Authors Note:

I want to thank everyone who's reading this fanfic and I'm so sorry about the lack of updates in forever. I have not written anything in ages, because of my personal life, but now I want to start writing again and work on this story some more.

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Thank you all so much and expect some new chapters soon! ; )

(God when I re-read this story the earlier on chapters really suck D: I made it progress too quickly...I might go back and re write some parts of this story-mainly the parts with Sephiroth-because I don't like how I've written his personality. It will be nothing if you want to go back and re read it, that's fine, if not, it shouldn't make any difference to the story at all. I'm just going to make Sephiroth more like, well Sephiroth, and rush into things less. And give me a week or two to do this to ; ) I'll edit chapter by chapter. )