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What if Willow had left before breaking her 'Will Be Done' spell ? A year later she does just that. A happy Spuffy version of what happens when the spell is finally broken.

(I read a story once based on this concept. If the author of that story sees this one and is offended, I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help myself, I had to write an ending to the story that I liked better.)

So to avoid writing the exact same story again, picture this. Willow had gone to find Oz right after casting her 'Will Be Done' spell and never knew how it had come out. Giles is completely blind and has mostly adjusted although he is bitter about it. He begged Buffy and Spike to wait until they found Willow to get married, to which they agreed. Xander and Anya have been searching the world trying to find her, and yes, Xander is still a demon magnet, so they are constantly on the run, which works well since they are traveling anyways. They finally find Willow and she reverses the spell, although due to the wording of it, the part about Buffy and Spike getting married will not be undone until they actually wed …

Ok, we're picking up at the wedding; this is my version of what happens when the spell is broken …




A beautiful white tent had been setup in the Summer's back yard. The last true rays of sunlight, along with hundreds of white candles and tiny white fairy lights, making the created paradise glow for their evening ceremony.

The aisle was littered with red and white rose petals that matched the arrangements at the ends of the benches. Sheer strips were hanging bowed down from the ceiling giving the appearance of clouds and softening the room further. The scent of sandalwood and lavender incense filled the air. A protection spell keeping any demon would-be-wedding crashers at bay.

Spike stood at the front of the room next Xander, whom he had asked to stand with him. He in a black tux, blood red tie and vest. Xander also in a black tux and red tie, but with a black vest.

Willow and Anya stood waiting on the other side of the platform in blood red dresses with small bouquets of white roses. Giles, wearing the same ensemble as Xander, finally stepped inside and signaled that the bride-to-be was ready to walk down the isle.

The hired string quartet began playing the wedding march. Spike's eyes glued to the entrance and suddenly, she was there, taking Giles's offered arm.

Buffy was walking down the aisle. She wore a strapless white silk gown that reached mid calf, simple and elegant. On her feet were white goddess sandals. Her beautiful golden locks hung in loose curls around her shoulders. Diamonds, a wedding gift from her fiancé, adorned her ears and neck. In her hands was a bouquet of blood red roses that matched the rest.

Her eyes locked on Spike's. She could see his love and devotion shining through as he watched her walking towards him. Her heart fluttered when the realization hit her. This was it, they were finally here. After living as husband and wife, but not truly being, for so long.

So much waiting and this was finally the end of it. In a few minutes, she would no longer be Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer. She would be Buffy James, William James's wife. That thought alone, brightened her smile further and just a little more giddiness crept into her step.

They finally reached the group waiting for them and the Wiccan priestess performing the ceremony asked "Who is giving this woman away?" Giles spent a moment wondering if going through with this whole charade was honestly the best idea.

He and Joyce had discussed it beforehand, would it be better to indulge the blond pair in their dream of a fairy tale ceremony, one Buffy might never be able to experience otherwise, or pressure them to elope, get it done and over with?

The thought that as a Slayer, the possibility was very real that she may never be able to marry was what had spurred them on. Hoping that after the spell was undone, Buffy may still be able to enjoy having had the experience and the memories of the perfect Eden that had been created for her.

With that in mind he answered "I do." He squeezed her hand and kissed her on the cheek "I love you Buffy, I hope all the best for you." He whispered, placed her hand in Spike's and moved to stand next to Xander.

The duo gazed into each other's eyes for a moment, the love and joy radiating off of them was almost a physical feeling to those in the room. They spoke the vows that they had written themselves. Exchanged rings, hers had been his mother's. A flawless 4 carat diamond, flanked by small emeralds on a silver band and his had been his father's a more masculine version with alternating diamonds and emeralds sunk into the silver.

Lastly, they preformed an altered claim. Knowing that after the spell was broken, they would be eternally bound by it, Giles had adamantly refused to allow a real claim to take place. He had consulted with Angel, unknown to the bride and groom and was at ease that the claim would not actually take place being done this way. He used the excuse to them that it would also have been a little hard to explain to the guests who didn't know of Spike's undead status, so the pair had come up with this as an alternative and decided to save the real claiming for the privacy of their wedding night.

They each used a silver dagger to cut the palms of their left hands. Then placing their hands together they took turns speaking as their blood mixed. "Forever mine." Spike said to which Buffy responded "Forever yours" then she said the same to him, and him to her. "You may kiss the bride."

They barely heard it in the back ground. Focused completely on each other. Their hands still clasped, fingers entwined Spike put his other arm around her waist and pulled her flush against him, hers sliding behind his neck and pulling his lips to hers, they met in a searing kiss that made a few of the guests blush.

Pulling back smiling and looking into each other's eyes, they both felt an odd sensation. Their smiles faltered, matching looks of confusion on their faces. Giles, Xander, Anya, Willow and Joyce all held their breath, waiting to see how the newlyweds would react to this. The spell had finally been broken.