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Chapter One Candystore-The First Truth

The Digidestined were all invited to Kari's house surprisingly to read fanfiction about their lives. The first one was called Candystore.

"Talk about a weird name." Davis muttered and the others nodded in agreement with him. Kari started to read.

Everything was Peachy-Keen at Gennai's house. When Mimi and Izzy announced that they were vampires, and in fact, two of the Original Digidestined, Tai thought they were joking. They weren't.

Izzy and Mimi both choked on their drinks as they heard Kari read that. "Kari can you please read that again?" Mimi asked politely. Kari did so.

"The author must not like you two." Joe said and Mimi nodded feeling mad for being a vampire.

"Why didn't you say anything before, I thought we were done keeping secrets from each other," Matt said.

"Yeah why didn't you?" demanded Matt and both Mimi and Izzy looked uncomfortable.

"Um Matt we're not really vampires its just make-believe." Izzy said trying to reassure him and Mimi rubbed his back soothingly.

"Honey you know I wouldn't keep anything from you." Mimi said kissing him lightly on the lips and Matt smiled.

"We wanted to tell you, but doing so would compromise our position," Izzy explained, grinning and revealing two sharp fangs that gleamed like knives. "Not even our parents knew."

"We didn't tell…our parents?" Izzy asked shakily and Mimi looked just as worried.

"Well it figures I mean how would do you think your parents would react to you being a vampire?" Sora reasoned with him and he nodded.

"How can that be," Joe argued. "You're only ten years old, and if you were the Original Digidestined, wouldn't you be much older?"

"Actually, we're 210 years old," Mimi confessed. "We assumed new identities as orphans, and were adopted into families after we defeated Milleniummon. Both of us took on the persona of young children, and grew up as any normal kid would—except we retained the memories of our old life."

"NO! I am not that old!" Mimi started sobbing in fear. Matt quickly hugged her and started rubbing her back soothingly.

"Don't worry its only a fiction story. You're young and beautiful." Matt assured and Mimi rested her head against Matt.

Sora frowned. "I still don't understand—why did you take on new identities?"

"Gennai wanted us to come back and help the new Digidestined—you guys, obviously," Izzy explained. "He wanted a bigger group than last time, and volunteered us to go back to the Digital World."

"I see," Tai grinned. "I always knew there was something strange about you two."

"Hey," Mimi said warningly. "We're no stranger than anyone else."

"Yeah Tai!" Mimi yelled angrily at Tai who backed away.

"Well you are vampires." Tai defended himself.

"Tai that's discrimination." Kari scolded him irritated. Tai sighed.

"Fine you're no stranger." Tai said defeated and Mimi looked pleased.

"Except that you have fangs and you're immortal," Tai countered. "It all makes sense now, because no offense, there's no way a ditzy girl like you, and a computer geek like Izzy could survive a day in the Digital World, let alone fight off huge enemies."

"That's profiling," Izzy said accusingly. "But you do have a point."

"IZZY! How could you side with him?" both Mimi and Sora shrieked causing Izzy to hide behind Joe.

"Chill out guys you're taking this stuff too seriously." TK said trying to calm the two hotheads down.

"Yeah its not real so calm down." Izzy stuttered feeling intimidated. Kari couldn't help but giggle at the whole show as she continued reading.

Joe looked a little nervous. "If you guys are vampires, why didn't you ever bite one of us?" he wondered.

"Oh, we did," Izzy grinned suddenly. "You can't expect a vampire to go all that time without blood, can you?"

A nervous silence settled around them. Izzy got a sick pleasure out of watching them all squirm. "Okay then, who did you bite?" Tai demanded, pulling a protective arm around his little sister, Kari.

"See what a good brother I am? Looking out for Kari's well-being." Tai said proudly and the others rolled their eyes.

"I'd use the word 'overprotective'" replied Kari dryly and the others laughed as Tai pouted.

"We nibbled off each one of you at different times," Mimi said, watching as hands instinctively reached up to touch their necks.

"I never saw any marks," Joe protested.

"You wouldn't," Izzy laughed, unable to contain himself any longer. "Usually when a vampire bites someone, they lick the wound to heal it. The only way you would end up with a wound is if you come up against a psycho like Myotismon, he never learned the healing technique, nor would he care to."

"Probably not." Gatomon muttered dryly as Kari reached to hug her.

"So vampires heal?" Joe wondered and Izzy nodded then turned red when he noticed everyone staring at him.

"According to the fic I mean!" Izzy quickly added and Mimi giggled then motioned for Kari to continue reading.

"You sound like you know him personally," Gatomon said; her voice filled with dislike for her old master.

"I guess you could say that," Izzy said vaguely.

T.K looked confused. Part of him wanted to run screaming out of the room, but deep down, another part of him said that Izzy and Mimi were trustworthy. They were his friends, after all, and just because they were vampires didn't make them evil, did it?

Somehow, he wasn't so sure.

Kari was glaring at TK which made him nervous.

"Um…Kari?" he asked nervously waving a hand in front of her face.

"How could you do that? Mimi and Izzy are your friends." Kari said fiercely and if looks could kill TK would be dead right now.

TK gulped.

"Well I was only a kid." TK tried to defend himself and luckily Tai managed to calm Kari down.

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