I do not own Nintendo or any of their characters

I do not own Nintendo or any of their characters

I own Mr. Wang however so don't go stealin' him.

Without further ado…

Chapter 1 Mr. Wang

A Chinese guy sat beside the bench after a long, well earned win at a game of baseball. He had spiky hair, fu-manchu Chinese style moustache, and sunglasses. "Hey Mr. Wang, we're goin' to the diner down the road, wanna come?" The Chinese man looked up to his team players. "Nah guys. I'll pass." The team shrugged their shoulders and headed off. It didn't bother them that they left their team captain. Mr. Wang dragged along his bat and headed home. He passed a sign labeled "Mii Island: Southwest Side". He was one of many, many, Miis inhabiting a large island. Mii island is a place where its inhabitants, the Miis, could do anything they want, from sports to competitions to trivial games ect. Miis were very active and were always doing something athletic, interesting, and sometimes just plain wacky! Basically, a Mii's life for the most part is anything fun. Well, most of the time.

Mr. Wang continued walking home. As he sat back in his chair when he got home, he looked back on the game today. A group of friends and associates formed their little rag-tag team and somehow ended up being #1 in Southwest Side. He enjoyed baseball. Its one of a few things that kept him alive. Then his mind started to wander. He thought about the fabled Mario Bros. He wished to meet them, as many Miis always had stories about them. Some even claimed to have met them in non other than the also fabled Mushroom Kingdom. Mr. Wang didn't know how or if it was possible to get there, but some say it's a secret known by a few. Even if it was wide spread, most people were happy enough with Mii island, and wouldn't want to leave. Mr. Wang was especially interested in the younger, overshadowed Mario Bro., Luigi. People who meet Luigi, say he's a nice guy, but is very cowardly, shy and timid. His feats and accomplishments are considered insignificant to that of his brother, Mario. Mr. Wang knew pretty much all the people in Mii Island who like the Mario Bros. really just like Mario. Mr. Wang thought Luigi should be treated with respect, and that he's just as good as Mario. People seem to forget that Mario is nothing on his adventures without Luigi. Mr. Wang sighed. Here he was thinking about a guy he was a big fan of, not even sure if he existed. "Oh well…" He then dozed off asleep on his armchair, still reeling from exhaustion of the big game today.

Mr. Wang woke up, changed, ate breakfast, and did all his morning tasks. He went through the door cheerfully. He didn't feel like baseball today. He walked along a path to the main central city. He continued and saw in a window to a diner, the girl he had a crush on. He sighed. He was pretty horrible at picking up girls, and he knew. There was something about this girl that was really special. He didn't want to lose her. She was a Japanese girl who was also on his baseball team. Mr. Wang never talked to her though. He was a bit shy. Mr. Wang turned his head and continued on. Nearing the city, Mr. Wang saw something amidst the trees. It… was a pipe… He scratched his head. He curiously neared it. He looked inside. Nothing but black. Then he suddenly fell in… blackness was all he could see...