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Chapter 6

Bruce sat in the cave, absentmindedly watching the monitors, scanning for any danger. It was a relatively quiet night, with only one mugging, and that had hardly been difficult. With all the crime bosses in jail, and the Joker and his other nefarious cohorts in Arkham, the worst Bruce had to deal with were tiny little law-breakers, most of whom had disappeared after he appeared. Suddenly, a beeping red light in the corner of the monitor, and a beeping in his earpiece, signified that the League was trying to make contact. Although wary due to the fact that they were planning something...well...evil, Bruce pressed a small green button, and static filled the cave.

"Bat---we--eed--elp--Com--inks--roken----nder--oman--own-" From what Bruce could hear through the static, worry seized him. Without thinking twice, he leaped into his Javelin, and flew towards the Tower. As he flew closer, he saw the windows were dark. His heart pounded with fear, although suspicion was creeping into his mind. What kind of an idiotic villain would attack the TOWER? But, then again, if they got Diana down, they had to be very good. But, why would the lights be out? His eyes narrowed.

As he pulled into the tower, all was quiet. If there was a battle going on, wouldn't he be hearing war cries, and be seeing flashes of red going at breakneck speed? He stepped through the door warily, eying each way the hallway turned, before going left toward the main room. He saw Diana laying on floor, and he felt his heart squeezed into a tiny little ball as it jumped up his throat. He was about to rush forward, to check on her, to plead with a God he didn't believe in that she was all right, when he heard giggling. What kind of an idiotic villain would GIGGLE? Then he heard...a thwacking sound?Then he heard the same person who giggled mutter something like,

"You just knocked out some of my IQ, John." And then a new voice whisper,

"Shh!" Another voice then said,

" quiet...he can probably hear you guys." A snicker.

"Yea. He'd have already given Di the kiss of life if he hadn't." Another thwacking sound.

"I said Shh!"

"Supes didn't get hit..."

"Guys!" The whiny voice insisted. "Be quiet." A new, sharper voice muttered,

"You guys went through all this trouble, but you're talking as though he isn't RIGHT THERE. He can hear you."

"Shh!" Insisted the second voice. Again. Now, if Bruce didn't have so much self-control, he would have laughed.

"You, too." The sharp voice commanded. "You guys spent so long planning and organizing this...don't ruin it and then blame me." Diana looked very angry as she lay there on the floor. So, Bruce, hiding his smirk, rushed to her.

"You all right?" He asked, in what he hoped was a concerned voice. She didn't move, and he knew what she wanted. He shook her a little, then demanded in a more frightened voice, "Diana! Are you all right?!" He heard laughing from behind him, as Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Hawkgirl stepped from the shadows.

"We fooled you!" Flash said, grinning smugly. "This is actually a party!" Bruce raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" He saw Superman smirk. "I never would have guessed."

"Oh, don't pretend you knew all along!" Flash muttered, still looking smug, though he also seemed annoyed.

"Of course not."

"Happy birthday." Superman told him with a proud grin. He leaned over Batman's shoulder and said, "Any excuse to get close to Diana, eh?" Bruce scowled.

"She's a colleague." Superman shrugged, still grinning. Diana stood, smiling and blushing.

"Happy birthday, Batman." She told him, perfect dimples forming in her pink cheeks.

"You did an excellent job of worrying me," Batman said. She smirked.

"Thank you."

"Present time!" Flash shouted, running to Batman's side. "Wait till you see what I got you!" Batman glared, and suddenly, Flash remembered he was supposed to be somewhere near Superman. Well, behind Superman.

"You should go open your presents," Wonder Woman said, smiling sweetly. Batman paused, before turning to the table, covered with six packages. Speaking of six...

"Where's J'onn?"

"Hiding," Piped up Flash from behind Superman. "From the words he said were going to go through your head; he said they would scar him for life." Batman glared at him, and he crept a little more behind the Man of Steel.

"He's monitoring," Superman said, looking, amused, over his shoulder, at the cowering Fastest Man Alive. "Just in case." Batman nodded,

"Present time," Flash reminded Batman, although this time, he didn't zip to his side. Batman was slightly curious what everyone had gotten him. Most of it had to be homemade, since Flash basically had no money to spend, since he had a high metabolism to feed, and Hawkgirl, J'onn and Diana had no money. He opened the first package, to find sweater with a bat on it.

"From Ma!" Superman announced, holding up another package with blue wrapping. "This ones from me." Batman's eyes slid from the bright purple Bat sweater, to the blue package. He warily took the next present. When he opened it, he saw a cake with a Bat on it. So, he was Batman. But did he honestly need a cake that had a Bat on it? And, as he remembered the other cakes Superman had made, he really didn't know how to respond. Flash did, luckily. He ran around Superman to stare greedily at the cake.

"Yum!" Batman, half-smirking, picked up the next package. A tag attached to it informed him that it was from 'John, the Green Lantern'. He opened it, and saw some little blobs, that looked like fried rocks. Puzzled, he looked to the ex-marine for an explanation.

"They're from the planet called Omicron Persie 9," He explained. "Real good tasting." Batman took a bite of one, and nodded, resisting the powerful urge to have another. Flash looked at it hungrily, but Batman gave him a glare, and he was soon peeking through cape and muscle again. The next package had glasses in it, which showed heat signatures. Hawkgirl, the giver, informed him that it could be attached to his mask. He nodded, actually grateful. Something like this had been in his last cowl, but had broken. J'onn gave him another practical gift: a fire-proof cape, that was best for stealth missions, and wouldn't break down. He knew how to make the gift because his people used to use them during the war. Hawkgirl had bought the glasses with Thanagarian money at a planet whose name Bruce couldn't pronounce, so he just nodded.

"My turn!" Flash's fear of Bruce had already been forgotten as he handed Bruce a box, which was hand-wrapped, and obviously very hastily done so. Half-expecting a snake to pop out, Batman opened the box. A stack of comic books sat inside. "Those are the best ones-" Flash said, pointing. "-that I have. This is the Amazing Eight...Oh! This is Catman. I met him. You'd LOVE him..." He continued to ramble on long after anyone was still listening. Batman turned to Diana.

"And your present?" Diana smiled slyly.

"I seem to have left it in my room." Batman followed her, ignoring the 'Oooohing' Flash made, but smiling at the thwacking noise, that was followed by,

"Damn it, John!"


-And when Bruce got home, he searched the house for the man who had given Superman the date of his birth so that he could make a party. However, Alfred is smarter then that... :)

A box of chocolates on the doorstep just isn't enough anymore...

Yea, that's the end. Sorry for making it BM/WW, but for some reason, this was the only ending I could think of.


And Bats is already planning for Supes' birthday...those X-ray specs you can get in the ads in comics...Yes, he actually read the comics!