Mario and King K. Rool

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yeah, it's a new fanfic from me! (crickets) ... Yeah, you sorta expected another new fanfic from me. Well, this is an actual story rather than a quirky one-shot, and this time, thanks to the awesomeness that is Mario Supper Sluggers, this is the day-in-the-life story of Mario and King K. Rool! Of course, Luigi has a major part in this too, but it's more of Nintendo's mascot and the King of the trouble-loving crocodiles from Donkey Kong Country that are the real attraction here. Hopefully, if this does manage to become a good success, then I'll maybe be influenced to give the Donkey Kong Country section a few good one-shots or stories (but they would mostly be influenced on King K. Rool and the Kremlings). Anyway, enough of my yammering, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy my new fanfic!

PS: I know I might have already stated this, but just to make sure you all completely know, I have sold my copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Super Smash Brothers Melee, if it is the reason that I can live without them. After all, I managed to live without the original Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64 for quite a long while after losing the original cartridge, but... anything can happen. Anyway, now I;m done speaking. Read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Mario, King K. Rool, Luigi, the entire Kremling race, and all other characters/locations/gimmicks/etc. belong to Nintendo.

As the sun shined its bright, yellowish rays through the stain glass window of his house, Mario yawned loudly as he rubbed his right eye. "Urgh... another day, another headache..." The Italian plumber grabbed his trademark red cap and placed it on his brownish hair, getting out of his red bed, which was the lower part of the bunk bed he has shared with Luigi for years. Whereas his younger, taller brother was still snoozing peacefully on the top, green-colored bunk, Mario was about to head into the kitchen, only to be stopped by a fat, green crocodile with a yellow crown on his head, a red tick visible on his right eye.

"Hey, Mario!" The fat crocodile laughed as he approached the red-capped plumber and patted him on the back, "Good morning! How's that nap of yours, was it good?"

Mario sighed, calmly moving the fat crocodile's left palm off him. "Oh, you know, K. Rool, everything is going as usual. Just like the day you and your crew moved in..."

"A-herm," The fat crocodile cleared his throat, correcting his full name, "I believe that's King K. Rool to you, Mr. Mario."

Mario merely rolled his eyes as he went into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. However, he noticed that when he opened the wooden cabinets that held the containments of coffee, there was none. He made a face, looking at King K. Rool. "What the heck happened to my coffee?"

King K. Rool merely snickered. "Ohhh, uhhhh... I can sort of explain..." He took a few steps back into the bedroom, stating as he retreated into his room, "i'd be cautious while getting the mail."

Mario was confused, taking off his cap and scratching his head. "What? Cautious while getting the mail... oh please!" He quickly darted into the bathroom to take a shower, emerging outside in his personal red robes, his red-and-blue pajamas left on the bathroom carpet. Placing back his red cap on his head, Mario headed out to the house to get the mail, though he was knocked out on the front porch by a dart. Moaning in pain, Mario slowly picked up his head, much to his dismay, to see the Kritters fighting each other with darts, apparently playing as Native Indians. The red-capped plumber groaned as his head bonked the front porch, feeling woozy from the dart.

Mario's POV

Yeah, this is basically how life was for me every since King K. Rool and his Kremling Krew came to the Mushroom Kingdom. Apparently, after the baseball season ended in Princess Peach's Baseball Kingdom, I guess the Kremlings sort of remembered that their home was destroyed several years ago by Donkey Kong and the other Kong family members, so I take it that they lived in the most secret spots around Donkey Kong Island. Maybe ol' King K. Rool finally figured out that there was grass that was greener, and since he hated Donkey Kong, well... go figure.

How did he come to my house and decided to live with me and Luigi, along with his Kremling Krew? Well, I take it that it happened during my usual vacation with Princess Peach to Isle Delfino after celebrating the final ceremonies at the Baseball Kingdom. When I came back to the Mushroom Kingdom, I noticed that the warp pipe me and Luigi usually use to get to Toad Town, the gigantic capital of the Mushroom Kingdom regardless of the simple name and the prime setting of Princess Peach's Castle, was guarded by a grayish stone, seven-foot-tall wall, another warp pipe right next to it. So I take it that they figured how to make a warp pipe. Anyway, when I got to my house, I noticed how bigger it got. And the front porch... it extended into an all around porch! Not to mention, there also was a grayish stone, eight-foot-tall wall with solar panels on top, presuming that the Kremlings used solar from the sun as their energy (I don't blame them, as I actually liked using solar or my every day needs after getting used to the situation). And to add, we even got our own swimming pool... to I then noticed that my front yard as covered with white-colored tents and red-roofed doghouses. It turns out the Kremlings resided in these, because when I saw King K. Rool, he was wearing tropical pajamas, drinking a nice cold glass of lemonade. And then he explained everything to me, so yeah, you could say that at first I didn't really accept this, but...

...To my surprise, Luigi, who was more judgmental than I am when it comes to situations like these, actually welcomed the Kremlings and was pleased to have them live with us! I guess Toadsworth was right about Luigi being more kind than I am, but not that it matters. Anyway, it was ever since then that me, Luigi, King K. Rool, and the other Kremlings that came with their king all enjoyed our lives ever since, and we have all been in great harmony... as usual, I would get up like this, and today, I WOULD have done my usual counting. But, coincidental or not, The Kremlings took my coffee and were playing natives. ugh. Hopefully I'll think of a better place for my coffee. So yeah, that's pretty much it. ...Oh darn it all, I forgot to check the house temperature. See you later, folks.

King K. Rool! I told you to tell me about the temperature before I took my shower! How many times do I have to tell you this? Gah!