Summary: Series of drabbles from after Freak Nation featuring Max and Alec.

A/N:These are just random scenes from a burst of inspiration while I was bored. There's no real plot, they're just kind of flashes of Max and Alec's lives after the siege. But since summer's over and nobody is posting as frequently, I figured why not? I know I love having stuff to procrastinate with during essays and exams.

A/N 2: I love M/A but not in the mushy way that makes them lose their edge. Being cold and cut off is part of their charm. I was upset that the writers didn't handle the story for this properly, or see that Max and Alec had way better chemistry than Max and Logan. Seriously, would there be this many M/A shippers if there wasn't any? The antagonism between them was just a bit too much for no real reason, which could only mean that they were into each other and fighting it.

There was no way DA would've been cancelled if they showed Jessica Alba and Jensen Ackles all over each other. Nothing is more adorable than watching two extremely hot and tragically broken people hook up.

A/N 3: On to my story. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: In Another Life

Adam had been watching the news.

Everyone had been. It had started out as any other day, until someone at the truck stop pointed to the TV in the diner.

It wasn't every day that a group of transgenics took a place hostage in front of an entire news crew. Transgenics had barcodes on the back of their necks indicating the designer labels of a covert government military operation, the news anchor said. It was a mark he bore himself but had no memory of how. He had just assumed it was from one crazed drunken life he couldn't remember.

Now he wondered, was he the same as the freaks on TV? The only difference was that he wasn't in Seattle, which was in the heart of the issue. However that was the earliest place he could remember being after his accident. He had always suspected something was off when he still couldn't recall anything from his life before it.

The girl from the waiting room was still stuck in his head, even if he didn't know her, he liked to remember her. She was beautiful, but her eyes were filled with tragedy, as if she had lost someone dear to her.

Suddenly, there she was again on his TV screen in his apartment. Riding a hover drone.

Transgenics. Hostages. Seattle.

"Max," he finally choked out. "It's Max!"

The memories began rushing back to him.

His name wasn't Adam. It was Zack.

Max. Logan. Zane. Jondy. Exchanging his life for Max's.

He had to get to them and fast. How could she let him abandon them? He should have known she would be the one to compromise everything. Getting to them was all he could think about as he packed his bag.

Everything had been compromised and he hadn't been there to stop it. He grabbed the keys to his truck and thought about the life he was about to give up – his friends, his family. No, his real family was being held captive by police barricades.

They needed him. A soldier never abandons his unit.

It would be a long drive to Seattle and he would have to be prepared for anything when he got there.