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A/N: Based off an actual event that actually happened. Actually.

Dedication: Yuffie (Katrina) and Naruto (Christian) for witnessing this spectacular event with me. Also, Naminé (Lilly) and Xemnas (Shaun) for inspiring me... us. Yes, us. Katrina gets most of the credit. Whoot!

"Naminé," a booming voice called from the other room, "It's time for dinner."

The young, blonde nobody addressed her Superior without facing him.

"But Xemnas, I'm coloring!" she whined.

"You can draw later," he drawled, "Come to dinner."

"No!" she pouted, finally looking up at the intimidating, silver-haired man.

Yellow eyes narrowed as the speculated the blonde with growing "discontentment."

"Naminé," he warned, "If I have to go over there and get you, you're going to regret it."

The blonde ignored him and simply went back to her coloring.

"If I could feel emotions, I would be very angry right now," Xemnas thought to himself, as he strode over to the younger nobody and attempted to wrench the crayon out her hand.

He sighed "angrily" as the crayon snapped in half.

"Naminé," he boomed, "You broke the crayon!"

Having enough of the blonde's antics, he grabbed her by the arm and lifted her onto his shoulder, carrying her to dinner, Naminé giggling like a mad four-year-old the whole way.

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