This is a multi chapter fic based on one of my 'Moments & Fragments'. The original fragment is chapter one. Zan.

'I'm sorry sir. Only family members are allowed in ICU.'

Gibbs felt Tony's hand grip move slightly in response to the nurse's statement. He had not even been aware that the younger man was conscious. It seemed he was aware of at least some things going on around him.

'I'm his father,' Gibbs said quietly, turning to look at her. The nurse looked from the shorter gray-haired man to the tall, lanky, dark-haired man on the bed. She saw no physical resemblance but the closeness between the two was obvious. The older man's face was strained with worry.

'Sorry sir,' she apologized. 'I'll see that you're disturbed as little as possible.'

Gibbs nodded his thanks before turning his full attention back to Tony whose eyes had remained closed. Perhaps he'd drifted away again.

'Yrr not mm f'ther,' Tony slurred, his voice very fuzzy and peculiar.

'You got that right,' replied Gibbs as he placed his hand gently on Tony's forehead. 'You'd be getting yourself into a lot less trouble if I was.'

Tony's eyes opened a crack and he was able to take in Gibbs' familiar yet worried face. Seeing Tony's green eyes for the first time in two days, Gibbs managed a small smile.

'Welcome back,' he told him. 'You gave the doctors a scare.'

Truth be told, it was actually Gibbs himself who had put the fear of God into the medical staff. His glares alone had inspired them to perform medical miracles.

Tony licked his lips slowly and tried to swallow, both actions causing discomfort.

'W.what happened.. at ..Quan…Quantico?' he asked croakliy.

'Just take it easy,' Gibbs soothed. 'You've got the best doctors looking after you, and Ducky's looking over their shoulders. You're hurt pretty bad. Just take things slowly.'

There was no need for Tony to know that several agents were dead and that Tony would be required to testify against Sharlon. Hell, if Gibbs had had his way. Sharlon would have got NO trial.

Tony winced as he tried to move his limbs.

'Bad idea,' he whispered. 'Get the number of the truck that ran me down?' Gibbs patted his shoulder.

'One broken wrist, GSW to your right leg, fractured ribs, a punctured lung and concussion,' he told him. There was no need to sugar-coat it. It was an ugly list however you said it. Tony said nothing but Gibbs knew what he was thinking. Tony hated recuperation, rest and rehabilitation – the '3 R's' as Ducky referred to them as.

'You're gonna be fine, Tony,' Gibbs reassured him. 'Someone'll stay with you, or you can stay with me. You won't do this alone, I promise.'

Tony felt his eyes well up at Gibbs' words – so different from the ones he had heard when he'd fallen from his bike as a young boy. His father had never given a damn about how he was going to heal – only about the state of the bike. And Gibbs' promises, unlike his father's, were rock solid.

'You in pain?' asked Gibbs, seeing Tony's distress. 'Want me to call the doc?'

Tony managed to utter a strangled 'no' and gripped Gibbs' hand as hard as he could, closing his eyes at the same time. Gibbs returned his free hand to Tony's head and gently tousled the younger man's hair. The action had a soothing effect. Tony's face relaxed and his breathing slowed.

'I wish.. I wish…' Tony murmured dreamily before succumbing to sleep once again. Gibbs carefully let go of Tony's hand and lent back in the chair, his eyes not leaving his agent's face. He felt much more settled now that Tony had woken, albeit briefly, with his faculties intact. He would stay, however, for a number of reasons: to scare off anyone sent to question Tony before he was ready, to make sure the doctors were doing their job, and to be there for Tony when the memories of Quantico inevitably returned.

Gibbs sighed, and then the corners of his mouth lifted slightly as he pondered what Dinozzo wished for. The smiling and suave Dinozzo of the bullpen, with mask fully in place, would surely have a wish list designed to make McGee blush and Ziva slap him across the face. As for the insecure Tony that Gibbs saw lurking, his wishes were likely to be far less superficial but more difficult to grant – at least in the young man's mind.

His own wishes, the ex-marine reflected, were much more straight-forward. He wished psychopaths like Sharlon would drop dead before they killed anyone, and that Dinozzo's recovery (mental and physical) would be quick.

Looking over at Tony he saw his eyes flickering beneath his eyelids; obviously dreaming. Gibbs shut his own eyes and allowed himself a little rest. Tony, meanwhile, dreamt of a blissful childhood spent riding a bike alongside Gibbs.