They both felt as if a physical weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Spike was the first to speak "Did you feel that pet, are you alright?" She nodded, a slight frown still in place and her cute little nose wrinkled. "Yeah, that was wiggy." Then she looked up and saw the concern in his eyes. It melted her heart.

"Yes, I'm fine. Nothing could ruin how I feel right now. I love you so much baby and this is the start of our new life together." The rest of the Scoobies were now the ones looking shocked and confused. "What did you just say Buff?" Xander asked, clearly not understanding what had just happened.

"Yeah, I know that we've already been living the life," she said, oblivious to what he had really meant "But it feels more final now, it almost is. One more step and the claim and it will be." She said, looking at her new husband from beneath her eyelashes, he curled his tongue behind his teeth, leering at her, knowing how it drove her wild.

Giggling they moved to walk down the isle, heading to the house to bandage their hands while tables were brought in for dinner to be served. Giles stared after the pair in shock. Several theories already forming in his mind.

"Why didn't it work? That should have fixed it. What did I do wrong this time?" Willow was whining, almost in tears at the though of having done more permanent damage to her friend. "Rupert, what just happened? I though that by them getting married the spell would be broken." Joyce asked him.

"Giles ?" Angel growled at him. Having to sit through the wedding had almost killed him, even knowing it was just the result of the spell, but now knowing that the spell had not been broken for whatever reason and that Buffy and Spike planned on claiming each other that night had him seething.

Buffy was his. She always would be, and regardless of weather or not it was just a spell, he would dust his childe to keep him from claiming her. "Um, I don't … I don't know. Oh dear, I need a drink. Let's sit down." Giles said, already cleaning his glasses as he gestured the group towards a table that the catering service had just finished setting up and flagging down a waitress.

After everyone had a drink in hand, half of his Scotch downed in one gulp he finally felt composed enough to tell them what he though. "I'm not sure what happened." He started "But. What are we going to do now?" Xander sputtered. Giles once again took his glasses off and was now rubbing his eyes.

"You saw their faces. Something defiantly happened up there." He gulped down the rest of his Scotch and signaled for another. "So what happened Rupert?" Angel gritted between clenched teeth.

"I have several ideas. It didn't work; they were just shocked at the completion of the ceremony, for example. Maybe it won't be broken till they consummate their marriage. Or maybe something was said wrong and it did work, just not how it was supposed to. Maybe the blood being involved corrupted the intention of the reversal spell. However, I'd think the truth was painfully obvious." Giles replied taking the new drink and gulping it down.

"You're not saying …" Angel said, disbelief mixing with his anger, he also quickly gulped down his whiskey. "What? What is it?" Joyce suddenly blurted out. Giles looked up at the woman, preparing to tell her, when Buffy and Spike reentering the tent caught his attention.

His expression softened as the couple walked towards them. Buffy seemed to be floating. Her fingers firmly laced through his, leading him with her. Despite being slightly in front of him, their attention was still focused on each other.

He looked on at the young woman she had become. He was filled with pride as he though about how much she had grown up since they first met. She was smart, strong, brave, and selfless. She never thought of herself first and was always keeping the people she loved safe.

He tilted his head as he took in Spike. Thinking back to his first appearance in Sunnydale till now, how much he had also changed, he truly was a strange vampire. He had never been one to conform to the vampire image. Yes, he had murdered thousands all in the name of food and fun. But his rebellion ran deep. It wasn't just the clothes or the attitude, Spike was just never meant to be a common vampire.

A tiny voice in the back of his head spoke up "Would it really be so bad?" it asked him and as he watched Buffy laughing at something he had just whispered in her ear, then swoop her into his arms, holding her close and moving to the dance area, their bodies in perfect harmony, swaying with the soft music

No. It wouldn't be so bad. Rather it would be … perfect. Looking at all the faces around him, he smiled. "They are truly in love." He sighed.

All the Scoobies whipped around to look at them. Their arms wrapped around each other, both smiling contently, his mouth at the perfect height to kiss her on the temple every few moments. She was glowing. In that moment they realized Giles was right. It was clear.

Spike had only proposed to her because he was under a spell. The same reason for why she accepted. But somewhere in the course of the last year, they really had truly fallen in love.

They were entwined with each other, dancing as husband and wife because that was what the really wanted. The spell was no longer dictating what was happening between the pair, they were. Their hearts were.

As the song ended, they once again headed back to the table. "Hey guys. Have you met my husband?" she giggled hugging him from his side as he was her. "Hello, my name is Buffy James. God I love the sound of that." She smiled wistfully at the vampire at her side as they took their seats.

"I'll never get tired of hearing it luv." He smiled back, taking her hand and pressing a soft kiss to her wedding ring. Giles felt a tear falling down his cheek as he watched his 'daughter' and 'son-in-law'.

He looked to Joyce who was sitting with her hand over her mouth, also in tears. He could plainly read her thoughts as they mirrored his own. Her little girl was now a woman. She had found a man who was her equal in everyway and although in the beginning it hadn't been her choice, it was now, she chose him.

He could see Angel out of the corner of his eye. A look of painful acceptance crept across his face. Looking back to the pair who were still engrossed in each other, he marveled at how fate had worked in the favor of the young woman he loved so much.

Maybe the Powers That Be had taken this little mishap as an opportunity to finally reward her for all her years of service to them. Maybe it was just dumb luck. Whatever the case, this was meant to be the result.

"Mine." He heard Spike growl softly to her, the look of peace that that one word had brought to her face, made him want to weep. "I love you." She whispered back now rubbing her nose against his.

She pulled away, smiling slyly at him, her face just screaming that she had a secret. "What?" He asked his grin still in place. She stood and tapped her fork against her glass.

"I have an announcement to make. But first, I want to thank everyone for being here." Looking at her mother, her Watcher and her friends she added "I couldn't have gotten here today without all of you." She turned to Spike, her hand on his cheek, she kissed his forehead and whispered in his ear, wanting to share the news with only him first.

His face became an immediate mask of happy shock. "What?" he asked, needing to hear the words again. She whispered to him again. His sudden whoop of joy, coupled with him leaping out of his chair, grabbing her and spinning her around surprised the guest who were still straining to hear the news.

Spike's next shout was all they needed. "I'm gunna' be a father!" Apparently the Powers had an interesting sense of humor.

The End