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Chapter 7

Severus had been so nice to let Harry stay at Grimmauld place. But it would only be for one night, he said that Harry needed some time to become acquainted with Snape Manor a little more.

Not that Harry minded, with how much tension there was between him and Sirius he honestly hoped for some time away from him. He would never say that he regretted finding out that Severus was his father, but he would say that he wished it could have happened sooner.

If it would have happened before Harry had met Sirius everything probably would have gone so much smoother. Oh, well there was nothing left to do but move on and forget about it.

"Harry, look at all this dark magic crap!" Ron said showing him what appeared to be a shrunken head.

Harry looked up from the table he must have wiped down for the millionth time.

"Wow." He said going towards him. "It looks like the same head I saw in the knight bus my third year…I don't think it is dark magic though."

Ron looked at it once more and made a disgusted face, and then he through it into the trash can. Harry sighed; he actually wished he wouldn't have agreed to stay that one night. If he was only going to be cleaning, how enjoyable would it be to stay?

"Hey mate, you hungry?" Ron asked clapping his hands together.

"Um…not really." He said wiping the table again.

"Really? I'm starving!"

Harry laughed and said, "Ron you are always starving."

Ron laughed as well.

"Well what can I say; I have a black pit for a stomach."

And with that Ron set out for Molly, Harry shook his head, one of these days Ron is going to eat himself into a coma. Harry stood for a moment in utter silence, he wasn't sure if he was hungry or not.

Not only that but he was really worried that Sirius would be there as well. He wasn't afraid of his past godfather or anything of that nature, he was however terrified about what they would talk about. Harry did not like listening to people bash Snape while he was around, now that he knew that Snape was his father he felt very overly protective of the man.

With another sigh Harry walked into the dining room and sat down next to Ron. When Mrs. Weasly came out she had a tray filled with sandwiches and glasses of pumpkin juice.

Gratefully Harry accepted his sandwich and began nibbling it. He supposed that after eating he would be expected to go back into the living room and begin cleaning again.

"Harry dear," Mrs. Weasly said suddenly, "have you been to Diagon Alley lately?"

Harry swallowed his small bite and shook his head.

"Oh, poor dear," she said straightening her apron, "well after the lot of you have finished eating why don't we take a trip to Diagon Alley?"

Harry nodded that sounded perfect, not only did it get him out of cleaning but he would be able to avoid Sirius better! Words could not describe how much he did not want to face his past godfather.

"That sounds brilliant Mrs. Weasly," Harry said grinning, "Can we leave now?"

Mrs. Weasly looked at Harry's barely eaten sandwich and frowned, she was sure it was nothing but it seemed that Harry was starting to eat less and less when meals were concerned. She looked at Harry once more and sighed, she did not have the heart to hinder that lovely smile he wore.

"Of course we can leave now, Harry dear."

Ron grabbed his second ham and cheese and followed them to the fireplace. Harry stared at him and watched in amazement as his friend shoved the whole thing in his mouth at once.

"How do you do that?" he gasped. "Does your mouth stretch or something?"

Ron shrugged his shoulder and continued chewing his food.

"Alright Harry," Mrs. Weasly said handing him some Floo Powder, "you can go first dear and we'll meet you there."

With a nod of his head Harry took the green powder and said very clearly, "Diagon Alley."

Green flames wrapped around his body and he spun and spun until his head would surely spin off of his shoulders. His eyes clamped shut and he tightened his lips so no soot or dust would enter his mouth. Finally, once he was able to stand up, he was able to walk away from the fireplace.

He knew the smart thing to do would be to wait for the others but he really was set on going off by himself. He didn't like when Ron came with him to Gringotts, he always felt so bad about not being able to give the Weasly's more money.

Quickly he rushed away from the Leaky Cauldron and made his way to Gringotts. Harry was sure Mrs. Weasly would understand why he went ahead, and he really didn't plan on being gone for long.

Harry's eyes scanned the rather empty streets and his eyebrows rose in question. Usually this place was packed with young witches and wizards, now it seemed that the whole Alley was a ghost town. Something was not right around here, something was not right at all.

Despite his suspicions Harry felt that he would be safer in the bank then wandering around the streets looking for the reason no one was around. His footsteps quickened slightly as he noticed the sky become dark and the air become cold.

There was no way they could be here, just no way! No, dementors would not be in Diagon Alley in the middle of the day. Harry's fast walk soon became a run, he was running from nothing…or at least that was how he looked at it until a large hooded figure soared in front of him.

His eyes widened and as quickly as he could he pulled out his wand. He backed himself against the wall of a random store and waited. The sun seemed to disappear at that point and it was now so cold that Harry's breath appeared in a small cloud before him.

He strained to see, to make sure he would not hear his mother's screams. He needed to hold onto a happy memory…just one to make a strong patronus. For a moment Harry could not think of any but then he remembered Severus and how his father was waiting for him at home.

Smiling he held his wand out and dementors swooped down in front of him.

"Expecto Patronum!"

A white stag appeared in front of him and rammed into the first Death Eater. Slowly Harry backed himself away from the wall, holding onto that one happy thought for dear life. He wasn't sure if there was only one, the Dementors usually traveled in packs when he was concerned.

Still everything seemed relatively calm now and he could even feel the air start to warm up again. Sighing somewhat relieved he put his wand away and began running back to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Harry," Ron said paler then a ghost, "did you…did you see them?"

"See them," Harry quoted, "I fought one off!"

Harry pushed Ron back into the restaurant and sat at a random table. The Leaky Cauldron was empty as well, even Tom had disappeared.

"Where the bloody hell is everyone?" Ron whispered.

Harry could only shrug his shoulders; maybe getting his school supplies would be better if he went with Severus. It wasn't that he didn't trust Mrs. Weasly; it was just that his father was so much more threatening.

"Ron, where is your mum and the others?"

"They all went back to Grimmauld place," he said looking at the fireplace, "Hermione forgot her handbag."

Harry nodded and sighed, what could dementors possibly be doing in Diagon Alley? He knew that it had to of had something to do with him, maybe Voldemort had sent them.

"Harry…Harry!" Ron said frantically. "A…a howler just came for you…from the Ministry."

Great, just when things couldn't possibly get any worse the Ministry of Magic felt they needed to get involved with his life. Groaning inwardly he opened the howler, he knew that ignoring it wouldn't do any good and it was better to just listen to it now and get it over with.

"Dear Mr. Potter," it said, "it has reached the Ministry's notice that a Patronus charm had been casted on your part at exactly twelve forty-five p.m. in Diagon Alley. Since this is your third time casting underage magic we are sad to say that you are here by expelled…"

Expelled…expelled…wait, EXPELLED! Harry's eyes widened and his heart felt like it would surely pump itself right from his chest! He was expelled from Hogwarts, his beloved school, his home! How could he be expelled when it was all in self defense?

He looked to Ron whose face was just as pale as his own.

"Harry," he breathed, "Don't worry about it-"


Ron looked down at the howler and bit his lip, something he often did when he didn't have an answer to their problems.

"Well, maybe Snape will be able to fix it."

Snape, oh God Snape! How would his father react, he was probably going to get in so much trouble! He shouldn't have casted that spell, why didn't he just wait for Mrs. Weasly like a smart person would!

"We need to get back to the Order." Ron said suddenly. "We shouldn't stay here with it being like this."

Harry nodded and they both went back to the fireplace. Grimacing of what would be waiting on the other side he took a hand full of Floo Powder and very clearly said, "Number 12 Grimmauld Place."

They flames engulfed his body and no sooner he was back in the kitchen of Sirius' home being fussed over and talked at. He looked to Mrs. Weasly who was in tears, Lupin who was talking so fast he could just barely catch his breath, and Hermione who was spouting off about how Harry's expulsion was not possible.

What Harry didn't understand was how they could all know when no one had been in Diagon Alley when he was…or had their been and he had just been too distracted to notice.

"Harry!" Remus shouted gaining his attention. "Would you please answer me?"

Harry's head whipped up and his cheeks became hot. How could Lupin expect him to answer him when he hadn't even heard the question?!

"I…I want Severus…" Harry whispered. "I want to go home."

Suddenly everyone became silent, as if these words had perplexed them. He didn't care at the moment, he didn't care that they were all staring at him like his head had just popped off and was floating above his neck. He knew that if he were with Severus he would be safe and able to breath without someone yelling at him or asking him all sorts of stupid questions!

"Harry," Remus said gently, "are you sure you want to leave, maybe you should wait until we hear from Albus?"

Harry looked up and shook his head.

"No, I want to go now…please?"

Remus sighed and with a nod of his head left the room.

"I will Floo him from the living room…Harry you should probably go and get your stuff ready. I know Severus isn't going to want to hang around for long."

Harry nodded vigorously and rushed upstairs to the room he had been staying in. He hadn't brought much to begin with but quickly as he could he gathered it all up and rushed back downstairs. When Severus got here they would leave and he wouldn't have to worry about anymore dementors and Death Eaters trying to kill him…he would finally be able to relax.


Or so he thought.

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