No Longer

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Author Note: This Drabble was written for Mustardgirl who requested a Pansy Drabble using the prompt unrequited on the Drabble Request Thread on the HPFC Forum.

She looked the room and sighed. He was gone. He was gone for good. She thought that he loved her. She thought that she would be enough but she was wrong. She was not enough. He obviously did not love her. After everything with Draco she had been careful. She did not want to lose her heart again but she had. He had been there after everything with Draco. He had picked up the pieces and helped. She also thought he loved her but he obviously did not.

No longer would she see him walk through that door. No longer would she see him smile at her as he handed her her morning coffee. She would not hear his laugh in the hall as he joked about the time she took to get ready. Joking to her that he had aged a hundred years just standing there. She smiled as she remembered one night that he had come round. He had brought firewhiskey and his favourite's band CD round. She could still hear his bad out of tune singing. They had both burst out laughing after he had finished the first verse of the song.

She turned and looked around the room and she stopped as she noticed the fireplace. She remembered the night that they stayed up all night. They were eating pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs by the hot fire. They had just sat talking, nothing else. She could not remember the last time that someone had actually listened to what she had to say. She turned away from the fireplace but stopped once more when she noticed the door.

She stared at the door not blinking. Not thinking. Just staring focusing solely on the door. She turned her head as she remembered the last time she had seen him. He had walked through the door smiling as usual. She remembered the last time he had walked out of it grinning at her. He even winked at her as he left. She smiled back but inside her heart broke. He was gone. Gone for good. Blaise was never again going to walk through that door smiling at her. Never going to joke with her like he usually did. They were never going to talk like they used to. Her eyes started to fill with tears but she bit her lip concentrating on not letting them fall down her face. She clenched her fists. The tears came slowly but then they flooded down her face. She loved spending time with him. She loved watching him come smiling through that door but alas no longer.

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