Logan 101

Ready to Go Back

Insanely bored, Logan walked over to his computer desk, opening the bottom drawer and digging through the mess of papers and random objects. After a few seconds, Logan pulled out an old, worn notebook that looked to be a few years old. Looking over at the clock, reading 11:02, and looking out the window into nothing but darkness, Logan let out a sign as he made his way over to his bed.

Carelessly, Logan threw the notebook down on his bed, going back to his computer desk to grab a pencil. Next, Logan flopped himself down on his bed, flipping open the notebook through page after page of scribbled writing. Finally, Logan reached an empty page, pausing for a second before touching the pencil to the notebook.

Dear Diary

Frustrated, Logan ripped the page out of the book, crinkling it up into a small ball and throwing it into the garbage can from across his room. Again, Logan started writing.


I haven't written for a while, where to begin? School starts after next week. I can't wait to go back. I'm so bored here; I never thought I would say I can't wait until school starts. I miss all my friends, I wonder if they miss me. No, I doubt it. They probably glad they don't have to deal with me, at least the girls are, they think I am the biggest jerk. They think I'm a jerk, but they would do the same thing if they were me. They only think I want one thing from girls, 

which isn't true. But all they want from me is one thing, money. That's why I never got in a real relationship, well, besides Quinn, but that's over now anyways. That's why biggest hope, a serious, meaningful relationship, is also my biggest fear. The money; it's a blessing but it's also a curse. Logan Reese, my grandfather and the person I got my name from, was the first Reese to become a millionaire. He married a woman, Margaret Theresa. Long story short, she cheated on him a few years into the marriage after my father was born, running off with my father and half of his money and never looking back. My dad and gramps didn't even have a real relationship until he turned 16, emancipated himself, and pursued a relationship with my grandpa that his mother would never let him have. My dad fell in love when he was in his early twenties with a woman named Nancy McKim. Some would call her my mother, I don't. It became apparent after they married the only thing she was after was my father's money. She got divorced and took half of his money. My father would have fought with every resource he had for custody of me, after what him and gramps went through, but didn't have too. She didn't even want me, or my father, she just got what she wanted, money, and left us both behind. That's why Quinn and I were doomed from the beginning, regardless of our differences. I wouldn't let her in or let my guard down. Being a conceited jerk does a good job of pushing people away from me so I don't get burnt like my dad and grandpa. That's also why I let my "Zoey" escape to a different country, and didn't go after her like Chase, even though it would have only cost about a fifth of my monthly allowance for two plane tickets, a roundtrip for me and a one way for her.

Logan flinched as the phone ringing in the other room started him. Slightly aggravated, Logan looked over at the clock, reading 11:27, and shook his head as scoffed. One of his father's business partners calling late again. Once he heard his dad answer it, hearing a muffled voice coming from the living room, Logan returned to writing.

I wonder sometimes if Dana even remembers my name. All I know is I will always remember her, and it will always be my reminder that I ruin everything good in my life. That's why Chase and Zoey are together, along with Michael and Lola, and I'm sitting here alone again. Sometimes, I wish

Logan was startled as his dad opened his door, the phone still in his hand even though the person who called was not. The look on Malcolm Reese's face was a mix of fear, sadness, and anxiety, and it sent a sinking feeling into Logan's stomach as he wondered what was wrong, his mind immediately thinking of horrible things.

"What's up, Dad?"

"It was the hospital; your grandfather just had a heart attack."

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