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"This is not how I imagined it," Dean grumbled as he stared out the window

"This is not how I imagined it," Dean grumbled as he stared out the window.

"Too bad, because this is how it turned out. So just suck it up," Sam snapped, not looking up from the laptop in front of him. He had been listening to his brother complain for the past four hours. Of course this wasn't how Dean had imagined it, who in their right minds would think of Florida and picture 50 mph wind and pounding rain? Who thought of the "Sunshine State" and pictured a week of nonstop dreary weather?

"I can't believe this! We finally take a vacation and a freakin' hurricane hits," Dean glared out at the rain. From the looks of it, he was hoping that a good old Winchester stare would be enough to quell the raging storm. Obviously he had never gotten the memo that natural disasters didn't fear Winchesters.

"I tried to tell you it was hurricane season. But you insisted on coming here, even though California has pretty much the same weather, and not nearly as many storms!" Sam bit out, closing his laptop. Over five hours of surfing the web and nothing remotely interesting had come up. And you could only play so many games of solitaire before the computer started cheating.

"But come on! It's been a week, how long can one storm last?" Dean sighed, turning from the window and sitting on one of the beds.

"Apparently over a week," Sam replied.

"Gee, thanks a lot Sammy. That was some great input," Dean shifted so that he could lean against the headboard and look at his younger brother.

"I don't know how long these can last! I'm not a hurricane expert," Sam said, trying not to yell. Fighting now wouldn't solve anything. The only thing it would accomplish is a heavy silence that neither of them would be able to ignore, but wouldn't be willing to acknowledge either.

"Really? The Great Samuel Winchester isn't an expert on everything?" Dean said, sarcasm plainly evident in his tone.

"Hey, don't get pissed at me just because your vacation didn't involve bikini clad women and endless alcohol. I didn't even want to come here, remember?" Sam stated, his voice rising against his will. Only Dean was able to upset him so quickly.

"No, you just wanted to keep hunting down a demon that we have no way of killing, and no idea where the hell it went," Dean snapped back. Truth be told, he wanted nothing more than to hunt the son of a bitch down, but with nothing to go on they had hit a dead end.

"At least it's something, Dean. Better than running off to get drunk and laid," Sam stood from the table and took up his brother's spot by the window. He knew he should shut his mouth and just let Dean vent, but he couldn't help himself. He was beyond pissed with his brother for abandoning the search for their mom and Jess and now their dad's killer.

Dean rubbed his hand over his face. He hadn't meant to upset Sam, but he was so damn tired of having to constantly hunt, always having to save someone. And this pointless argument was getting them nowhere.

"Blindly running around the country is better than babes and booze? I don't think so, Sammy boy," Dean tried to lift the mood some. Sam smiled, knowing that Dean was trying to refocus the conversation. Most of the time he hated when his brother did that, but it was a useful skill every once in awhile. Especially since the Winchester men were stubborn and often got into fights over the simplest of things.

"Whatever you say, jerk," Sam turned and sat on the other bed, mirroring Dean's position.

"Bitch," Dean smirked back.

Sam picked up the remote and began flipping through their limited channels. After the first few channels a streak of lightening flashed, followed by earsplitting thunder.

Dean jumped a little at the noise. "Sunshine State, my ass."

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