Logan 101

Can't Believe It

Logan was beginning to wear the rug out in the boy's dormitory as he paced back and forth, cell phone in his hand as he occasionally looked down at it. Every few seconds, he would flip it open. Then, just as quickly, he would close it back up as he let out a frustrated grunt or moan. The fact that Logan was always blunt and straight to the point when it came to anything, never afraid, except for Dana, aggravated him at times. God, that girl did things to him that he still didn't understand, he realized he never would but he was in love with Dana nonetheless.

His spur of the moment, and rather brilliant plan, if Logan would say so himself, worked out the previous night. Currently, there were six Bullets for My Valentine tickets to their concert the following week, only about a thirty minute drive downtown from PCA campus, being express mailed to him. Now, all he had to do, all he wanted to do really, was call or see Dana, his girlfriend, the girl he loved. He didn't understand why he was fretting something as simple as calling her.

No, he had a reason Logan remembered, she said she needed time to think and she rightfully deserved it after the big one he dropped on her the previous evening. Regardless, he still wanted to hear her beautiful voice. Again, Logan slammed his phone closed with another irritated grunt as he had been repeating the process while he was lost in thought almost subconsciously.

His attention was drawn away from his thoughts as he heard the door open and realized Michael and Chase were leaving. He felt kind of awkward as he realized they saw him pacing back and forth and probably knew why, he had actually forgotten they were in the dorm room too.

"Hey, where you guys going?"

Michael stopped as he was halfway out the door and looked back to Logan, shaking his head with a smile on his face.


Logan nodded, about to reply, as Michael cut him off and wouldn't let him, laughing a little before he finished his own statement.

"Man, just call her already, she is your girlfriend."

Logan gave Michael an inquisitive look, trying to act as if he had no idea what he was talking about. Again, Michael laughed as he waved goodbye and closed the door behind him. Logan remained standing, now stationary as he looked down at his cell phone that was still in his hand. For what had to have been the hundredth time in the last few minutes, Logan opened it and closed it once again, shaking his head. No, Michael was right, Logan thought to himself, sliding the cell phone into his jeans pocket as he headed out towards the door to the place he would rather be than anywhere else in the world, with Dana.


Dana knocked twice before she opened the door and slowly stuck her head through, looking around the dorm room and hoping to see Logan.

"Logan? Are you here?"

No reply came from the empty dorm room that Dana now stepped into. Dana let a frown form on her face, upset that the boys clearly weren't there, as she made her way over into the middle of the dormitory. Dana got an idea, as she plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Simply, she would just hang out for a little, hoping to surprise Logan. Then, if he didn't come back soon, she would go surprise him when she found him. Following that, she would tell Logan in the most serious tone that she had time to think and came to a conclusion, sounding sad and remorseful, making him think she was about to break up with him. Lastly, she would tell him that she loved him too. It was a bit mean, but she would make it up to Logan as soon as she got him to herself somewhere private, which was why she actually came to his room in the first place.

Dana had a huge smile on her face about her spur of the moment, and brilliant if she said so herself, plan that she had just concocted, relaxing as she watched a rerun of Laguna Beach.

Chase 101

"You have any idea where she went?" Logan questioned Zoey as they both stood in the entrance area of the girl's room. Zoey began to shake her head from side to side as Lola popped out from behind the wall, previously being in the room doing whatever it was she was doing, deciding to reply for Zoey herself.

"Well she went storming out of here without a word, so no!" Lola almost shouted, obviously still a little frustrated from her earlier confrontation with the curly haired diva. Her voice still rose above a normal conversation level, but lowered as she felt better from her outburst, Lola continued.

"What did you do to her Logan; did you have a fight or something?" Logan shook his head with force.

"No…far from it."


Boredom snuck in as Dana sat the remote down on the couch beside her, getting up to look around the room. Another idea popped into Dana's head as she made her way over to Logan's computer, planning on getting on MySpace for a little, to kill some time. Dana turned on the monitor, her eyebrows rising to their fullest as a frozen frame of her boyfriend, with his mouth slightly ajar as if he was speaking, was on the computer screen.

Dana looked down to the computer desk, her eyes falling on the camcorder that was beside the keyboard. With a curious look on her face, Dana hit play on the camcorder that was still plugged into the computer.

"-nd until they had me believe that they actually committed murder, the bearcam worked perfectly. Without a doubt, still worth the two weeks of detention and the call to my dad I got for it from Dean Rivers."

The image of Logan stopped speaking, stopping to laugh for a few seconds as Dana's face immediately turned to a scowl, Dana instantly remembering what he was talking about.

"Then, later on I hired Dana, Zoey, and Nichole as my personal cheerleaders. Ummm, made Chase think I was going out with Zoey last year…one time I had basically made all my friends my personal servants for like two weeks…wow, there are too many to name."

Again, Logan's image on the screen let out a short laugh as Dana's face continued to grow more upset and angry.

"Basically, I was like the master of pranks around PCA forever. I mean, yeah, a lot of times they ended up coming around to bite me…but it was a lot of fun to me deceiving my friends and hurting them."

Dana's emotions were cascading too much for her to notice how Logan's demeanor had changed from light hearted and happy, too mundane, and then to serious and sad as it was apparent he regretted a lot of the things he did to his friends. Also, Dana didn't catch how he spoke in the past tense, saying how it "was" fun to him to deceive his friends and hurt them.

Just as Dana's facial expression and body language would lead one to believe she was about to smash the computer to a thousand pieces in a rage, her attitude shifted. Shaking her head, Dana fought back tears as she felt a lump in her throat that made it impossible to swallow, her heart feeling as if it was bruised as every time it pumped blood through her veins it hurt. Slowly, tears streaked her face as she stared into Logan's eyes on the computer screen, not hearing a word he was now saying.

"Logan, how could you? This whole thing…you never meant any of it…you told me you loved me…and I almost told you it back, and meant it."

Jumping up from the computer desk, not even bothering to pause the recording of Logan, or turn off the computer screen, Dana sprinted for the door. After the loud echoing of the door slamming rattled through the empty room, only Logan's voice could be heard.

"But things change, people change, you grow more mature and realize what you were doing was stupid. You find more important things; true friendship, happiness, …love. So, what would I tell…to whoever is listening to this right now in Mr. Bender's class,"

Logan paused to laugh again, quickly saying, "Sup, Mr. Bender?" into the camera. Just as quickly, Logan regained his serious tone and continued.

"I …would say, don't do what I did. Definitely, don't do what I did…you may not be as lucky as me. You might burn a bridge and regret it forever, wondering what if for the rest of your life."

Logan smiled at the camera, layers of seriousness and emotions easily seen through it as his image on the computer screen reached down to where the camcorder was on the desk, the image of him once again freezing in place shortly after.