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"Tell me." Batman snarled. "Now." Flash looked meekly from side to side. He was alone with the Dark Knight, and he was locked in. He couldn't escape without destroying the door, and that would mean getting in a lot of trouble. Plus, the entire mechanical system interlocking the doors could be messed up, and he didn't want to be responsible for that. "Tell me." Batman repeated darkly. "Or else. I'll tell the others in the league your identity." Flash tried to smile, but sweat was dripping from under his mask.

"Let's not get weird now, Bats. No hasty decision making." He said, trying to calm him. Batman didn't respond well.

"Now!" He shouted, throwing a net at him. The net was made of an extremely dense matter, that would immediately hold Flash down. Not expecting Batman to use force, he barely dodged the net.

"Dude!" He whined. Batman glared at him. He shot another net at the Scarlett speedster.

"Now." Flash leaped to the side, only to have another net intercept him.

"John knows, too- ask him!" Flash complained from beneath the net. Batman walked towards him.

"I already have you."

"Supes is smart and junk- he'd tell you!" Batman glared at him from under his cowl.

"But I already have you, and you're going to tell me."

"This seriously makes me feel undermined, Bats, and that isn't nice to do to a friend."

"No jokes. Just tell me. " The shadow of the Dark Knight rested on Flash, who smiled weakly, heart pounding.

"Heh, heh... no way, Bats."

"Tell me." He took out a syringe. "Or you'll tell me everything."


"Any question I ask you," Batman explained. "You will answer."

"Well...um..." Batman glared at him.

"When and where, West?" Flash grimaced at his name and replied defiantly,

"I'm not going to tell you." Batman slid the syringe under the net.

"Last chance,"

"No!" The needle poked into his arm, and Flash felt drunk. He dizzily rolled to his side and faced Batman. "Dude... I'm your teammate!"

"First question:" Batman seemed to be amused now. "Name?"

"Wallace Rudolph West! Dammit, Bats, this isn't funny!"


"18. Godammit- Come on, Bruce!"

"Fine. Easy question, huh? Favorite show?"

"Malcolm in the Middle or Mythbusters- could never decide," He replied. He continued trying to make himself stop talking, but the truth serum, probably made by Batman, was very effective. But, being that he had a very fast metabolism, maybe it would wear off before Batman asked the question... the important one.

"Like them too," Batman replied with a smirk. "Okay, now... Favorite song?" Flash decided to try and go as fast as he could so he would crash through the floor, but he felt sluggish. He clasped his hands over his mouth with great effort as he replied. "Mmh??" Batman questioned smugly. He pulled Flash's hands off of his face, and Flash replied reluctantly,

"It's my party-" He finally spat out. Batman looked very surprised, and seemed to be trying to hold back laughter at his teammate's expense.

"Okay, then. Enough embarrassment. When and where?" Flash shook his head, grabbing his mouth again.

"MMnmgnsa-" Was all Batman could hear. He ripped his hands off his face, growing impatient.

"Where?!" Batman demanded, continuing to prod, though he was impressed with Flash's winning attempts at hiding the secret. A grin began to spread across Flash's face.

"The hyper-accelerated metabolism..." Batman groaned. Flash nodded with a smile.

"And once the after-affects wear off, I'm out of here." He grinned broadly. Batman scowled.

"Wally. Tell me." It was no longer a warning of what could happen, but a plead phrased in a cold and angry tone. Flash looked at him and felt his heart pang with guilt.

"Sorry, buddy." He replied with a shrug. With that, he vibrated against the net until it exploded. He stood by the door and muttered a few words, and in minutes, the doors lurched open. It had to be done by him in a calm tone, or else the locked doors would not respond to the override sequence. Batman sighed. Two days to his birthday, and Flash hadn't told him when the surprise party would be. And one thing the Dark Knight didn't like was surprises, be they filled with guns, or cake. He shuddered at the thought of another party thrown by Superman. The Man Of Steel could deflect a comet, but could not make a cake without having it ooze a strange liquid.

"Kal-el will tell me." He decided. He glanced at the ruined net, wondering whether he needed kryptonite. This was an important mission, after all.


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