She new she had to get started on her Biology essay, but Bella couldn't concentrate. Especially with a certain intimidatingly perfect vampire sitting on her bed with crossed arms looking as smug as possible. Bella glanced at him with a scowl. He only tightened his lips to hide a smirk and stared into her eyes. She turned back to her annoyingly slow computer and growled softly. Stupid essay! I can't even remember how to breathe at times and they expect me to finish this?! She scanned the long article she was to type a reply to. It did nothing. Her eyes skimmed the page absorbing absolutely nothing. She looked at the blank document staring out at her, and hung her head discouraged. She quickly snapped it back up, not wanting to give up in front of Edward. She stared angrily at the mocking page in front of her and waited for inspiration.




Nothing came about even after the long pause. She finally gave up and turned her swivel chair to face him.

"Fine. I need help." she mumbled. He smirked at her.

"What was that Bella? I couldn't quite catch it."

"I need help!" she snapped.

"Touchy are we?" he asked standing but not moving towards her at all. She glared at him.

"Fine! Don't help me!" she exclaimed grouchily. Bella ment to turn the chair but did so much too quickly and it toppled over. She waited for the weight of the chair to bump her but felt nothing. She opened one eye curiously and stared straight into Edwards's topaz eyes. He had a newly emphasized smirk dancing across his mouth as he gently put the chair back in place and helped Bella to her feet. Embarrassed and still angry at him she grabbed the article off the desk and sat on the soft rug safely on the floor so she wouldn't fall. She was pretending to read the document as the young vampire seated himself at her side. He swiftly grabbed the paper out of her hands and scanned it himself. Within five seconds he was finished and handing it back to her. She was bewildered at how quickly he had finished reading the double-sided paper. As she sat on the floor still in bewilderment he was seated at her computer typing up a small outline. Bella stood, curious, and peeked over his shoulder at the screen. When he finished, Edward stood and resumed his position at her bed post, arms crossed and smug expression returned.

"I'm not doing the essay for you, but that should help some." He smirked again. Bella read the outline and felt relived. Now all she had to do was create a five page essay with the information he had provided. It couldn't be that hard could it?

She typed endlessly and the essay slowly began to take some form. After about two hours Bella was finishing her last sentence. She typed the last period with satisfaction and turned to Edward. He was still in the exact same position as earlier. The only thing that had changed was the now loving expression he had on his face.

"Done!" Bella announced happily.

"Now let's see how good it is." He said and moved towards her and read the essay. While he did that, Bella sat on her bed cross-legged grabbing a pillow. She played with the seams for a minute then just hugged it staring at Edwards back as he read. She still couldn't get over the amazement of his perfection. She could have stared at him forever… Bella. Bella. Bella.

"Bella!" She shook her head as she looked up at his face.

"Yes?" she asked still in a daze.

"Not a bad essay. For you." He said playfully. Bella growled unconvincingly and swatted him with the pillow. Edward caught it as Bella moved to print the document.

The next day Bella walked with Edward to her Bio class confident in her essay and fairly proud of herself. With the little help Edward had given she could easily get a passing grade. She sat at her lab table with him by her side as the teacher began collecting the essays. Bella pulled out her binder and looked for the essay. She began to flip franticly through the pages. Where was it?! She tossed the loose papers all over the lab table searching recklessly through her materials. Surely she had grabbed it this morning! She began to panic. Suddenly she felt a warm breath at her neck.

"Breathe…" whispered the voice. She immediately recognized it as Edwards. Before she could face him, a stapled document slid across the table in front of her. Across the top it had the title of her essay. Then she looked closely. Right under the title it said By Bella Swan and Edwards Cullen. Before she could react the teacher swiped it from the table and stared inquisitively at the two names.

"Nice partnership and good teamwork Miss Swan." He said and moved on. Bella glanced at Edward who was facing the board pretending to listen to the teacher who had started talking.

"How did you get it? And why did you put your name on there?" she whispered. He looked at her with a grin.

"You weren't going to take all the credit for our work were you?" he emphasized the word 'our' so much that Bella became curious at what the essay really contained.

Towards the end of the week on Thursday the teacher handed back the essays. He paused for a moment before handing Bella and Edward's back. When he did it was not without comment.

"Mr. Cullen, next time please let Ms. Swan do some of the work." He said with raised eyebrows. Edward nodded feebly.

"Yes sir." He sad. The teacher went on to start the class and Bella flipped through the essay. I didn't write this?! She could barely understand half of what was written. When Bella reached the last page she relaxed her muscles that she hadn't even realized were tense. Staring straight at her was a large A+ written in clear red ink. Then she heard Edward's alluring voice in her ear again.

"Your welcome." He whispered faintly. Bella shook her head with a smile and turned her attention to the board. She slid a small note to him under the table.

Thanks again Cullen!


He smiled at her, and when the teachers back was turned her gave her the tiniest, and swiftest kiss on the cheek imaginable. No-one noticed except Bella who turned to face the vampire. She opened her mouth to comment but-

"Ms. Swan!" the teacher snapped. "Attention on the board not on Mr. Cullen. It was his work that got you that A so I want no chit-chat when you can do so outside my class, in your own time!"

"Excuse me sir, but Bella didwork on the essay." Edward said respectfully. "I only wrote the outline and part of the introduction. Bella did the rest." The teacher eyed them suspisously.

"I still do not want any nonsense talking, when you are supposed to be paying attention!" and with that he resumed the lecture.

Great job! You got me in trouble!


Edward glanced at the note and wrote back…

You got yourself in trouble. I just saved you more than once in this whole essay business with out counting the chair or the multiple other times I've had to save you from your own clumsiness.

-Edward Cullen

And with that he ignored her for rest of the class. By the end Bella was hopping mad. She brushed by him on the way out and only when she reached the hallway did she feel him grab her waist. She scowled and tried to struggle out of his iron grasp with no avail. Edward pulled the young girl down the hall and into the parking lot. He only stopped beside her truck where he cornered her. He placed both hands on either of her sides against the truck and stared intently at her. Bella crowded the truck glaring at him. Edward didn't say a word, but as Bella stared into his golden eyes she began to calm down. Only once when she was fully calmed did Bella notice the slight black color creeping into his eyes. She sighed looking away. Only then did Edward talk.

"It frustrates me when I can't read your mind!" he said softly. "Tell me what made you sigh."

"It's nothing." She insisted.

"Tell me!" His persuasively alluring voice broke her down.

"I just realized you'll have to go 'camping' this weekend." She said making air quotes around the word camping. Edward smiled his half smile causing Bella to cheer slightly.

"I'll be back, don't worry. The hunts aren't that long."

"But you leave early on Friday's so that means tomorrow you'll be gone."

"Yes, but it's not that long." He repeated. Then his face became almost comically serious and Bella stiffened. He leaned closer so their noses where almost touching. "Promise me that you'll be safe!" Bella, still tense, nodded once. Then the crooked smile returned and Bella immediately relaxed. "Good." Then, moving away, he turned and opened her door. Once Bella was inside he waved and turned to his Volvo. When Edward was out of sight, Bella smiled to herself. She pulled out of the parking lot and hummed all the way home.

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