I Remember You- summary- Sam wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Will he learn the truth about what happened to him in time to save himself? S3 Not a death fiction! Beta work by Sendintheclowns and Floralia.

A/N: I've been working on this story for awhile, and I'm happy to have it finished. I'll be posting a chapter every other day until it's all up. A big thanks to my friends and betas- Sendintheclowns and Floralia. Both were so awesome! They helped me flesh this story out and it is a better story because of their help!

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say - I remember you

Skid Row- I Remember You

I Remember You- One

His head felt heavy, like he was drugged. He could hear the beeping of machinery, and his nose was assaulted by antiseptic smells that made him think hospital. It took a bit of effort but he slowly opened his eyes. Bright light attacked his senses and he quickly closed them again.

"Sam! Oh Baby, open your eyes please." He heard a voice pleading, and his right hand was grasped by a petite hand. The voice sounded desperate, so he decided to try opening his eyes again.

"That's it Baby, you can do it." He tried but the lights were too bright.

He decided to try and communicate with the panicked voice at his side. But his throat was dry and the words didn't want to come out. In the end, he was able to whisper.

"Light's too bright." After speaking those words, he just wanted to go back to sleep and escape the pain that was now making itself known in his head.

"Hold on Sweetheart, I'll get the lights." He felt the small hand let go, and then return.

"Try again Sam, the lights are turned down now." The voice was quiet but persistent.

He slowly opened his eyes, and took in the sights in front of him. It took a moment to focus, but his suspicions had been confirmed. He was in a hospital. In front of him was a beautiful blond, who was smiling brightly at him.

"Welcome back Sam, I've missed you so much." She spoke and then gave him a chaste kiss on the lips.

He tried not to flip out, but it hit him that this girl acted as if she knew him, and his mind was drawing a total blank. The more he thought about his situation the more confused and frightened he felt.

"Sam, sweetie it's okay." The girl tried to reassure him as he started to panic in bed. It was getting hard to catch his breath.

His throat was so dry it hurt to speak, but he found himself squeaking out a reply to the girl. "Who's Sam, and who am I?"

He watched as the girl stared back in shock. She seemed frozen in time for a moment.

"Hold on, I need to get your doctor. I'll be right back." He watched as she rushed from the room. While she was gone he took some calming breaths. It'd do him no good to lose it, if he stayed calm he was sure that things would become clearer.

A few minutes later, the pretty petite blond returned with an older woman, probably in her fifties, wearing a doctor's jacket.

"I'm so glad to see you awake." She said as she approached the bed. "I was told that you're having trouble remembering things. Can you tell me what you do remember?"

"I-I don't remember anything." He tried not to panic again.

"It's okay, I promise that everything will be explained. My name is Dr. Ford, and I'd like to check your vitals real quick and then I'll answer all your questions. Okay?" The doctor's manor was reassuring, and so he tried to relax as she took his vitals.

Once she was done, she sat down on the side of his bed. "You don't remember your name?" The doctor asked, and he realized that the pretty blond was now crying softly in the chair next to his bed.

"No ma'am. Nothing." He took another deep breath trying to keep from bawling like the young blond next to him.

"Well, three months ago, you were in a car accident and badly hurt. There was brain trauma and you slipped into a coma. This week, you started to stir, and come back from the coma. It is not unheard of for people with brain injury to lose memories, and sometime amnesia can happen. I do hope that this is just a temporary loss for you but we'll just have to wait and see. Do you understand what I'm telling you?" The Doctor's eyes were kind and she took his hand in hers and squeezed it.

"Yes, I have memory loss, but it might be temporary but it could be permanent?" He was afraid to ask, but he had to know.

"It could be permanent, some memory might return, or they all could. The good news is that everything else seems to be fine. You'll be weak from being in bed for three months but over time you will recover from that. I know that you have many questions about yourself, and I feel that you'll get more thorough answers if you ask Ms. Moore. She has been by your side through your stay here, and you two were dating when the accident happened. I'll leave you two alone, but if you need anything don't hesitate to page me. I will be by later to check on you." The doctor patted him on the shoulder and left.

Turning his attention to the pretty blond next to him, he noticed that she was trying to regain composure.

"Is there anything I can get you?" She asked as she stood from the chair.

"Some water?" He asked and gave her a smile.

"Sure." She replied and the quickly filled a glass of water and put it on the tray in front of his bed.

He took a few sips, the water helped soothe his dry mouth. He smiled again at the girl and decided that he might as well ask her about himself. "So um, can you tell me about myself?"

She smiled and tentatively sat down on the side of his bed. "Well, your name is Sam, Sam Winchester. And I really don't know much about your family, other than the fact that you guys weren't very close." She took his hand and held it lightly in hers.

"So I'm Sam, and I'm not close to my family, but you and I are together?" Sam asked, trying to sort through the facts of his unremembered life.

"Yeah, um, my name is Jessica Moore, and you call me Jess. We met at Stanford, and we had been living together for a year. Three months ago, out of the blue, your brother Dean showed up. He said your dad went on a hunting trip and never made it home. Dean wanted your help tracking him down. You reluctantly left and went to Jericho, California. You called me to tell me that you were on your way home, two nights later. You had found your Dad and they were going to bring you home." Jessica stopped and took a big breath. Sam knew what she was about to say was bad, her eyes were full of misery.

"But I didn't make it home, right?" Sam stated, as he watched Jessica nodded.

"There was an accident, and the car you were in with your family was hit by a semi. Your dad and brother were killed, and you received major head trauma. I came to Jericho as soon as I heard, and I've been here ever since. I'm so sorry Sam." Jessica lost her fight with her tears and Sam felt the need to comfort her.

It was weird to be comforting her over his loss. His loss that he couldn't remember.

Once Jess, settled down, Sam decided to ask a few more questions, but he really dreaded the answers.

"Um Jess, what about my mom?" Sam asked quietly and watched as Jess's face fell.

"Oh Sam, I'm sorry, she died when you were a baby. And, when the accident happened, I wasn't able to find any family or friends, so we used the insurance money from the accident to have your brother and father cremated. I thought that way, when you are up for it, we could bury them. But now, I don't know what to do." Jess dissolved into tears once more.

Sam held her and tried to understand everything that had been thrown his way. Part of him, upon learning about his family didn't want to remember. But for this tiny sobbing person in his arms, he felt he needed to remember. She evidently cared a great deal for him, and he felt bad he couldn't remember her.

Her sobs began to lessen and she pulled away from Sam. "It will be okay Sam, I'm sorry I lost it. It's just been really hard. Before the accident, you were going to go to law school at Stanford and I was going to get my Masters in Art Therapy, and we were going to get married. After the accident, I quit school and got a job here at the hospital doing art therapy with the patients. It has kept me close to you, and I just couldn't give up on us. I'm not going to give up on us. We'll figure this out together, I promise." Jess leaned in and gave Sam a chaste kiss.

"I'm so sorry that I don't remember, but I think that you're right. Things will work out." Sam really wasn't sure he meant what he said, but felt that he owed it to the poor girl to be positive. He hoped that what he said would ring true for him.

"Good, well you look tired sweetie, why don't you try to rest before they bring your lunch in. I'm going to do a little reading, but I'll be right here if you need me." Jess patted his hand and got off the bed and sat down in the chair next to him.

"Okay, thanks." Sam replied quietly. His mind was swirling with all the information he had been given, but in the end his weary body made its demands known and he slipped off to sleep.


Once Sam was asleep Jess left to find Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford was in her office doing paperwork when Jess approached.

"So how's our patient doing?" Dr. Ford asked as Jess approached her desk.

"Confused, and tired as would be expected. So how long before we can get him out of here? I don't like having him out in public where Ruby or his brother might find him."

Jess sat down in a chair across from Dr. Ford. Black eyes shining.

"Patience, you have to have patient. You knew that this would be a slow process when you signed on, but it'll be so worth it if we can get Sam to be our leader. With him on our side, our little group will take the lead in the whole demon war." Dr. Ford smirked.

"Patience, oh I know patience. You're not the one who spent a whole month trying to find someone who fit Jessica Moore's physical appearance and then another month having plastic surgery to complete the look! I get the patience part, I just don't want all this work to be for nothing if that skank and his brother find us." Jess huffed as she got up and started to pace.

"Well, I know Ruby has a history of being hard to deal with and so does Mr. Winchester, but I'm confident that they won't be able to track Sam. They wouldn't think of looking for Sam in such a public place. So chill out and let the plan fall together. Sam might get suspicious if we just whisk him out of here right after waking up from his coma. Besides, the drugs, potion and spells we used on him were pretty heavy duty. He does need time to recoup." Dr. Ford's voice was full of confidence.

"Yeah, well, I guess I better get back to my beloved." Jess hated being out in the open and knew she needed to keep a close eye on Sam.


It was like watching a movie where you should know the characters and they look familiar but things weren't clicking.

Sam was standing by Jess and they were dressed in bedtime clothes. An older man stood in front of them.

"We need to talk." The older man stated.

"Anything you say you can say in front of Jess." Sam replied.

"Dad's gone on a hunting trip and hasn't made it back in a few days." The older man replied and Sam realized it must be his brother Dean.

Things skipped around and he was checking voice mail from Jess while his brother went for food.

Then like a scene change in a movie he found himself driving an old black car. He was fighting with the older man in the car, who must have been his dad. Dean was in the back and looked beat up. Hell they all looked beat up, but Sam couldn't hear what was being said. The song Bad Moon Rising was playing loudly and then there was a crash. The sounds of metal crushing and glass breaking were pounding his head when Sam jerked awake. He was covered in sweat.

"Baby, are you okay." Jess was at his side, holding him.

"I-I had this dream and I think it was about the crash. It was awful the groans of pain and the sound of metal hitting metal and then I woke up." Sam was panting trying to catch his breath.

"I stepped out of the room for a bit and when I got back you screamed and woke up. I'm so sorry I wasn't here to wake you from your dream before it got so bad." Jess had taken him into her arms and was holding him.

Sam tried to take a calming breath. Jess's touch was helping him to gain composure and he was glad to have her there.

"It's okay, I think it's good that I remembered even if it was the bad part. Maybe I'll remember more." Sam hoped that was true. Living in a fog was scary and he was glad to have Jess by his side even if he didn't remember her. She made him feel less alone.

"Don't worry baby, nothing bad is going to happen while I'm around." Jess soothed into his ear and Sam took comfort in those words. They were so familiar somehow.