The day I was born I lost everything. My parents, my innocence, my dignity, my pride, my life. The day I was born I died. I was not important as of that day, I was simply a container, a boy who held a beast so great that it could topple mountains with a tail. It didn't matter that I was the son of the hero of the village, that I was the son of the greatest man to come from the mighty gates that surrounded their homes. No.

The day I was born I was sent into an asylum for the homeless. An orphanage. I was fed the bare minimum, given no toys, and till I was three had no friends. My caretakers felt that I was a demon, a demon who would end them if they were nice to me…

But my friend wasn't. His name was Hirojima, and he was a dragon. He came to me on my third birthday from the sky! I know he did because I saw him falling! Well when I was six I learned that Hirojima wasn't a dragon at all, nope, he was a lizard… Yup a lizard. And he swore to me that he came from a tree, but whatever. So Hirojima stayed with me till I was eight, he was my one and only friend. I didn't quite understand him at times! He was always talking about some nonexistent home. That Hirojima…

So when I was eight Hirojima passed away, most tragic thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. He was the only thing I had left in my not so long but too short life. He left his tail for me though L and that's about it. He was a downright bastard when he left though, said that he had to die someday. But he left me in Konoha while he went 'home' or something like that.

So there I was eight years old and not having a single soul to talk to. Well there were plenty of people to talk to, they were just mean and didn't want to talk to me. Like that pink headed girl, Sakusomething, and her friend Eyeno or something like that, yeah they were mean. Said I was weird and that I didn't belong anywhere near them because I was an orphan… Or something like that.

So for a while I just stayed inside my tiny apartment with nothing to do but read what little I had. Yes I had an apartment at eight, thanks to the evil ladies at the orphanage saying I didn't belong there. So I'm eight trapped in my own home with only books to read, instant ramen to make, and a lifetime supply of boredom.

I get a knock at my door at around nine, its one of those masked ANBU dudes, he says the Hokage needs to see me, I tell him he's crazy and close the door on him. I've never even seen the damn Hokage why would he want me anyways. So he breaks the door down and drags me to the old man behind the desk. We get there and I'm mad, the old man tells me all this random bullshit about a village needing a protector, that I am apart of the 'will of fire' :O So I tell him the only fire I have a will for is the fire that cooks my ramen. So he sends me out with a note saying I must attend the ninja academy. GREAT! No I hated the idea, I did.

Bam next day comes and I'm in room four oh four :D Great. So yeah my teachers name is Iruka Shiskabob. Or something like that. Who cares right?

He comes into the class screaming his head off to 'Shut up' as he put it. I had Sakusomething and Eyeno for the class, yeah they wouldn't shut up about that Emo guy in the back. Some fat guy named Chooji, a lazy prick named Shikamazu, a shy blue headed girl named Hina, a dog boy named Kiza, bug boy aka Shibo, and that's about it…

So yeah were in class right, and Iruka starts saying something about how being a ninja is dangerous and blah blah blah. So there I am reading the mandatory text book they give, us, I've already gotten half way through it when he yells again saying its lunch. Guess I just wasn't paying attention.

So lunch is like this. I go outside with nothing to eat, find a tree, sit under it, read, and that's about it. Well until the dog dude comes and starts talking his noise! I get up, put my book down, do some seal the book said to do to focus chakra, and boom there's this blue shit flying around me, feels good to see the dog boy fall on his ass. Iruka comes outside in like total turmoil, and just freaks when he sees my awesome blue stuff…

Well I don't remember what happened after that because he knocked me out. So I wake up later with a huge headache, I'm in class still, its empty, well besides Iruka.

"You know its not polite to hit people in the face…" I was still kinda pissed.

"Where did you learn that?" Well this guy sure was a pity.

"The book." I got up and left. Came back the next day, finished the book, learned this one jutsu. Kawimari? Something like that, the other two that the book listed were a bit harder, but I'd get them soon. The day went by fast, the only thing we did was learn history and spar. I sparred the Emo, got my ass handed by him, and from that day on I swore that I would whoop his ass.

Years pass and the Academy still sucks. I mastered all three of those stupid moves, learned Taijutsu, some new jutsu, and even got down this totally fucked up genjutsu! How did I land my hand on all this random nonsense? The old man of course!

Told him if he didn't give me some good stuff I'd quit the academy, of course that was so long ago, but hey! So there I was, last day of school getting my Hitiate. I didn't want it, if a ninja life was anything like the academy I'd much rather have died! But I passed anyways. We were assigned Senseis, I passed somewhere in the middle, I heard that if I got the highest scores I'd get paired with SAKURA! That would not be good. So Sasuke got stuck with her. Me on the other hand! Thanks to the old man down in the office, was made the apprentice of this guy with a sword! His name is Gekkou Hayate! And he looks pretty cool.

So theres the prologue! No this isn't how the entire stories going to be, this is just an opener, the rest will be in third person!