Just an experiment…


"Rain cloud, rain cloud, little blue rain cloud,

Wait your turn 'till just after spring…"

Singing was heard from inside the bedroom doors. They didn't know how… and they really wanted to know how… but the eerie singing seemed to float and echo along the halls and corridors, spreading gradually.

"Watch as droplets fall like lost jewels

Wet the grass and make the earth sing…"

What was previously a soothing lullaby for the princess of Blood Pledge Castle was now a solemn reminder that one of their numbers was lost to them in one of the worst ways possible, maybe… forever.

"Cool the angry hearts of many,

Bursting at the seams

Wash away the strong tirade

Replace with sweeter dreams…"

Footsteps rang out in the corridor, drawing closer and closer to the heavy double-doors of the bedroom.

Please, he thought as he ran down the hallway as fast as he could, please just make it all a lie. Make it all a lie!!

As he drew nearer, he felt more than heard the horror lullaby's singer. No, please no!!

With a new burst of speed, he ran the last couple of feet flat out and slammed the doors open in a hurry, panting, he frantically looked around in the dark room lit only by a streak of moonlight from the windows that led to the balcony.

"Rain cloud, rain cloud, little blue rain cloud,

Wait your turn 'till just after spring…

Rain cloud, rain cloud, heavy blue rain cloud,

Wait your turn then enter the ring…"

His panting increased. Not because of his run, either… a clammy feeling gripped his heart and wouldn't let go. He easily found the owner of the voice, and quickly approached the boy shivering in a corner.

The figure sitting on the floor had encircled his arms around his legs, drawing them nearer to his body for heat. Thin, bony arms, skinny legs: it didn't suit him. He was rocking himself slowly, head tilted to one side, still singing that song that sent chills down everyone's spine. He sung it now with all the air of a ghost child haunting an abandoned house… not the way he used to sing it to his daughter. The voice was cracked, broken; it was never used. Save for that haunting song.

But the most disturbing of all were his eyes: no longer did they shimmer. No longer did they dart rapidly at the face of danger, blink in sleepy protest, or even sparkle with despair, happiness, fear, peace.

Those eyes now stared blankly at one spot while his lips moved to let forth that song; orbs that were faded, bloodshot and lost.

Dead to the world.

He didn't notice the presence of the other boy. Or he just didn't care. Still he sang, half-mumbling the words in a broken tone. He didn't stop whispering, he didn't stop rocking, his eyes didn't move, still the same dusty expression. Not even when the other boy knelt down next to him in a forlorn expression, not even when the other boy called out his name.

Yes. It felt good to surrender. It felt good to stop struggling, resisting, insisting the inevitable.

It felt good to be…


"Look at me," he whispered to the buy crouched against the corner. "Look at me and tell me this is just a nightmare!" he said desperately. The other boy just kept singing, rocking, staring at the floor.

"Wolfram!" Yuri sobbed. "Please!" And then the tears came. "Please, please… beat me up, shout at me, call me a wimp, do anything you want, do everything you want, just please…!"

"…come back to me…!"

"Tears of rain clouds on me…"


Yes, Wolfram has gone crazy.

I'm not actually sure if I can continue this… the idea is here in my brain, along with 9 other Wolfram-centric tales… only two of them one-shots.

And although there is actually a reason for Wolfram's insanity and a story behind this (long one, mind), it makes a pretty good one-shot, don't you think?

Like I said, just an experiment. Sorry if the song sounds lame, hehe.

Hmmm... one-shot?

Peace out.