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Misa smiled as she stared at the black note book now in her hands. She looked up at the shinigami she had just received it from and continued to smile. She smiled outwardly, but her inner feelings were more conflicted, more unstable. Just the previous day she had made a difficult decision and now she was unsure of how she should best move ahead.

"Hehe. There, I got it for you, just like I promised ya. Now where's that little reward?" the shinigami said through a dark laugh.

Misa turned away promptly to retrieve the large, bright red apple from her desk. She bowed her head graciously as she handed it over. "Thank you for everything, Ryuk."

"No problem. As long as you have apples I'm up for any favor..." Ryuk sneered as he quickly downed the apple in just three bites.

"You're not upset with me... are you?" Misa asked slowly.

"Eh? What are you asking that for? Of course not. Watching Light was amusing I admit, but it's not like I had any attachment to the guy," Ryuk coldly laughed.

"Oh, I see." Misa gave a fain laugh herself.

"The only part of it that bugs me is that you made me a real liar. I told that guy it'd be me writing his name down in the end..." the shinigami said in a low voice.

"I'm sorry..." Misa said politely.

"Don't be. Sure, I missed the fun of doing it myself, but I still got to see a completely hilarious scene in the end," Ryuk jeered.

"You have returned her Death Note, Ryuk. You may leave now," a voice came from behind Misa. She turned around to see Rem standing there in the doorway.

"Rem! You're back!" Misa jumped up from her bed, where she sat, and ran to the woman, taking her into a tight embrace. "So how'd your first solo shoot go?"

"It seemed fine Misa. The photographer awarded me with nothing but praise," Rem commented, a slight smile on her lips.

"Hehehe. Putting that ridiculous body of yours up for show, how amusing," Ryuk began to cackle with laughter.

"It's not my fault I have taken this shameful form," Rem spat, a slight blush on her face

"Sure, whatever." Ryuks laughed yet again. "The nice peak I got yesterday before L died was certainly unexpected," the shinigami then said with a full grin. The slight blush became much more prominent.

"Be glad we shinigami cannot write one another's names within our notebooks," Rem's threat lacked some of her usual intensity.

"I'm surprised you can still consider yourself a shinigami with a body like that one," Ryuk laughed madly

"The human who obtained the Death Note you had dropped is dead. You have reclaimed that said Death note. Can you not return to the Shinigami realm now?" Rem said with an icy glare.

"Heh. In due time. This world is a more interesting place. Nothing says I can't linger here a while before heading back," the shinigami replied.

"Suit yourself. Just don't linger here," Rem said with a sigh.

"I'm that unwelcome, huh?" Ryuk said in a humored way. "Oh well. It's been fun." With that, the shinigami left.

"It really still bugs you, huh?" Misa stated once her and Rem were alone, re-claiming her seat on her bed.

"I have always found humans to be miserable, disgusting, loathsome creatures," the shinigami woman said in a low voice.

"Really? Then what about me?" Misa said in a cute voice with a matching smile. Rem gave a short laugh.

"I honestly don't understand it. I just want to protect you, Misa. I want to help you find happiness."

Misa giggled softly. "That's good to hear." Tilting her head to a side she then said in a relaxed voice, "But you know, Ryuk is right. You really can't call yourself a shinigami anymore."

"Why do you say that, Misa? I certainly still have more in common with shinigami then with you humans" Rem's expression became more dour.

"Perhaps, but as close as you may be, you're still different. You're something special Rem; something truly unique; not a shinigami, not a human. You're just Rem," Misa's voice was light and pleasant.

"I suppose that could be said," Rem smirked slightly.

Misa's eyes left the face of the other for the moment as a brief moment of sadness reflected in them. She had no real reason to be sad, she knew this yet somehow things still seemed difficult. Maybe it was all an excuse to get Rem by her side.

"Say Rem, you love me, right?" the young model questioned in an innocent manner. The other was caught off guard.

"I do," Rem readily found it in herself to say, her face holding a certain solemnity that lent itself to the truth of her words.

"Would you sit here by me?" Misa motioned at the spot next to her on the bed. She smiled faintly.

"Of course," Rem said as she sat down with only slight hesitation in her words and movements.

"It's strange, but part of me still feels uneasy about everything," Misa said, looking straight into the other's eyes.

"That's understandable, Misa. If nothing else, part of your heart felt gratitude towards that man," Rem said in a suppressed voice. "But you have no reason to feel remorse, Misa. You have acted in accordance with what you felt was right. and took on a painful burden all by yourself. I am quite proud of you."

"Thanks Rem. That makes me feel a little better," Misa said with a soft smile, she let her hand trace down the shinigami woman's arm; Rem nearly pulled herself from the sudden contact; after awhile she seemed to accept it. Soon their hands were interlocked.

"Now that he's gone, I'm the only one with Kira's power..." Misa's voice held a deep vulnerability.

"You want to take his place, don't you? You must realize how dangerous such a thing could be," Rem cautiously muttered.

"It won't be dangerous, not if Rem protects me, not if Rem stays beside me like this," Misa cooed softly, now leaning her weight onto the other's shoulder, her head tilted up so as their eyes could meet.

"It is unheard of for a shinigami to interfere with the realm of humans on a greater scale," Rem said with little conviction, more focused on the smiling girl than the words leaving her mouth.

"Didn't we already decide that Rem isn't a shinigami anymore?" Misa gave a cute giggle as she held Rem's hand tighter in her own.

"I see. Then it should be no problem," Rem softly laughed.

"Misa-Misa's so lucky, Rem is clearly more than she could ever deserve," Misa gave a short sigh. Then suddenly she forced her lips onto those of the other woman.

"Misa..." Rem quietly muttered as the blonde's soft lips left hers.

"Rem, would you let Misa show you how good that body of yours can feel?" Misa asked with a devious grin about her face. Her hand left Rem's as her arm wrapped around the shinigami woman, taking her into a subtle embrace. Eye contact was never lost.

"I don't know how comfortable with such things I am at this moment," Rem admitted, a soft blush on her face.

"It's not just you who wants to make me happy, Rem. Misa wants to make Rem happy too," Misa whispered sensually between two more kisses.

"Is that so?" Rem smiled. "Such things do not guarantee my happiness, Misa. I am happy when you are."

"Misa would be really happy if Rem were to hold her and love her."

"I see. I will do as you wish, Misa. Unfortunately I am unsure if I know what to to do," Rem shyly stated a clear uneasiness in her expression.

"Just leave everything to MIsa-Misa." Misa bent in for another pleasant kiss. This time she let her tongue dance out softly at Rem's lips. Rem met the resulting sensation with surprise but not resistance.

Misa's hand went to the back of Rem's neck and her shoulder while Rem's seemed to travel instinctually to Misa's back as the kiss intensified. It wasn't long before Rem had allowed entry to Misa's tongue, allowing it to softly intermingle with her own. As the kiss continued, Misa combed her fingers through Rem's hair delicately with one hand while the other proceeded down to Rem's chest which it began to gently pet through the woman's jacket.

Misa broke the kiss with Rem, leaving a fine string of saliva dangling between them. She proceeded to replace her lips at the shinigami woman's neck, placing intense, heated kisses everywhere she could. Rem began to moan softly. The hand in her hair traveled down all the way to her hip while Misa increased the speed at which she knead her lover's breast.

Their tongues clashed together once more in a heated moment as Misa began to unzip Rem's jacket. Removing it revealed a stylish, elegant black blouse that suited Rem perfectly. Misa spent little time admiring Rem's clothes though; she was far more intrigued by what was beneath them.

Pulling herself from Rem's sweet lips momentarily, Misa began to untie the black string tie at the neck of the blouse. That done she pulled the garment up over the woman's head, revealing her fancy black silk bra. Misa took a moment to admire Rem's sizable, shapely breasts contained by the small piece of cloth before squeezing one in her hand softly. She smiled and then kissed Rem deeply once more. She pulled back as she found the clasp at the front of the bra.

"Rem-Rem sure is super sexy," Misa teased as she began to knead Rem's now fully exposed bust. She smiled lewdly at the feel of the amazingly soft, pillowy flesh under her fingers.

"Don't speak... this is all too much," Rem cooed in a shy voice. Misa giggled softly. She supposed something like this ally must be a truly odd experience fro a shinigami who had lived such a long life without anything even remotely similar.

"Now it's time to make Rem feel super good," Misa placed a light kiss on Rem's lips. She then brought her mouth suddenly to the woman's chest. Her tongue teased one of Rem's nipples; it hardened instantly. Her hand found the other breast and began to caress it feverishly, pressing the other nipple between two fingers. Her lips wrapped around the small nub in front of them and began to suck softly between enveloping licks. The whole time Rem was letting out faint but definite moans, a deep blush on her face.

As Misa began to lick the breast in front of her more passionately, she removed her hand from the other and let it take a deliberate course downward across Rem's stomach. She pinched the nipple just slightly between her teeth as her hand suddenly found it's way under Rem's skirt and began to caress the woman's inner thigh. Rem gave a loud moan at the combined effort. It was a cute sound. Misa broke her lips from Rem's breast, a glistening film of saliva left around the nipple, and placed another brief but passionate kiss at Rem's mouth.

Straddling down a ways, Misa's hands found the hem of her lover's skirt. She removed it as promptly as she was able and then just as quickly went to work at unfastening Rem's long boots. Those removed, Misa let her hand travel towards the final piece of cloth adorning the other's figure, a pair of elegant black silk panties. Slowly Misa began to rub several of her fingers up and down the front of the sexy lingerie, causing Rem to moan and shake a bit at the sensation. Misa gave a satisfied smile at the damp warmth she felt.

Misa removed the silky piece and tossed it aside callously. Rem shyly tried to keep her legs closed together at first, even using her hand as a guard, but a few long rubs at her thigh and she was willing to give Misa's hand enough entry. That hand found the shinigami woman's moist sexual core instantly and began to pulse up and down it slowly. After only a few moments and a few very long, deep moans, Rem's legs were fully spread. Misa bent in close to examine her lover's most intimate place.

"Beautiful..." she sighed softly as she stared into the glistening pink slit, the feel of her breath at such proximity even triggering a moan. She spread it's lips with two fingers and then let out her tongue.

Rem gave a high, cute moan as Misa's tongue began to stimulate her most sensitive flesh. Quicker repeated licks brought out kicks and sudden jerking motions. Misa just couldn't control her energy. She loved hearing the pleasured sounds coming from Rem. She wanted to hear more so she licked faster, her tongue moving at lightning pace as it tried to touch every inch of the woman's sex.

Eventually Misa pulled back. She replaced her tongue with two fingers, promptly inserting them inside the tight, wet opening. Her wrist began to move quickly, pumping back and forth, letting the fingers fill Rem's depths. Rem cried blissfully as Misa penetrated her. Keeping her hand in motion, Misa left little kisses at the inside of Rem's thigh before making her way back up to the woman's chest.

The young blonde licked softly at one of her lover's nipples. She began to encircle it with her tongue which moved at a frenzied pace. Misa licked, sucked and bit at the sensitive nub as her finger's made pulse after pulse inside her lover. Very suddenly she then pulled herself upwards and began to kiss the woman with incredible ferocity; just a suddenly she dropped back down to her knees between Rem's legs.

Rem was almost screaming with pleasure now. Eager to fully satisfy the other, Misa began to use her tongue once more, this time in conjunction with her fingers. She concentrated her licks on the tiny engorged nub protruding just slightly from the woman's sex and the areas immediately around it. Her fingers began to move with slower but harder thrusts. Rem was writhing uncontrollably. Misa just kept licking and pulsing. Soon Rem let out a powerful cry or thus far unrivaled intensity as her body shook under the weight of Misa's tongue and fingers, around which it had become just slightly more damp.

Rem began to pant loudly as Misa removed the fingers from inside of her. Making sure her lover was watching, Misa brought the fingers to her lips and licked them clean. She then climbed up over the shinigami woman and initiated a deep tongue filled kiss, making sure Rem got a good taste. She smiled as she pulled away.

"Did Misa-Misa do a good job?" Misa asked in the cutest, most innocent voice she could muster. Rem stared at her, clearly enraptured.

"Such an incredible intense feeling... I didn't know..." Rem started, still light on breath.

"Misa's happy. Misa really loved doing those things with Rem," Misa retained her coquettish charm. She placed a light kiss on Rem's lips.

"This body... I'm beginning to have a new opinion of it," Rem admitted, a shy blush just barely visible.

"That's good. Could you use it then, you know, to make Misa feel good?" Misa laughed softly.

"I will certainly try. Excuse me if I fail to do something correctly. Things such as this are completely foreign to shinigami," Rem nervously asserted.

"Misa had never done it with a girl before and everything seemed to come naturally to her," Misa lewdly licked her lips; pleasuring Rem had left her body impossibly hot and eager. She understood Rem's doubts and apprehensions but she didn't have time for such trivial things. "Besides, if it's Rem I'm sure anything will feel good."

"Very well." Rem gave a faint uneasy smile. Her hand went to stroke Misa's face slowly before she initiated a soft kiss. Misa helped in escalating things, beckoning out Rem's tongue with her own.

As the kiss broke Misa pulled herself back. She went to work undoing her neck tie and then pulling the cute black and white blouse she wore under it over her head. She didn't stop there though, she quickly stood from the bed and removed her miniskirt as well. She did a little twirl while she still stood, letting Rem observe her in her sexy lingerie. She sat back down, and unfastened and removed her fancy shoes before finally lying back on the bed, her hand reaching to tug on Rem's arm.

Rem wasted little time in crawling over the other girl's smaller frame. She kissed her gently as she let her hand travel to Misa's bust, which she gently explored through the black lace bra. Rem's movements were shy and restrained, but they were still pleasurable. Wanting to encourage her lover, Misa found the clasp at her back and unfastened the brassiere. She then wrapped her arms around Rem and kissed her most lovingly. Rem had a satisfied expression on her face as she pulled away.

Misa let go of her embrace and slipped the lace piece off of her chest and across her arms, she handed it to Rem with a sensual smile and watched the shinigami woman give a subtle amused laugh before tossing it aside. Rem's hand went then to pet Misa's now exposed chest. She fondled the sensitive flesh deliberately, focusing her attention primarily on the perfectly erect pink nubs at the center. Showing a degree of eagerness, she brought her mouth to one.

Misa gave a soft coo as she felt Rem's tongue radiate out across her nipple. She gave a more audible moan as Rem began to lick more fiercely, her hand traveling to Misa's free breast. Misa brought one of her own hands to the back of Rem's head, holding it in place. She could feel Rem do all sorts of amazing things with her mouth and each brought a soft moan to her lips. After only a little while, Rem broke from one breast to attend the other in a similar fashion and to similar results. It was such an electric feeling. Misa could feel an impossible wetness spilling out from between her legs.

Beyond excited as Rem pulled away, Misa licked the saliva that had escaped her mouth from her lips as enticingly as possible, inviting the shinigami woman into another deep kiss. Misa let her tongue probe Rem's mouth throughly, eager to reward the other for everything as they held each other tightly. She the grabbed Rem's arm suddenly and guided her hand to the crotch of her lace panties. Rem's tongue stopped moving at the feel of the damp warmth. She began to rub it softly causing Misa to moan hotly into her mouth.

Again Rem seemed uncharacteristically eager as the kiss broke. Her hands traveled slowly down Misa's body as she let herself find a pace between the girl's legs. She rubbed the front of the moist undergarment, this time harder, bringing out deeper feelings and moans. It wasn't very long before an obviously curious Rem found the hem of the lace garment and began to tug at it. She pulled it down over Misa's laced stockings and garter belts, which it was silently decided would stay on.

Misa spread herself instantly, offering a girlish giggle and a salacious smirk as she presented Rem with her most guarded areas. Rem wore a fond smile on her beautiful face as she bent forward. A long moan escaped Misa's lips as she felt Rem's tongue upon her. She could feel so perfectly the sensation of each of the slow, gentle and wide strokes that came after, each one building on the pleasure of the last. Her hands both went to the back of Rem's head, holding it in place, not wanting it to ever leave.

Rem made one sensuous lick after the other. Misa could hear the debauched sounds of Rem's tongue flying up and down through her tight, sopping slit. This only further fueled her excitement. Every singe broad movement of tongue made her whole body shake. She could feel her heart rate increase as her breathing became heavy. It all just felt so good.

After a few more heavy licks, Rem pulled her head back as far as she could with Misa's hands holding it in place. She brought two of her long, slender fingers to Misa's glistening opening and playfully ran them across it, causing Misa to squeal blissfully. The blonde could feel her whole back arch up as Rem then stuck both the fingers deep inside of her.

The incredibly intense sensation prompted Misa to withdraw her hands which instead went to her own breasts which she rubbed slightly to heighten the intensity. Rem developed a clear, consistent rhythm to her pulsing fingers, moving them in and out at a steady interval. Each little movement made Misa feel so full. Ecstatic moans and cries were escaping her lips continually.

Rem increased her tempo by a significant degree very suddenly as she let her free hand find it's way to the top of Misa's sex. She began to rub the girl's clit tenderly as her fingers pounded away. It felt amazing. Misa couldn't contain herself, she was wailing loudly, she could feel the perspiration pouring from her body and the drool running out from her gaping mouth. Her mind felt completely numb; everything was overcome by the rapidly building pleasure. Then, very suddenly everything spilt over as Misa shook through a massive, intense orgasm unlike any she had previously experienced. After several slight quivers her writhing body became still as her heart calmed and her breaths became steady pants.

Rem removed her fingers and shook off the wetness. She proceeded to begin to climb back over Misa. The blonde girl grabbed her by the waist and brought her quickly into a tight embrace, so as their bodies were pressing together. They began to kiss with a lucid passion as they held each other. Rem's warmth was so beautiful.

"That was awesome. I really love you, Rem," Misa said in a restrained, languid voice, her cute and sexy demeanor parting to make way for true innocence.

"I'm glad. Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it?" Rem sighed, a smile clear on her face.

"Yeah. It is," Misa replied in a soft coo. her lips were shortly pressed against Rem's once more.


Roughly a month passed before Misa put into action her big but simple plan for the world as Kira. She had to wait for the right opportunity, an event where a criminal's fate would attract the attention of the world. Eventually it happened to occur that a world-famous actor had been acquitted through his wealth and influence of a murder that all evidence indicated he committed. This proved the perfect stage for Misa's plan.

Misa watched the live streaming feed of the man and his attorney's statements to the media. She waited for them to stop spewing their lies before she opened her Death Note. She wrote down the name of the man and his corrupt lawyers and watched them die as the crowd went into an uproar. That was when Rem stepped forward.

Rem, dressed in a particularly elegant black dress came to the front of the crowd slowly. The crowd became confused until she said the words "I am the one you call Kira." Then they became panicked. In the mass hysteria the police forced their way through the crowd. One man tried to tackle Rem. Misa killed him. Another man shot Rem six times, including once to the head. He was killed as well.

Seeing the woman claiming to be Kira completely unfazed by the multiple gun wounds, the crowd became frightened. She told them what Misa had wanted her to say, that she was a god of death sent by God to purge the Earth of those who would stray so far as to commit the most unforgivable acts and set humanity as a whole down a more righteous path. She said that she didn't want to kill innocent people, but that it interfered with her mission to have people constantly pursuing her; that was why she had only recently decided to appear before the people.

The crowd looked shocked. The hysteria didn't break. In the mess of the noise Misa could make out shout's ranging from "That's wrong! You're no God! What you're doing is sick!" to "why did you take so long getting here?!" Rem just wore a bored expression through it all. She then re-emphasized that it was impossible for human weapons to kill her, and that the world's governments sending people after her would only result in their unfortunate deaths. That there was no choice but to accept her judgment.

As Rem was preparing to make her exit, passing easily through the fearful crowd of journalists, the doors to the courthouse opened suddenly. A loud chanting of the name "Kira" began as a mass of local supporters flooded in, eager to bare witness to the shinigami woman. They crowded around her as she continued out of the building, all trying to touch her, speak with her or simply get her to look in her direction. Once she was a ways outside, Rem began to slowly ascend into the air, disappearing before her followers.

Rem's modeling contract was obviously revoked rather quickly. Misa was disappointed by this but the month they had spent at it had been fun. The magazines featuring photos of Rem taken during her brief career became major collectors items. Due to their relationship, Misa herself became even more of a celebrity though, coming to be known by the title "wife of Kira". She had to disguise herself always when she went places, but her photos and name became popular all over the world.

No further major threats, no follower's of L followed the two of them. Humanity had seen for themselves that Rem could not be killed; they had lost hope of fighting her. Instead the world governments began to send her the names of enemies they wanted slain. Misa would make her own judgments about who was actually worth killing, but generally she was pretty unforgiving.

The bond of love Misa shared with Rem remained unbreakable as they worked together to create a shining new world, where fear suppressed evil. Misa often came to wonder what Light would say of her and her goddess building such a world in his stead. She also began to wonder what Lily Moonstar might think upon seeing what her power had provoked. All in all she didn't let herself become too preoccupied with thoughts about whether what she was doing was the right thing though. She was happy with the world as it was. Moreover, Rem was there to keep her happy, and that she did, for the full extent of Misa's long life.

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