Severus awoke with a jolt

Severus awoke with a jolt. Sweat was beaded on his forehead and his breaths were coming out in gasps. He grabbed his wand from under his pillow and flicked it. The fireplace at the other end of the room exploded with fire sending a warm glow around the room. He pulled his legs up to his chest and tried to settle his breathing, he had never been so afraid.

"A dream…only a…dream…" he gasped closing his eyes tight.

He swore that he would never see that again…he would never ever remember that painful moment in his life. What Severus saw could not be forgotten easily…or ever. That was because the dream was his only tie with his daughter, Justine. Oh, his little Justine. She had to be at least fifteen by now. Why was he thinking about her so much, it didn't make any sense! He left his daughter so she would be able to grow up safe and sound. If his dreams were correct, her life was becoming a living hell.

He rose from bed and looked at the large grand father clock in his quarters. It was around three a.m. and taking a potion for sleep would be pointless seeing as he had to get up in another three hours or so. Severus would take a shower and start his day as he normally did and then it would be to the potions lab to prepare for another day of class.

The water poured from the shower head and Severus gasped at first because of how cold it was. He relaxed as the water became hot and tended to his tense muscles. He wondered if Albus would be able to help him find Justine…he knew that he wouldn't be able to make contact with her but he wanted so see her. So he could at least know that she was alright, that none of his dreams were true. He lathered his hair and rinsed out the foam.

He remembered so vividly when his daughter was put into his care, the strange thing was for the love of him he could not recall who her mother was. It was such a strange thing, he remembered being told by Albus that Justine was his. For Merlin's sake she was named after his great grandmother, maybe he would have to take a look into his Pensieve and see what he stored in there.

Severus wrapped a towel around his waste and shivered. The Dungeons were always cold so early in the morning and Severus was usually used to it but today it crept up his spine and remained there. He went back into his room and cursed silently as water from his feet began to leave a trail on his hard wooden floor. He grabbed his wand and casted a drying charm on his body. His hair on the other hand would have to air dry, other wise it would become frizzy.

He walked over to a large stone basin in the corner of his room and carried it over to a large arm chair. He sat it on the seat and took out his wand. His eyes followed each memory until he found what he was looking for. Severus leaned in and watched the past life he had once had.

Severus approached Dumbledore his head hidden with a cloak. In his arms was a small bundle of what appeared to be blankets but when you got a closer look you saw that there was a small child in there.

"Severus, I see you made it."

Severus sneered and held the baby closer to his chest. "I don't agree with this Dumbledore." He said icily.

"I know Severus but it is what's best for the child." Dumbledore reached for the baby but Severus backed away.

"What if your wrong, what if she isn't meant for-"

"Are you willing to take the chance Severus? Are you prepared to watch the life drain from her eyes?" the Headmaster persisted.

Severus' eyes flashed. "NO! Of course not, but there has to be another-"

"Another way… There isn't-"


"Severus, don't make me take her from you." Dumbledore said deathly low.

"You couldn't make me even if you wanted to."

Severus turned about to walk away, he was about to apparate when Dumbledore uttered one last sentence.

"I'm truly sorry about this my boy…but you left me with no other alternative…Obliviate-

Severus was forced out of his own Pensieve and stared.

Dumbledore, the one man he thought he could trust had betrayed him. The man had his mind obliviated and then stored the memories in his own Pensieve knowing Severus would never want to look on it again and relive the pain.

He grabbed his wand, quickly dressed, and stormed out of the dungeons. The old man would not get away with it and he would not allow him to think he had pulled a fast one on Severus.

The corridors were dark but Severus didn't need the light he knew the way to Dumbledore's office. For the love Merlin Severus had spent so many nights there talking he could find it with his eyes closed.

The Phoenix asked for the password and Severus said, "Lemon Drop," with as much venom as he could muster. As the stairs appeared and began taking him up to the door Severus' mind raced. Where was his daughter, was she even alive, hell was she even fifteen?

When the door came into view Severus didn't even knock, he burst right into Dumbledore's office and found the old meddler sitting at his desk with an expression of sheer calm.

"Ah, Severus-"

"Don't." he spat cruelly.

"Has something upset you my boy?" Dumbledore asked concerned.

Severus laughed mockingly. "Well, quite frankly YES!" he took out his wand and pointed it at Dumbledore.



Dumbledore had never seen Severus so livid before, his face was white with fury, and his eyes were darker then ever.

"Even if I was to tell you where she was you wouldn't know her." Dumbledore said simply.


"Because…because she is no longer Justine Snape…she -she is Harrison James Potter."

Severus gripped his wand so tight that it was close to snapping. He pointed it at Dumbledore once more and a nearby window shattered.


"After I obliviated your mind, I talked to Lily. She was…was the mother of Justine…you and her had married."

He looked up at Severus who looked like a rabid animal about ready to kill.

"She didn't want any part of the plan and we could not get her to see reason so we obliviated her mine as well as James' and I placed memories in their minds so they would think they were married, and I did the same with yours."

"That still does not…ANSWER…my question…HOW…did my daughter…become…a SON!" it took every ounce of Severus' will power for him to not strangle the old liar with his bare hands.

"P-Potion…y-you made it for me…I told you it was for an Order member…"

Severus paced around the room and then smiled at Dumbledore in the most sinister way.

"You know…killing you wouldn't make me happy…no…no what you are going to do is you are going to call up Justine-



Dumbledore closed his eyes. "And if I refuse?"

"Then I report you to the Ministry's for illegal use of a gender changing potion…you didn't get my consent and you will NOT go unpunished for it."

Dumbledore was trapped there was no other alternative; he would have to tell Justine who she really was.

"Fine." He said frigidly.

"Aucun mauvais contrat ne disparaît impuni." Severus said spitefully.

The last sentence Sev says is French and it means "No bad contract disappears unpunished".