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Chapter Eleven: Boredom may not kill you, but my Kiss might.

"Edward." I said, my voice strained. " Edward w-were locked in. This can't be happening. Alice is going to kill me! Open! Open! Open!" I shouted and shook the door handle hard, but I only succeeded in getting the handle to rattle.

"Bella stop." Edward said. He put his hand on top of mine to stop me from shaking the door. "We'll find a way out of here Bella. You don't have to try to destroy school property. Relax someone will find us. Now check your phone and see if you have a signal." He let go of my hand and took his own phone out of his pocket.

I took my phone out of my jean pocket and looked at it. The battery was quite low and there wasn't much of a signal, but it looked like I could still make a call. I dialed the first person I thought of and waited for them to pick up.

"Hello?" Alice's angry voice said through the small device.

"Alice! It's Bella. I need some help. Edward and I are-" I started, but was interrupted when Alice started shouting into the receiver.

"Bella where are you! I can't believe you ran away from Emmett! You should be here already! Now Rosalie and I will have to spend extra time getting you ready! We might actually be late to the dance! You better be here in ten minutes or you'll be in big trouble!" She said, not giving me a chance to explain.

"Alice listen! Edward and I are locked in a school closet. We need you to go and find someone who has the keys. Maybe and janitor has keys, I'm not sure. Just hurry!" I yelled into the phone. I expected her to say something, but it was completely silent on the other end.

"Alice? Alice?" I said, my voice frantic now. "Alice are you there? Did you hear what I said?" There was silence on the other end- at least for a few seconds until a very loud beep sounded in my ear.

Surprised I dropped the phone and watched as it clattered to the floor; breaking the tiny device into several pieces. I was slightly shocked and just stood there looking at it until Edward picked up my now useless phone and handed it too me.

"I couldn't get a hold of anyone. I tried to call Emmett, but my phone went dead after two rings. What did Alice say before you dropped the phone?" Edward said, smiling slightly at my clumsiness .

"When she answered I told her it was me and then before I could say anything she started shouting at me. Telling me to be there in ten minutes or I would be in big trouble." I rolled my eyes at this. " She never really gave me a chance to talk. I said you and I were locked in a closet, but I don't know if she heard me. I called her name, but she didn't answer. I'm guessing my phone went dead because I heard a loud beep and dropped my phone." I explained quickly to Edward.

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens." Edward said, seeming deep in thought. He was staring at me which made me start to blush. I don't think he realized he was staring at me. It's when your thinking intently about something and you don't really pay attention to where you're looking.

Embarrassed I looked away and started examining the small supply closet. It was bigger then a coat closet. But the room was full of toilet paper, tools, buckets, and a broken chair. There was a small light hanging from the ceiling which kept flickering violently.

Alice's POV

I was furious absolutely and completely furious at Bella. She should have been here fifteen minutes ago. I couldn't believe it when Emmet came back and said that Bella had ran from him. She'd better have a good explanation for not coming. She would not here the end of this when I found her.

And Edward too! Where the hell is he! He's usually at home before I am. He doesn't even have the guts to call and say that he'll be late! After I get done yelling at Bella, I'd have to make sure to go and give Edward a piece of my mind! Did they even realize that I now have to spend extra time getting them ready. There's a good chance that we'll all be late to the dance! And if we were Edward and Bella would be in even more trouble.

I had to stop the ranting in my head when my phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I answered angrily, not even bothering to look at the caller on the screen.

"Alice! It's Bella. I need some help. Edward and I are-" Bella! I can't believe she tried to call me now!

"Bella where are you! I can't believe you ran away from Emmett! You should be here already!" I shouted, watching Rosalie – who was fixing her hair- jump in surprise and give me a nasty glare." Now Rosalie and I will have to spend extra time getting you ready! We might actually be late to the dance! You better be here in ten minutes or you'll be in big trouble!"

"Alice listen!" Bella said, just as I was about to start yelling again. "Edward and I are locked-" she started, but then stopped unexpectedly. I waited for a few seconds for her to continue, but when she didn't I started to get worried. What if something happened to her?

"Bella? Are you there? Answer me Bella!" The only two possible answers I could think of was either; her phone died, or she hung up on me. I knew Bella well enough to know that she constantly forgot to charge her phone and also that she ws too afraid of me to hang up and suffer the consequences.

I was surprised to here her say that she was with Edward. I have thought of trying to set them up with each other, but at the time they were acting like three year olds. Under any other circumstances I would have been thrilled to here that they were hanging out with each other- heck I was slightly thrilled anyway. But that still didn't mean I would take it any easier on the two of them.

Locked? I wonder what she meant by that. Was Bella locked out of her house? Did she lock the keys inside her truck? What if someone kidnapped them and locked them inside a trunk? (the boot) Oh god they could be in big trouble and I completely ignored them! "Emmett!" I yelled, scaring Rosalie half to death as I ran past her and down the stairs.

Bella's POV

I am bored out of my mind! It's been at least three hours since we got locked in this closet, and on top of that I'm sweating like crazy. I keep banging my head against the door hoping someone will hear me and get us out of here, but mostly I'm just doing it for something to do. It's funnier then watching the small lady bug going up and down the wall. Fifteen times. Not that I'm counting.

Edward sat cross-legged in front of me; so close our knees were almost touching. He's seemed very calm and patient through out this whole ordeal. Every time I think were never going to get out of here, he smiles my favorite crooked grin and tries to cheer me up saying, "Bella, someone will find us. I promise. Besides how long can someone go with out toilet paper?" I'd smile and laugh at this for a few minutes before I went back to sulking.

My legs were getting cramped so I stood up and stretched, loosening all my tight muscles until they made a small popping sound. Just then the door handle jiggled and I froze.

Then I started banging on the door and shouting for help. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward jump in surprise at my outburst, but even more clearly I could here the audible intake of breath on the other side of the door.

It was silent and for a minute I was afraid they ran off, but then they spoke. Surprise clear in there voice. "Bella? It's me Angela! I'll go get help! I'll be back as soon as I get help! Stay right there!" Where could I possibly go? I heard her footsteps as she ran down the hall and then they disappeared altogether.

I closed my eyes and sighed in relief, leaning heavily against the door. Finally, I thought and smiled at the idea of being out of here and near air conditioning. "Happy?" Edward's breath fanned across my face and I opened my eyes, shocked to see Edward's face only a few inches in front of me.

I had a small blinking fit before I responded. Apparently my eyes weren't used to seeing things this close and they had to blink several times before they finally focused in on Edward's face. I smiled, a small blush creeping in my face. "Very Happy. You?"

"Extremely." He said, placing his hands against the door, on either side of my face and leaning in even closer. I suddenly had a feeling we weren't talking about our rescue anymore.

"Bella? There's something important I have to tell you." He said very seriously.

"Yes?" I said, wondering what could possibly be so important.

"Now I know you don't feel the same way about me and you can run off as soon as these doors open if you want. But I want you to know." My heart was pounding and I was certain he could here. "I like you, Bella. A lot. More then you could possibly know." he said, looking straight into my eyes.

My heart seemed to be pounding even faster as I took in what he said. He liked me! He actually liked me! I didn't say anything. Instead I responded by leaning in and kissing him on his surprised lips.

I could tell he was surprised by my response, but after a few seconds I felt him smile against my lips and eagerly kiss me back. Our lips moved perfectly together as Edward wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. My hands went in his hair, keeping his lips pressed firmly against mine. His lips became more urgent and his grip on my waist tightened as if I would disappear at any second.

We were too busy kissing to hear the voices right outside the door. We were also too busy to hear the jingle of keys. We only realized the door was being opened when we tumbled out of the closet and onto the hard tile floor.

I stood up and straightened my shirt, before looking up at the school Janitor and Angela. The Janitor was a short, plump, slightly balding man. His name tag read: Pete. He looked amused as if he knew what we were doing. "I miss my teenage years," he said, giving us a small nod before shuffling off.

"Are you guys okay?" Angela asked politely. I smiled and reassured her we were. Before I had time to saying thing else however there was a loud shriek and we all turned to see Alice running at us at full speed.

Then I was being hugged tightly by Alice. "Where have you guys been! I thought something terrible happened!" She said, letting me go so she could hug Edward.

"Were fine Alice. We just got locked in a closet. That's all." I said, but Alice wasn't listening to me.

She was looking at Edward, as if trying to figure out something. Then her eyes widened in surprise and she spoke so low that I had to strain my ears to hear what she said.

"Is that – Is that lip gloss on your cheek?"

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