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Chapter one: First Day

I parked my little red truck in my new school parking lot and got out.

I look like my mom. We both have the same brown colored hair – though mine is long and hers is short – and close to the same figure. But I have the same brown colored eyes as my dad.

I sighed. My new school was huge, probably the biggest one I had ever seen.

It was at least two stories high and longer than several football fields combined.

The parking lot was at least the size of the school, if not longer. My car was one of the first there. Only a few other cars had arrived and they were all expensive cars too. The remainder cars consisted of a red Porsche, a black Mercedes, two blue BMW's, and a silver Volvo.

The only reason I was going to this school was because it was supposed to be the best school in the United States. – And to get away from my parents -

The school was very hard to get into and the price to go to this school cost more than it would to go to college. You also had to have perfect grades.

The two reasons I came here to get away from parents were quiet simple.

One: They were in the middle of getting a divorce and I didn't want them to fight over who gets custody of me. I thought it would be easier to just move in with my cousins and wait until I turn eighteen in September.

And reason number two: I just couldn't handle it. Seeing them fight and yelling at each other, trying to get the other one pissed was too hard on me. It seemed like just yesterday that we were all laughing and playing around, and now looked what happened…

My cousins Jasper and Rosalie had been very nice to me when I asked to move in with them. They had agreed almost enthusiastically and told me to come as soon as possible.

My cousins were just a year older than me and on there last year of high school. They had there own apartment that they shared, since they didn't get along well with there parents.

I would have driven with them today, except that all of our cars were only two-seaters and there were three of us.

"Bella!" I heard someone shout, and I turned to see Rosalie running up to me. Rosalie was gorgeous. She was tall and had long blonde hair. She had a figure that every girl was envious of.

"Hey Rose. What's up?" I smiled and started walking towards the school.

"Nothing much," she shrugged, returning my smile, "I just thought that you might like some help before school starts.

"Thanks. I was heading for the office," then I realized that Jasper wasn't here, "Where's Jasper?"

"Oh-," She rolled her eyes before continuing, "- he's with Alice. His girlfriend," She added when she saw my confused expression.

We walked through the large double doors and into the school.

I was surprised to see that it looked…normal. It was similar to how my old school looked like. The long hallway with doors on either side of the walls, the small uncomfortable benches next to a door that said: Office written in a faded gold. Restrooms were to the left and straight ahead were two large doors that lead into a very large library.

Rosalie noticed my preoccupation and grinned, "Come on Bella! You can always go to the library after school." She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the office.

I gawked. The office looked more like a business than anything else. Three mahogany colored desks were scattered through out the large room. Each desk had a very high tech looking computer and mountains of papers that threatened to topple over at any second.

The walls were painted a very dull yellow that could pass as white and the carpet was deep green. A line of wooden chairs covered one side of the room. While the other side had one very comfortable looking couch.

"Can I help you?" asked a cheerful voice. I looked up and saw a short, plump, woman who looked like she was in her late fifties. She walked out of a door near the back and came to sit down in the desk closest to us.

"Yes Mrs. Peterson. We need to get Bella here her schedule," Rosalie said, pulling me towards the desk.

"Oh! A new student. We don't get many of those," She said clapping her hands together once.

She handed me two pieces of paper. One with my schedule on it and the other was a map of the school. "Your first class will be down the hall and to your right," she smiled.

We thanked her, and then walked out into the hall to look at my schedule.

"We have gym together," Rosalie said, pointing at the bottom of the paper, "And it looks like we have the same lunch period. You also have some classes with Alice it looks like. You'll like her. She's…very optimistic." She finished, biting her lower lip as if trying to hide a smile.

We parted at the end of the hall since her class was upstairs and my class was on ground level.

I glanced down at my schedule when Rosalie had left to check for the room number.

It was Trig. Room 32 with Mr. White.

It took me only a few seconds to find the class and walk inside.

The room was just the same as any other classroom I had been in, except that it was much larger. Though there could only be about fifteen desks in the room. A large brown desk sat in one of the corners, against the white wall, and on the other side was a long chalkboard.

I took a step forward; preparing to find a seat, but stopped when a short, slender, very pale-skinned girl, with short spiky black hair hugged me tightly.

"Oh!" I gasped in surprise and she let me go, grinning.

"I'm sorry, I got carried away. But I was just so excited to meet you! Jasper has told me all about you and I was so excited when I found out you were coming to live with them!" she said excitedly.

"Uh," was all I could say.

She giggled and pulled me to one of the desks near the back, "I'm Alice, just so you know!" Was she always so happy?

"Hi Alice," I said shyly.

She giggled again, but before she could say anything the teacher entered then room.

Mr. White looked to be in his mid forties and was very tall. He looked almost scary and it seemed he had a permanent scowl on his face. He was someone that no one messed with.

"He's really a good teacher. He just doesn't smile and he hates it when people goof off," Alice whispered, as if she had read my mind.

That's when I noticed all the stares.

Almost every face was turned in my directions. They didn't even look away when I caught them staring.

I immediately felt self-conscious and slid lower into my seat. Didn't they have anything better to do?

The teacher noticed the class's preoccupation and snapped his fingers angrily. "Will the class stop staring at Miss Swan. I'm sure she would like it very much. Wouldn't you dear?" He said in a deep rumbling voice.

"Yes," I muttered, my cheek reddening in embarrassment.

The class reluctantly did as they were told and turned to face the teacher.

"Open your books to page two eighty three and start taking notes," Said Mr. White.

I quickly looked down at my book and started flipping through the pages; relived that I didn't have to look at all the curios stares.

"Sorry! Sorry!" I heard someone shouting outside the classroom.

The whole class turned in their seats to look at the door.

A boy ran in the classroom; and almost slid into the bookshelf.

"Sorry!" he said, straightening himself. He had a tall and slender, but muscular body.

Several people snickered at his mess up, including me.

"Detention," was all Mr. White said.

He groaned, but nodded.

I looked up at his face and gasped.

He was so…beautiful. His features were perfect and angular. He had high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and beautiful full lips. He had short untidy bronze hair and emerald green eyes that I could stare at forever.

He looked down at me curious.

His eyes seemed to widened; as if in shock and his gaze became impenetrable.

"Mr. Cullen please stop staring at Miss. Swan and sit down! Unless you would like an extra hour of detention," said Mr. White.

He mumbled another "Sorry" and walked to one of the desk near the front of the classroom.

Class was long and boring, and I sighed in relief when the bell finally rang.

I stood up, grabbed my bag, and turned in time to see the beautiful boy walk hastily out of the room.

"What class do you have next?" Alice said cheerfully.

I glanced at my schedule, "Umm…Government with Mrs. George."

Her eyes widened in excitement and she grinned, "Me too!"

"Care to show me where it is?" I grinned

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