least, could you answer one question, Rem?"

"I suppose. What is this question?" Rem asked warily.

"Well, I've been wondering this since I met you actually, but..." Misa started. She paused to consider how to best phrase her thoughts, "You're a shinigami, right Rem?"

Rem looked at the girl, stunned for a moment. Shaking her head slightly she said, "Misa, I do not comprehend how that question could be one needing to be pondered. The answer should be blatantly obvious..."

"Tch, I know! Misa isn't stupid! There was more to the question than just that!" Misa replied defensively.

"Oh? I see. Then what is the rest?"

"Well, you're a shinigami, Rem. But most people in this world don't believe in shinigami, correct?" Misa continued, her voice coming to a calm once more.

"That is correct. Humans are simple minded creatures. They denounce what can not be seen by the unaware," Rem confirmed.

"Exactly," Misa smiled. "My real question then is this, If shinigami exist despite people thinking they don't, what other things exists that we humans don't think are real?"

Rem stared at the girl, surprised by the question. She started in a low voice, "That is a surprisingly complex question, Misa..."

"Well you can answer it, right?" Misa said, somewhat hopefully, somewhat demandingly.

"What sort of things in particular are you asking about?" Rem asked, obviously hoping to narrow it down.

"You know all the stuff from old legends and fairy tales. Stuff like Big Foot, and talking trees, and dragons, and wood gnomes, and unicorns, and woodchucks, and vampires, and tiny magical fairies," Misa exclaimed, listing all the first things that came to her mind. Rem sighed again.

"Do you really believe we Shinigami, who live in a realm separate from this one, would know every detail relating to this world?" Rem asked in a steady voice.

"Come on! You have to know something! You told me shinigami were all really old! Well haven't they been observing the human world for like forever than? You have to know something!" Misa didn't back down.

"You have to realize that the majority of shinigami have become rather apathetic toward this world..." Rem reminded.

"Yeah, but there have to be some shinigami who are interested in humans! Like the one who saved me; someone like him must have been watching us. You have to have heard something from someone," Misa pouted.

Rem's frown eased a bit. "I suppose, if you insist Misa, I could tell you what little I have overheard regarding the things you have listed."

"Really?! You can?! That's awesome, Rem!" Misa cheered.

"I am not like that Ryuk, desperate for chaos, yet at the same time, I am not content remaining idle like the rest. I'll often listen to the observations of others out of curiosity where most just ignore them. That's how I found you, after all," Rem explained.

"I see. That's great" Misa declared, smiling.

"Of the things you are curious, a good number are pure fabrications, devised by the minds of hallucinatory humans. Still others, exist or have existed in this world," Rem started in her usual cool fashion.

"Ooh... So which one's are real? Tell me!" Misa demanded, over-excited.

"There are not talking trees, Big Foot or wood gnomes, but all the other things you've mentioned have existed at one point in this world," the shinigami spoke slowly. She added after a pause, "woodchucks are actually not something which the existence of is questioned."

"Wow... really...?" Misa was amazed.

"Vampires have always been rare, and due to advances in their technology, are now almost impossible to distinguish from the human filth that populates this planet," Rem explained.

"Whoa. I never would have guessed they were real... So, could I meet one? Vampires are so cool," Misa squealed in excitement.

"Unfortunately not. Though you or I would be able to tell they weren't human by glancing in seeing their lack of a lifespan, they are seclusive and far too difficult to track down."

"That's too bad... What about the dragons then?" Misa excitedly more sadly

"Dragons existed many of your centuries ago. There were many different species and sub species to the dragon family, but all were eventually annihilated violent, barbarous humans who feared their power," the shinigami distaste for humanity was as evident as always.

"Aww... that's too bad, There are still unicorns right?" Misa's voice became sadder.

"Due to their ability to fly and turn invisible at will, the beings humans call 'unicorns' had persisted since the beginnings of this planet. Unfortunately, this persistence came to an end in the last five years when the last unicorns succumbed to the adverse affects of global climate change brought on by human negligence," Rem's spiteful voice informed.

"We killed the unicorns..." Misa seemed even sadder.

"It is the price the world pays for humanity's ignorance."

"I guess your right..." Misa sighed sadly. She then asked, her eyes becoming brighter, "and what about the tiny magical fairies?"

"The creatures which have come to be called 'fairies' by your kind are an interesting story. They're a similar sort of being to shinigami in all ways save their appearance and abilities. They once came form a third parallel realm, until it was destroyed and sealed off by vile human wizards vying for a taste of the magic power of the fairy queen. These days, they are rare in this world, but not impossible to find knowing where to look," Rem finished her explanation in a calm voice. Misa seemed ecstatic.

"Ooh! Ooh! I want to meet a fairy!" Misa declared, bouncing on her bed.

"Misa, calm yourself, even if it is not impossible to find one, it is still a very long and time consuming quest. It could take a lone human over fifty years searching and they might still have no luck," Rem warned.

"Oh? But a shinigami isn't a human. A shinigami can pass through obstacles, fly around, and even knows the kind of places to look," Misa said, smiling as she stared at Rem.

"You intend to send me looking for this fairy?" Rem gazed back, her eyes cold.

"Wont you? I mean I'd really love it if you did..." Misa's voice became sad and pitiful.

Rem shook her head, "I agreed to answer a question, Misa. Expecting me to go through such lengths to sate your boredom is far from reasonable," the shinigami darkly said.

"Come one, Rem. You told Light you'd kill him if he tried to kill me even if it meant you die. If you're willing to go that far, what's finding me one little fairy," Misa gave a full pout. Smiling suddenly she then added childishly, "Misa will love you forever..."

"Humans are greedy and manipulative..." Rem murmured.

"Does that mean you won't do it?" Misa inquired somberly.

"I will search out the location of a fairy on one condition," Rem's voice became rather grim.

"I promise I'll do anything you want" Misa said, smiling gleefully.

"You shall stay away from Light Yagami until I have retuned with its location," Rem announced her order. Misa's smile fell slightly.

"That's no fair. I can't see Light until your back? But what if it takes a long time?" Misa frowned.

"I do not trust that man. I have no way of knowing what he may do with you if you were to meet with him without my protection," Rem explained sternly.

"Fine! I won't see Light! But this better not take forever," Misa was in full pout once more.

"I shall leave at once. It shouldn't take more then a few days for me to find what you seek," Rem said dryly. She turned away from the girl on the bed and started to drift forward.

"Thank you Rem. You're so kind to me," Misa said very softly as the shinigami left her. Rem made no response.


Four long, boring days passed for Misa Amane. They seemed to take forever. Misa thought about going against her word and running to Light in Rem's absence, but every time it entered her mind she couldn't bring herself to break her promise. She was impulsive and a little carefree and she didn't really care about killing people if they deserved it, but Misa Amane wasn't the type to lie to her closest friends. She resigned herself to her boredom.

By the fourth day, Misa began to wonder if Rem had forgotten about her or something. Maybe she'd never return. Maybe Misa had been too forceful. Maybe what she was asking was too much. Perhaps, she should have just been more patient and let things carry on as normal. She thought these things, but then suddenly the familiar shinigami passed through her wall and they disappeared as if they were never there.

"Rem you're back! I missed you so much!" Misa exclaimed, smiling as she jumped up from her bed.

"Is that so?" Rem said blankly, in her typical hard to read way.

"Yeah, I thought you might be mad at me and decide to leave me alone," Misa said softly, her eyes sad.

"You needn't worry about that Misa. This request may have been frustrating, but I have already pledged myself to protect you from the monsters of this world, like Light Yagami," the shinigami assured, an almost consoling look in her eyes.

"I didn't see him at all. Just like I promised!" Misa announced proudly.

"That is good to hear."

"So?! DId you find one?!" Misa broke into a smile as she asked this.

"Of course. I was able to detect a nearby location with a suitable amount of the type of energy that sustains a fairy. Peering briefly inside, I did indeed find one. I did not confront it," Rem recounted as Misa listened smilingly.

"Wow really! Let's go then!" Misa exclaimed

"As you wish. Let us leave tomorrow," the shinigami said, her lips almost forming the slightest smirk, if only for a second.


Misa Amane and Rem the shinigami began their journey to find the magical fairy the next day. The whole process was really hard. Misa had never done anything like it before. The fairy Rem found apparently lived in some spring in the middle of some stupid mountains. Traversing mountain paths wasn't something a beautiful, young model should have to do. Still she persisted.

The process didn't take as long as it could have since Rem was there to guide her and help her along. Rem could even carry her if she got too tired. Still, she hated being outside so much. It surely wasn't good for her delicate complexion. She tried not to complain too much after the first day of traveling. Rem surely didn't want to hear it anymore.

Eventually, the mountain stream they were following met the perfectly clear, perfectly isolated spring. It was really pretty.

"Wow, so this is where the fairy lives?!" Misa seemed amazed. "I thought it was stupid for living all the way out here, but this is really pretty."

"Peaceful springs like this are the most suitable environment for these beings," Rem commented.

"Hey Rem, I was kinda wondering... and maybe I should have asked this before coming all this way... but what sort of powers do fairies have?" the girl inquired.

"Yes, well, there's really no way of knowing. Unlike shinigami who only have the power to kill, these beings possess any number of abilities," Rem explained.

"Oh, I see. So that's why we didn't talk about this sooner..." Misa said laughing weakly.

"Isn't your goal just to meet the fairy? It's power should be no concern..." Rem reminded, her words vaguely cold.

"I know. But if it can do something cool, I might as well take advantage of it. I mean, since we came all this way..." Misa smirked widely, almost deviously.

"Hmm, I see," Rem said in a harsh voice.

"So anyway, where is this thing?" Misa asked.

"There is a cave in that rock over there, it's entrance concealed just below the surface of the water. The fairy should be inside," Rem explained.

"What?! I have to get wet?!" Misa shouted in protest.

"Is there a problem with that?" the shinigami growled slightly in annoyance.

"I guess not..." Misa sighed, a pout on her face. Her hands went to her blouse and started to unbutton it. In a frustrated voice she grumbled, "But this outfit is too cute to get wet."

"Perhaps it would have been more logical to wear more casual clothing on an excursion through the mountains..." Rem said in a condescending tone. Misa was wearing one of her typical black, Gothic Lolita inspired fashions, albeit on the simpler end.

"This is one of the more casual outfits I have!" Misa insisted as she removed her long black leather boots and the black socks that went up to her thighs. Finally pulling off her skirt, Misa remained clothed in nothing but black lace lingerie.

"Are you ready now?" Rem asked dryly.

"Sure..." Misa replied. Spinning around a few times in front of the shinigami she then asked, "Isn't Misa-Misa sexy?" Rem chose not to respond to this question.

Misa and Rem proceeded to enter the water and make their way to the rock at the other side. Once they were before it, they went under, Misa mumbling about what ti would do to her hair. Proceeding dow a ways, they noticed a large stone before an opening in the side of the larger rock. Rem phased through it and then pushed it out quickly. Her and Misa proceeded into the now opened cave. Readily they were able to surface; walking on to land, they only had to venture a short distance before something strange met their eyes. There floating above a small, clear pond of water, was a tiny ball of light that illuminated the otherwise dark cave. They proceeded toward it rapidly.

"What's this? Visitors? How rare..." a small, squeaky voice spoke, startled. Misa was surprised to observe the source of the voice and of the light up close. It looked like a miniature human girl, save for the green hair and pointed ears, and bright pink, glowing wings.

"Oh wow, it's a real fairy just like you promised!" Misa exclaimed excitedly. "You're so cool Rem!"

This outburst caused the small creature to look at the girl. She then looked at the girl's companion. She was surprised at what she saw, "What the hell?! What's a shinigami doing here?! Humans cant use shinigami to find me! That's cheating!" the fairy fumed.

"I'm sorry Miss Fairy, Misa wanted to meet you, so Misa made Rem guide her," the girl smiled as she said this in a cutesy voice.

"What's with this girl? She some kind of moron?" the fairy asked the shinigami, confused.

"Thats not very nice, Miss Fairy. Misa's very smart," Misa argued.

"Stop calling me 'Miss Fairy'! I'm Lily Moonstar, guardian of love!" the fairy announced proudly.

"Really! That's so cool!" Misa called out excitedly.

"So, I still don't get it. When did shinigami start helping out humans? Did I miss something?" Lily questioned, tilting her small head.

"It is difficult to say... I have decided to support Misa in anyway I can. When she told me she wanted to meet one of your kind, I made no exception to that decision of mine," Rem said in her usual dark voice.

"Oh? You're a very nice shinigami. All the shinigami I've ever met were real bastards," Lily giggled, "then again so were most of the humans who have sought me out too!"

"I suppose I can share your sentiments," Rem responded in a cold way.

"It's really strange though... A shinigami going out of the way to do so much for a human... I never knew you guys could have loyalties... I mean what with that nasty rule about love," the fairy murmured to herself.

"Oh? You know about such a thing? I was unaware any other had observed such an anomaly as the death of a shinigami," Rem expressed surprise.

"Silly shinigami, I don't have to observe. I told you I'm Lily Moonstar, guardian of love right? Well, as a guardian of love, of course I know everything about it," Lily cheerfully replied, flying around in a little circle.

"So, so, do you have the power to make two people fall deeply in love forever, Lily?" Misa asked hopefully, hugging herself and thinking about Light.

"Well, it's sort of like that... It's not completely under my control, but I can pretty much do that..." the fairy said in a more glum fashion, frowning.

"What do you mean it's not under your control?" Misa asked.

"You see this. This is the instrument of my power..." From seemingly out of nowhere, the fairy with drew a notebook that was roughly half her size. Its covers were hot pink. On the front, in purple glitter letters, were the words, "LOVE NOTE".

"No way! It's exactly like the Death Note!" Misa shouted out in surprise as she stared at the notebook, finally understanding what Rem meant in saying fairies and shinigami were similar. Excitedly she asked," So let me guess, you write the names of a couple in the notebook, and then they'll fall madly in love with each other!"

"No. not exactly. Like I said before, I'm Lily Moonstar, guardian of love. I'm a guardian of love, not a deviser of love. My Love Note, can't make two people fall in love, instead it can only ensure that the person who's name is written within is able to find lasting love with someone compatible whom they already share a deep bond with," Lily explained with a smile, "also unlike a shinigami's Death note, I can't give it instructions. It automatically does what is best for love",

"I'm not so sure I understand..." Misa said, frowning.

"I write someone down, and it makes lasting love possible. If they or the person they have the strongest bond with has an illness it cures it. if this person is someone they can't accept as a romantic partner it changes them so that the can. If there's someone who doesn't want them together it eliminates them. It removes any obstacle to love," the fairy gave some examples.

"Eliminates? Isn't that a deceptively dark power for one of your kind?" Rem asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yeah, I know isn't it cool? I'm a love fairy, but I can even kill humans if the set-up is right! Unlike you shinigami, I don't even have to have a name or a face or anything," Lily snickered.

"Wait! Eliminate the obstacles! That means. If you write my name down, it could kill L and all of Light's other enemies!" Misa gasped. She smiled realizing how perfect this would be. Light would love her so much when he realized all his enemies had suddenly died because of her.

"Misa, please think about this. It's doubtful it will work as you want it to," Rem warned.

"I don't see why it wouldn't work. It's perfect! Light and me will be able to feel true love!" Misa was lost to her feverous daydreams which she knew were moments away from being fulfilled.

"But Misa, Lily has told you that it will only work if you and that person have a strong bond together," Rem reminded, clearly of the opinion that this was a horrible mistake waiting to happen.

"Are you saying me and Light don't have a strong bond?!" Misa shouted in indignation.

"Yes. That is exactly what I am saying. It should be rather obvious. You and him have only met once, during which he would have killed you had I not been there to intervene," Rem bluntly replied.

"You're wrong, Rem. I'm sure of it! Light is captivated by me! I could tell when he was embracing me, when he promised he'd pretend to be my boyfriend. He was so warm, I could feel his love, Im positive!" Misa argued vehemently, set on her actions.

"Misa..." Rem started, prepared to try and dissuade the girl once more.

Misa wasn't prepare to listen. Instead she took several steps in the direction of the tiny fairy, and commanded, "Lily Moonstar, please write my name, Misa Amane, in the Love Note!"

"You sure? I can tell you're pretty stupid girl, and I'm almost positive you wont get what you want," Lily said hesitantly.

"I know you're wrong! This is gonna work! I can just tell. It has to work!" Misa cheered excitedly, prepared to have her dreams come true.

"All right, let's do this... Misa Amane," Lily sighed as she opened the Love Note. Flipping to a certain page and pulling out a pen the fairy proceeded to write Misa's name in big bubble letters. "Done," the fairy said as she closed the notebook.

"So did it work? Are me and Light going to be able to love each other forever now?!" Misa asked impatiently, smiling from the excitement.

"I don't know who this 'Light" is, but, to put it simply: no!" Lily replied with a hard laugh.

"What makes you say that? Does the Love Note tell you what it did?" Misa asked, concerned and confused.

"No, not at all! I'm just making an observation," the fairy said with a wicked smile.

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you look behind you?" Lily giggled. Misa turned around.

There, standing right behind Misa, was a very beautiful woman. She had mid length bluish-gray hair, a well curved body, and piercing, ominous gold eyes. She wasn't wearing any clothing, leaving her pale body completely exposed. Misa stared at her captivated for a moment, before realizing something.

The shinigami Rem was nowhere to be seen.

A/N: Decent length for a first chapter. I wanted to get all the setup into the first. So, my first Death Note fic. You're probably wondering what the hell I was thinking writing this. Here's my rationale. Death Note is an excellent anime/manga; It has a pitiful female cast. As such it put a yuri write like me in a tough position, where the idea of writing a fanfic is exciting, but the possibilities are very limited. I suppose I could somehow force Misa (the most fleshed-out, interesting female of the show) into a relationship with one of the other few females. I might have thought our this, but there was Rem. Since Rem is technically female, and canonically she loves Misa, that already makes them a yuri pair. But, I'm not one for creepy monster X human stuff, so unfortunately I had to change something. Making Rem human somehow was the obvious solution. Of course, I was left with the dilemma of how to do such a thing. Thinking about it, there was no logical solution. I tried to think up something that was at least was sort of cool or interesting. then I gave up and decided to instead just go with the stupidest solution I could think of (magic love fairy). it's a Misa story. that automatically meant it wasn't going to be serious and intelligent. Misa seems like she would love fairies. She's impulsive. it worked. I think. Anyway, now that Rem X Misa can happen, well be moving away from the fairy.

So tell me your views on the first chapter. I hope it was amusing. I've posted a poll on my profile, asking about favorite Death Note characters. I've also come to a final decision regarding the new Bleach fic I'll be starting in a few days. More told me to go for Rangiku X Nanao, so that's what it looks like I'm doing.