Unwilling Babysitter

"Thank you for taking care of David, my dearest son!" the violet-eyed Count laughed happily, before he disappeared through the main doorway with his husband, not to be back until they were done with their secretly planned date… Perhaps the next morning?

"We are going to be in our room, but we do not want interruptions of any kind," the golden-eyed one declared, arms crossed.

His vampire beloved had to explain: "So we need you to watch after Dorian and Damian as well."

Before the youngest D could reply to either of his eldest, though, they were gone from the parlor, and the twins were clinging to him as he held them on his arms, intently looking over his shoulder at Leon, who slept on the couch, ignoring the fact that they had become babysitters of the children all of a sudden.

He did admit that he needed interacting more with younger children, to learn about their needs and moods, considering he was going to become a parent soon, yet… 'I am not having triplets!' he thought, believing that taking care of one was fine and enough, while three was exploitation.

Still, his fate for the night couldn't be changed, and, sighing in resignation, he proceeded to tend to his two uncles and his brother, keeping the twins from eating Leon's arms, and the other child from playing too noisily…

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