(A/N: I'm not totally sure when in the series this takes place. I know it's not after Breaking Dawn, but if it's after Eclipse, Jacob came back. Maybe Bella never existed or something. I'll figure that if I need to. For now, just bear with me.)

Truth or Dare

Chapter 1: Dare

"Ok Leah," Paul says. "It's your turn. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Leah answers lazily, hanging off the side of the couch in Sam and Emily's living room.

"Ok," Paul says. His eyes flash to me. "I dare you…to kiss Jacob."

"What?" Leah and I shout at the same time.

"You heard me," Paul says.

Leah laughs a humorless laugh. "You're kidding, right?" she asks.

"Nope," Paul says, grinning.

"Fine," Leah mumbles. She stands up and walks over to me. "Let's get this over with," she mumbles to me. Without saying anything, I stand up and kiss her. For a minute, I forget where I am. As my hand moves to touch her face, I try to remind myself that she doesn't actually love me. It's just a dare. As I come back to earth, I notice Leah is kissing me back. When Leah pulls away from me, I look around and glare at everyone. Everyone stares at us with wide eyes. Even Paul is in too much shock to make jokes. Leah blushes. Wait, Leah? Blushing? I ignore it. Nothing is normal anymore. Pretending the kiss didn't mean anything to me, I turn away from Leah and sit back down in the arm chair. Leah moves back to the couch, her face still red.

"Ok," she says, her voice shaky. "Seth, truth or dare?" I don't hear Seth's answer. I am still thinking about the kiss.