Derek's Favorite Form of Torture

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Summary: Casey and Derek always have something to fight about, but what happens when Derek finds his favorite form of torture?

Chapter 1:

Casey McDonald dragged herself tiredly through the front door, of her family's house in Ontario, Canada. She had just gotten home from her dance class, which had been prolonged, due to the fact that there was a recital scheduled in less than a month.

Because she had two major parts, and a dance solo, Casey had stayed for an extra hour and a half, trying to perfect her routine. It was now nine o'clock and she had missed dinner, and was beyond frustrated that she was still having problems with some of the choreography.

She took off her light jacket, thankful that school had ended last week, and she had the warmth of summer, along with the extra time to practice without being bombarded with the time-consuming homework of her junior year. While she was glad for this break from school, she wished she could take a break from everything in general.

She loved dance, it was one of her strongest passions, but the stress of the impending recital was erupting in knots in her neck, which planned on staying for a while. She made her way slowly into the family room and collapsed into the empty seat next to her sister Lizzie on the couch, which sat closest to the recliner that was currently occupied by her oldest step-brother Derek's butt.

"Hey, Liz", Casey said, tiredly. "How was your day?"

"Hey, Casey, it was fine. I went to Maria's house this afternoon; she wanted to show me her new turtle."

Casey made a face; she wasn't fond of reptiles. "That's, ummm, great, Liz. Did she name the turtle yet?"

Lizzie nodded, "Yup, Myrtle."

Casey crossed her eyes, "Myrtle the Turtle?"

Lizzie giggled, "Yeah, she's into things that rhyme."

"Yeah, but at least when I rhyme, it's funny", Edwin piped up, from the opposite end of the couch. Marti, who was in between him and Lizzie, leaning on him, fighting to keep her eyes open, giggled.

Derek, who still had his eyes trained on the television, muttered under his breath, just loudly enough to be heard, "That's what you think."

"Hey!" Edwin cried in protest.

"It's okay Edwin", Marti said, slightly more awake now that something interesting was going on. "I think your jokes are funny."

"Aw, thanks, Marti", Edwin says. "At least someone appreciates humor", he continued, as an aside to his older brother.

Derek glanced at his brother now that the show had gone to a commercial, "Congrats, Ed. You can entertain a nine-year-old. No offense, Smarti."

"Smerek! I'm almost ten!" shrieked the sleepy girl, in protest.

Any lingering comments were cut off, at least temporarily, by the entrance of George and Nora, who had been previously down in the basement taking care of some bills, and basically having their hour and a half of standing quiet time after dinner. This was really the only enforced rule in the house, mostly because if there wasn't peace after dinner, there would be hell to pay.

Nora leaned on the arm of the couch by Edwin as George scooped up Marti, saying, "You're right, Marti, you will be ten soon, but if you don't get enough sleep, you will have to be nine forever. You don't want that, do you?" he asked.

She shook her head. "When I turn ten", she started, "will I still get presents?"

Everyone held back their laughter at this question. Marti would always be the most unique and comical person any of them had ever met.

"Of course you will, honey. You will always get presents on your birthday! And to have birthdays, you have to get enough sleep. So why don't we go upstairs and get ready for bed before you say goodnight to everyone, and maybe Derek will read you a story?" he finished in somewhat of a question towards his oldest son.

Marti's eyes lit up, "Pleeease, Smerek?" she asked, as she fidgeted in her father's arms to be let down and she went and jumped into her oldest brother's lap.

Derek grinned at his sister who acted so much like him; he could never deny her anything, not that he would ever want to. "Sure, Smarti, go brush your teeth and put on your pajamas, then come get me, okay?"

She scrambled down and ran quickly up the stairs, and presumably to the bathroom where the door was slammed shut.

Everyone was trying to contain their laughter at the scene that had unfolded before them. Derek was trying to act oblivious, as he flipped through the TV channels, finally glanced over to see everyone staring at him, "What?" he asked offhandedly.

The family just shook their heads, pretending to do other things, with the exception of Casey, who jumped up from her seat and walked the few paces to Derek's seat in the recliner. He watched her warily, before an annoyed look crossed his face as she pinched his cheek, saying, "Aw, Smarti loves her Smerek."

He batted her hand away, as she giggled. She backed away as she saw the look he was giving her, saying, "I have to go take a shower", and quickly running up towards the stairs, stopping to hug and kiss Marti goodnight as they crossed paths on the bottom stair.

As she was closing the bathroom door, she heard Marti's shrill voice saying, "Smerek! I'm ready for bed now!" and the laughter that followed, caused most likely by Derek flying her around the room to hug everyone before he took her upstairs on his shoulders as usual.

Casey finished her long shower about twenty minutes later, feeling much better than she had when she got home. She didn't feel nearly as tense, but the knots in her muscles seemed to have taken up a permanent residence. She walked swiftly to her bedroom, carefully holding up her towel, annoyed that she had forgotten to get pajamas on her way to the bathroom.

She closed her bedroom door behind her, and locked it for good measure. Nobody knew how to knock in this house, especially Derek, and it had caused many close calls in the past three years. She had already combed out her dripping hair, and now took her towel off and wrapped it around her head as she approached her dresser in search of her forgotten pajamas.

Thankful that tomorrow was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to relax, she slid on a pair of short black shorts that she would never wear out of the house and a red spaghetti strap tank top that wasn't quite long enough to cover her long torso.

She had just unwrapped the towel from her now damp long hair from the towel to re-brush it, hoping to prevent the usual knots and snarls that aggravated her so, when she heard the handle of her door about to turn, followed by a dull thud, and "Ow!"

Casey couldn't help the grin that crossed her face as she walked to the door before unlocking it and pulling it open. She almost collapsed in laughter when she saw Derek glaring at her door knob holding his head. The glare was now directed at her as she went and sat on her bed, still facing him. "Did you want something?" she asked him innocently, running her brush through her hair again.

"Casey", he groaned. "Why did your door just attack me?"

Her eyes danced mirthfully as he stepped into the room just enough to lean against the wall by the door. "Hey, it's not my fault you can't work a door."

"Hey! I can work a door!" he said emphatically. He didn't think anything about the ridiculousness of his statement until Casey quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Oh never mind", he said. "Why was your door locked, anyways?"

"Because", she retorted in annoyance, "apparently, I'm the only one in this family who knows how to knock! You really should try it sometime. It's fairly easy; I think even you could do it."

"Whoa, Space Case, what's gotten into you?" he wondered. Sure they bantered and all, but this was way more harsh of a comeback than necessary.

"Nothing", she stated in a normal tone, before muttering under her breath, "Unfortunately."

Derek stood there gaping at her until he realized his mouth was hanging open. She did not just say that. But he could have sworn that he just heard Casey make what he assumed to be her first lewd comment. But, the look on her face betrayed nothing, and if he hadn't heard it himself, he wouldn't have believed it. This is why Casey had to ask him the same question no less than three times before he even heard it.

"Derek?" she said in annoyance.

"What?" he asked, still feeling a little confused.

"I asked what you came in here for in the first place. Three times", she added, for good measure.

"What?" he muttered.

Casey smacked herself on the forehead. "Derek!" she growled in annoyance.

"Oh", he said, coming back into the conversation. "Nora wanted me to tell you that she made you a plate since you missed dinner. It's in the fridge."

"Okay, thanks", she said, "but I don't think I'm hungry." As if on cue, her stomach rumbled quite loudly.

Derek raised his eyebrows at Casey. She laughed in embarrassment. "Okay, so maybe I'm just too tired to walk all the way downstairs."

"Ummm, why?" Derek asked her in confusion.

Casey set her hairbrush on her dresser and flopped backwards on her bed with a groan of frustration. "Diane is trying to kill me that's why!" she exclaimed huffily.

Derek took a seat in the chair in front of her computer trying to break into Casey's online journal before asking, "Your dance instructor?"

"Yes", Casey whined, covering her face with her hands. "Stupid her, she expects me to be able to handle being the main in two sets and have a solo! This is supposed to be freaking summer vacation, and I have to work my ass off! It's not fair! And I am way too stressed to enjoy this weekend because I have to practice my solo that is just not working! And I can't figure out how to fix it!"

Derek looked up in time to see Casey on the verge of pulling her hair out in frustration, and said, "Now, I'm not usually one to be helpful-"

"No kidding", Casey said.

"Casey." He gave her a pointed look.


"As I was saying", he continued, but not before glaring at her, "I'm not usually a helpful person, but I will say that since you're Keener Casey you should have no problem figuring it out."

"Derek", Casey started, "you realize that wasn't exactly advice, right?"

"Ok so it wasn't so much advice as it was a pep talk", he conceded as he continued trying to hack into her computer.

"So, I should be feeling… peppy, now?" she wondered. "'Cause if that's the case, you need to work on your pep talks."

Derek looked back at her with a grin, "How about something better than shitty?"

She nodded, "Ah, now that could work. Thanks Derek", she grinned. "Maybe I can drag myself downstairs for some food. Now will you stop trying to break into my computer and get out, so I can go downstairs and eat dinner?"

Derek turned to see Casey heading out the door, and he said, "I'll leave if you tell me your password."

She didn't even give him a second look as she walked out of her room and into the hallway towards the stairs, as she replied, "Nope", knowing he would inevitably follow her.

Derek waited until she was about half way down the stairs before following behind her, figuring that if he really wanted to, he could send Edwin to crack the password, but it wasn't really necessary right now; he had just been using it as a distraction while pretending not to care all that much about her problems.

Derek trailed behind her to the kitchen reaching around her into the refrigerator, grabbing some left over Chinese take-out before she could even get her plate out. Derek let her use the microwave with little argument considering she hadn't eaten in about twelve hours, which she was grateful for, but decided against saying anything about it.

She took her heated up plate into the living room, sitting in her usual spot on the couch, taking the remote from Lizzie and Edwin, who knew better than to argue. They should have been sick of watching Degrassi reruns anyhow.

Casey scrolled through the channel menu for a few minutes, before landing on Seinfeld as Derek took a seat. He made a motion to take the remote, but changed his mind once he saw what they were watching, and left his arm dangling off the arm of the recliner.

This was one of the few television shows all the kids could agree on, and as much as Derek loved fighting with Casey, he wasn't willing to put his Chinese leftovers at her mercy… and he really didn't want to rock the boat, seeing as she was already unbelievably stressed. After all, she had a strong arm. And more than ever, he regretted when she talked him into helping her learn to throw a decent punch; she could throw a fairly painful right hook.

Derek's inaction towards the remote, decidedly dismissed by Casey, did not go unnoticed by Lizzie and Edwin. When he was sure they were being ignored, Edwin raised both of his eyebrows in question towards Lizzie who nodded. Did she see that? Of course she saw that! Lizzie made a face. They are being too quiet over there. What's wrong with them? This was so going in the notebook!