(a/n) Here is the first chapter to my Interstella 5555 fan fiction! Yay! It follows the movie so it's pretty straight forward if you have seen it before.

Bear in mind that this film had no dialogue whatsoever so I had to make it up as I went along. Ah well.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or the storyline from Interstella 5555; they are the sole property of Daft Punk, Leiji Matsumoto, etc. I do own the original characters though so :p

Chapter 1

The sky was a heavy overcast of dark grey clouds that loomed so close one could almost touch them. The black umbrella that was gripped tightly in the woman's hand looked as if it would offer very little protection against the onslaught of rain that was sure to come. The sound of the children's laughter rang out around her as they ran toward the few yellow school buses that lined the front of the small elementary school.

"Goodbye Ms. Sterre!"

"See ya later Ms. Sterre!"

The woman lifted her gaze from the umbrella clutched in her hand to the few of her students that ran past her with bright smiles and frantic waves. Her eyes were a lighter grey than the sky above and they watched the children as they climbed into their respective buses, eager to get home to enjoy the two school free days that every weekend brought about. She raised her hand in goodbye and a faint smile touched her lips as the buses roared to life and began to drive off.

"Are you going to stand there all day Anisse or are you planning on going home?"

The woman named Anisse Sterre turned around to face one of her colleagues, a woman slightly older than her by the name of Nancy Brown. She was a pretty woman with light brown hair and amber eyes whose particular vocation happened to be the gym teacher for the school. Anisse brushed the dark hair from her brow as a gentle laugh escaped. "I was planning on leaving soon but I wanted to watch the children go…"

Nancy raised a slender brow in question as she started to walk toward the small parking lot where her red sports car waited. "Why would you want to do that? It's not like you won't be seeing them again. Monday will be rolling around all too soon…"

Anisse followed the pretty gym teacher, her own grey minivan was parked a few spaces from Nancy's, a rather dismal looking machine when compared to the sleek car that belonged to Nancy. She paused in mid step and raised her silver grey eyes to the clouded sky above. Everything was grey, in her life and her job... where was the color?

"Anisse, can I ask you a question?"

She blinked and looked away from the sky to focus her gaze on Nancy. She was standing beside her car with the door open and a gentle frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. She looked a little confused and Anisse could not understand as to why. If Anisse only knew it was because the pretty gym teacher was thinking that this art teacher had a few screws loose and was wondering why anyone would want to live the way Anisse Sterre did. It was not as if Anisse was a bad person, she wasn't. In fact she was absolutely wonderful with the kids and was a wonderful art teacher. She just wasn't exactly the social butterfly and Nancy, being the people person that she was, could not understand as to why.

"What is it?" asked Anisse. Already she felt a few wet drops land on her thick head of dark hair and her heart grew heavy. The storm was here.

Nancy chewed thoughtfully on her lower lip and tilted her head to the side. "Why do you live all the way out there in those woods, in that cabin, all alone?" She studied the art teacher with faint interest even as the surprise clearly etched itself across Anisse's face. "I mean there are some nice apartments in town and a couple of houses that you could buy. Why do you stay there?"

"Because," She replied as she began to walk to her minivan. "It is quiet." She left it at that as she opened the car door and climbed inside, the rain was already beginning to come down pretty hard. "Enjoy your weekend Nancy." She said before closing the door, the engine of the minivan coming to life with the single turn of her key.

"Y-yeah… you too…" Nancy muttered as she watched the grey minivan reverse out of the parking space and drive away, the red tail lights blazing against the scenery of grey.


Why did she live so far from town? Why did she live in a small cabin located in a dense forest that was nestled so neatly along the base of the large hills? Those were good questions and the answer to those questions was simple. It was because it was quiet. Anisse Sterre was an artist and as an artist, her visions came to her through the beauty of the nature that surrounded her home.

The rain fell in heavy sheets against the windshield and even with the high beams on, she could barely see about twenty feet in front of her. It was only early evening and yet it was terribly dark out. Considering that fact that the sun did not set until an hour from now counted little as the storm clouds were so thick. Anisse released a gentle breath as she kept her eyes on the road. In the backseat of her vehicle, she could hear the light clinks and bangs of her art supplies. She had stopped into town to buy some new shades of paint, some brushes, and a couple of new canvases as well as some small groceries that proved for an easy meal. She was aching to paint and yet she had no idea what it was that she was looking to bring forth.

Her hands grew tight on the steering wheel as she drove along the deserted two lane road that lead into the forest outside of town. Her cabin was situated about thirty miles outside of town, completely surrounded by nothing but trees. It was secluded and quiet and an ideal place for her to bring about her ideas to canvas. Yet, even in so peaceful a spot, she knew that she would not be able to paint. She had not been able to even bring a pencil to paper in order draw a decent sketch. It was as if her very talent had suddenly deserted her. She had tried everything she could think of, taking long walks in the evenings and listening to soothing music, anything to try and bring up some form of inspiration. Nothing worked. Her world, it seemed, had fallen into terrible shades of grey and she could not find a way out.

It had been this way for the past month and it was beginning to weigh down on her. She needed a change, just a little change, something that would inspire her to pick up pencil and sketch, to pick up a brush and streak a color across a canvas. She needed something to help bring the color back into her life. Her gaze was barely registering the road ahead of her as she drove, about every mile there would be a single street lamp to light the immediate area before the rain and the dark swept it from view. She was almost home, another few miles; maybe she would put on some tea and read a book. There might be something in a book that would ignite the spark of creativity that she needed.

A streak of lighting pierced the sky above, bathing the road and forest in blinding white. It was in that brief moment of flash that she noticed something dark stagger from out of the forest and into the beams of her headlights. Her scream was loud as she slammed on the brakes and swerved, trying to avoid the thing that had appeared from the darkness. Her minivan missed the figure by a few feet and spun one then twice on the sleek pavement before coming to a complete stop in the middle of the road. She was facing the opposite direction from where she had been driving and her headlights were shining on the figure that had staggered out on the road. It looked like a man, he stood there in the middle of the road, staring straight at her before he fell to his knees and collapsed in a heap.

Anisse's heart was racing and her hands were holding onto the steering wheel for dear life. She took in a few deep breaths to calm herself, she was all right and she didn't crash the car thank goodness. She pried her fingers one by one from the death grip she had on the steering wheel. She was trembling terribly from the rush of adrenaline that surged through her veins but it did not hinder her as she got out of the car into the pouring rain. She was soaked within seconds, her dark hair hanging heavily about her face. She ran toward the form that lay deathly still in the middle of the road, the beams from her headlights shining the way.

It was a man, he was wearing a peculiar maroon and purple jumpsuit. His hair was soaked from the storm and from the lighting it was hard to tell the color, though she was guessing black or dark brown. She kneeled down beside him and carefully reached out to touch his shoulder. "Sir, are you all right?"

She jumped back when he groaned and moved his head to look up at her, a deep frown etched across his features. His eyes were a strange color of dark blue, like the evening sky just after the sun had set. However, it was not his eyes that had caught her off guard; it was the mere fact that the man's skin was entirely blue. He stared up at her then began to mutter something under his breath. She could not hear him well but right off she knew it wasn't English. Who or what was this person and what was he doing wandering around the middle of no where? Anisse supposed it didn't matter because at the moment, he looked the worse for wear.

Anisse took in a breath and moved closer to him to rest both of her hands on his back. They were too far from town to make it to the local clinic but it was long closed by now and the nearest hospital was a good two hour drive away. Her home was closer and even though she didn't have any medical knowledge, common sense told her that she had to get him out of the storm. "Sir, just hold on. I'll get you somewhere nice and dry."

She wasn't sure if the man could understand her but he seemed to understand the gesture that she gave. His frowned eased somewhat and he muttered something else that she could not understand. She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat as the man dropped his head back down against the pavement and closed his eyes.

"Sir? Sir! Please don't die on me!" A part of her was still gawking at the fact the man's skin was blue. She set aside that thought at once though and moved her slender fingers down alongside his neck. This was not the time nor the place to be concerned over the man's skin tone despite the fact it was blue, he could be terribly hurt or worse and it would be her fault because she did not try to help him. She moved her fingers along the base of his jaw line and breathed a sigh in relief; his pulse was strong but just.

Muttering curses beneath her breath, she rolled the man onto his back, a considerable feat since he wasn't very light to begin with and she was not particularly strong even for a woman. The rain seemed to be getting worse and she cursed the fact that she chose to wear sandals. The weatherman had said there would be a chance of rain today, not a full blown storm but of course they were never right about the weather. She moved around the man and hooked her arms under his. She took in a breath, braced herself and lifted.

The man was a complete dead weight; add that plus the fact that the rain made everything heavier and slicker, it took her a good twenty minutes before she had even managed to pull him to her car. It then took another ten minutes of wrestling with the passenger side door and lifting, pulling and pushing before she got the man into her grey minivan and out of the rain. She closed the door and went around the car to get into the driver's side. Once inside, she took in a breath and stared at unconscious man with the blue skin that was now completely soaking up the upholstery of the passenger seat. Silence fell as she studied her unexpected guest with a mingling of surprise and disbelief then turned the car around and drove the last few miles home.