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A Kyou Kara Maou Horror Fic

Fracture 2: The Second Possession

He woke up cold. Very cold.

He sat up and shivered. What was wrong with the weather? It was inexplicable. Quite.

There was nobody else in the room. Wolfram swung himself out of bed and let his feet touch the floor. It was freezing. He retracted them back quickly, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Besides the cold, it was also slightly dark, although the room was filled with lit candles. Wolfram resisted the urge to just stay in bed; the window was open and he thought it was the source of the cold draft. Pressing his lips together, he set his feet on the floor once more and quickly reached the wide windows and shut them.

It was still cold.

Cold… it usually came along with…

Mavramorn's little visits.

"How could I be so stupid…" he mumbled. He should have known once the chill started to invade, because there was no way the weather could be this cold in the middle of spring. It was just him. And no matter how warmly he would dress, he would still be cold. Not unless the presence left him.

"Leave." Wolfram closed his eyes shut. It was a bad idea.

The moment he opened them once more, he knew vision was useless. It would have still been the same as keeping his eyes closed. The darkness was solid.

"I said leave!" he repeated, louder this time.

That same annoying laugh echoed again. "Now why would I do that?"

"Go away!!!"

"Oh, there's no chance of that request. You know how I love to smother you with my presence whenever I get the chance, Wolfram. And when the end of our deal draws near, I can have you whenever I want."

"I won't lose the stupid deal."

"I tell you, my pet: he will not love you then, and he does not love you now. A few days won't make a difference. You might as well give up."


"Fine then. Ask him. Ask him later, during your evening meal. My words ring true, my stubborn little fire mage. I grow impatient of this long interval where I do not have you in my grasp. I want you, Wolfram. And I always get what I want."

Wolfram could only grit his teeth in anger. Before he knew it, before he could even reply, the same thing happened again. The wave of blackness and cold hit him once more and he was knocked to the ground, breathless. The encounter was shorter than the first time so he was in no danger of passing out, but although he had not lost consciousness this time he found it hard to recover his strength back. He couldn't will his body to move.

He lay there on the floor for sometime, panting, the cold finally ebbing out of him although he was still weak. For a time Wolfram just lay there, recovering his strength, grateful that nobody had yet walked in on him.

With nothing else to do but remain still on the floor, he began to think. He hated it… he hated it so much right now… but Mavramorn was telling the truth. Eleven days wouldn't make a difference. If Yuri didn't even so much as feel attracted to him now… then he had no chance of winning the double black's affections before the deal expired. It was pointless.

For sixteen minutes Wolfram lay there on the floor, unbothered. Sixteen minutes, he thought; sixteen minutes, he waited. Sixteen minutes, he regretted; sixteen minutes, he finally decided on something. That if the boy king couldn't even let go of his prejudices so he could even, at least, try to ignore the complexities his human upbringing had against a relationship between two males, then what was the point? Looking back, he knew that every single time he told Mavramorn that he wouldn't lose the deal, he knew he was lying.

By the seventeenth minute, he had gathered enough strength to prop himself up, but had not mustered enough to keep himself standing. He promptly crumbled down again, and it took him another set of minutes to stand back up again and keep on his feet this time. With slow, shaky steps he made his way back to the large canopied bed and lay there, pondering. By the time the doors creaked open, he had made up his mind.


Yuri. Of course. Ah, the irony of it…

"Are you alright?" He made his way to the bed.

"I'm fine, wimp…"

Wolfram struggled to prop himself up on his elbows, and the struggle itself was pretty visible, considering that he was shaking hard enough for Yuri to be able to depict at a distance. "Don't force yourself up, it might hurt you. I can ask one of the maids to bring your food here so you don't have to move too much when it's time to eat…"

"I'm fine, Yuri!" he snapped. He was finally able to sit up at some point, mumbling. He couldn't help himself from blaming everything on Yuri, and yet he knew that it wasn't the boy king's fault. He wouldn't be able to stand it if he actually forced the double black to love him back. And anyway, if that had happened, he would still lose the deal to Mavramorn.

Yuri stepped back a little upon hearing Wolfram's spur-of-the-moment retort, and was only able to further his trip to the bed upon seeing the blond sitting up. "You had us really worried there. What happened to you yesterday?"

"None of it matters."


"Just leave it alone Yuri. Just leave it alone."

If Yuri had been able to detect the defeated tone that came along with Wolfram's reply, he chose not to say anything about it.

"Well, um… okay. So… are you well enough to eat with us in the dining room?" Yuri ventured to ask.


"Uh… okay. It's—it's almost time to eat anyway, and I was just coming up to check if you were awake already…"

"And you can see for yourself that I am. Excuse me." His movements were slow as he got out of bed, but he was able to manage himself without falling this time.

"W-where are you going? You should still be staying in bed," Yuri said, getting up on his feet as he watched the blond lean in the open wardrobe and take some of his clothes out.

"I said I'm fine, Yuri. If your brain has a problem establishing that piece of information, then I suggest you have it checked. I'm taking a bath. Have a problem with that, your Majesty?" he said coldly as he made his way out.

"Hey! Why are you acting so snobbish all of a sudden? I'm only concerned about you!" Yuri asked, eyebrows furrowed, frowning.

Wolfram stopped at the door, hand already on the doorknob. "Apparently that isn't enough…" he whispered. He stood still there for a moment, his back at Yuri, who in the meantime, was starting to worry once more.

"Wolf? You okay?" he asked, despite the earlier bratty attitude.

Wolfram was silent, wondering whether or not he should ask him right at that moment. But after a few seconds, he decided to put it off until later and instead chose to reply, "… no. I don't think I'll ever be okay. Not anymore."

Yuri could say no more as Wolfram opened the door and stepped outside, leaving him behind.

"Do you love me?"

Sixteen minutes on the floor. Twenty-six on the bed. An hour's soaking in the bath. Another hour inside their room. It all added up to the time he started thinking whether or not to really ask Yuri if he loved him or not. Five minutes walking down to the dining room, he thought of the words he would use in question so Yuri wouldn't just stare at him like a doll.

Twenty minutes into eating and those four words were all he could come up with. And for a moment, all Yuri did do was stare at him like a doll, exactly as predicted. In fact, everyone was staring at him.

"Wolfram…" Günter began, obviously in Yuri's defense, but the blond held a hand up. He wanted to hear it from Yuri's mouth. No more holding up. Greta looked at the two of them expectantly, mostly at Yuri.

"I…" Yuri sputtered.

"Do. You. Love. Me?" Wolfram asked, forcing a certain level of calmness on his voice.

"… umm… ahehe… why do you suddenly ask?" Yuri tried, trying to think of a way out of the situation.

"Just answer the stupid question Yuri. I'll accept whatever answer you might have. Now tell me now, before I throw something," he threatened. "Yes or no: do you love me?"

"Umm… a-as a friend or…??"

"You know the answer to that, Yuri." His voice was, by now, slightly rising a notch. He was close to breaking.

"… b-but… why do you need t-to know…??"

"Just answer it!!" Wolfram hissed, clenching his fists together, embedding his fingernails unto his palm and creating little wounds inside his hand.

"C-can't I answer it later…?"

Wolfram narrowed his eyes. "Now, Yuri!!!"

The double black shut his eyes tight and lowered his head. "… n—… n-no…" He opened his black eyes and looked tentatively back at the blond. Everyone else was silent. "I'm… I'm sorry, Wolfram, you're one of my best friends, you're probably my best friend, but… that's—that's all…" He kept fiddling with his hands nervously. What would the blond do?

As it was, Wolfram had also closed his eyes the moment Yuri had answered him and had not opened them yet. When he did, he kept them down, not really looking at anyone and gritting his teeth. He clenched his fist so much tighter that it hurt already, but he didn't stop. Of course. He should have known.

Stupid, stupid… why did I even have to ask??

"Wolfram?" Greta asked worriedly amidst the silence.

His look of frustration and hurt was soon replaced by one of shock and dread.

It was cold.

He looked up.

And found himself staring straight into Fachtna's face.

Wolfram gasped loudly and quickly stood up, knocking his chair backwards. He took some steps back with wide eyes, and found himself shivering. A couple more steps back.

No! He shouldn't even be here yet!!

"Wolfram?!" Yuri immediately asked in worry. He laid a hand on the table next to the gremlin's feet, which he wasn't able to see. Everybody else perked up in their seats at Wolfram's unexpected reaction. He seemed to be staring at something straight ahead, or something on the table, or something on the wall behind their heads, but there was nothing there. The blond paled instantly.

Fachtna was drooling in anticipation, big gobs of saliva trailing down on the table cloth, melting through the fabric and eventually leaving small pits on the table where the dribble dropped down. His maniac grin was stretched wide across his face, exposing all his teeth.

Wolfram kept backing away, still staring. He couldn't do anything else. His body wouldn't react properly, besides the overruling instinct that told him to get as far away from that creature as possible, and shivering in response to the tight grip of cold all over his body. And like the last time this had happened, only he could see Fachtna. And also like the last time this had happened, nobody would understand.

But unlike the last time this had happened, however, there was no way he could escape the situation.

The only other thing Wolfram was able to do, before Fachtna jumped off the table and made for his head, was widen his eyes more and open his mouth.

Yuri and the others didn't see a gremlin on a table, drooling for the hunt, and finally launching himself on Wolfram's face to claw inside his mind, the reason for which the blond was backing away and shivering. The others didn't see the creature sink its long, sharp, needle-like teeth on Wolfram's temple, causing the blond to fall on his back, the bite drawing blood from the blond's head.

The only thing they saw was Wolfram backing away from some mysterious thing, finally tripping and falling backwards on his own, probably bashing his head on the ground at some point, the reason for which there was now a growing wetness on his head the color of red.

Needless to say, they acted quickly enough towards the situation, but it was by now to late. As they reached Wolfram he started to scream, thrashing on the floor. Gwendal and Günter quickly changed tactics and inexplicably knew what to do with the situation; in that instead of seeing to the wound on his head, they pinned his arms down, keeping him as still as they possibly could. As soon as he saw what they were doing, Yuri, scrawny boy that he was, desperately grabbed hold of Wolfram's legs, which was quite a challenge, hoping it would help some. Greta quickly ran outside to alert any guard she could happen to pass by so the could offer some help, and to find Gisela.

By the time the little girl had run back with three guards and Gisela in tow, Yuri had already had a small cut on his lip, courtesy of the blond's left boot, and Günter had a few scratches on his clothing, courtesy of the blond's nails. Yuri was able to let go of Wolfram's legs as the three guards came in to the aid, and stared at them in the sidelines, hugging Greta on his knees, trying to calm her down and telling her she was a very, very brave little girl. Greta watched with wide and watery eyes, and when she could finally not take the scene anymore, buried her head in Yuri's black jacket. Yuri hugged her tight, and as much as he wanted to turn away, he found his body disobeying his command.

Wolfram was really screaming loud, desperate to free himself from the five people trying to pin him down. He struggled even more upon finding Gisela in the scene, extracting a bottle and a white piece of cloth from her medical bag.

They were going to put him to sleep.

He screamed again, much louder this time. A very painful constricting sensation had developed in his chest, and it was making his eyes water. He shut them tight and tried to gather as much fire magic as he could, sending a burst of flames all around him, enough to make them let go. But before he could even stagger to his feet properly, they were all over him again, the guards hugging his feet and bringing him down to his knees, Gwendal and Günter grabbing his arms and shoulders.

"Hurry up!" Gwendal barked at the healer.

"No!!!" he managed to scream out loud. "No, no, no, don't!!!"

He struggled harder as Gisela started to come near him.

"Stop it, no!!!" Wolfram screamed, his voice almost sobbing as he pleaded. He strained against his elder brother and the royal advisor, but the combined pressure of the others nearly suffocating him and the burning sensation in his chest was preventing him from pulling any harder.

"LET ME GO! STOP IT, LET ME GO!!!" Yuri couldn't take it anymore and buried his head as well in his daughter's brown curls. He felt the girl shaking and patted her hair and back to comfort her, alongside trying to comfort himself. What was happening?!

"NO!!! PLEASE DON'T!!! STOP, STOP, PLEASE STOP, NO-O-O-O-O!!!!" The pain was blinding him, and he was no longer aware of whose arm belonged to whom, only that if he didn't fight them off, he would be defeated.

"LET ME GO!! PLEASE!!!! DON'T!!" Günter and Gwendal hugged his body tighter to prevent anymore movement and Gisela swiftly took the chance and covered Wolfram's nose with the cloth, pressing it in. Wolfram didn't stop fighting them off, but it was useless now. When he ran out of breath, he tried to turn his head away from the cloth, but it followed him, and very soon he was able to inhale some of it. Gisela had poured a lot on the cloth.

"… no… no… no… Conrart…" He fainted against Gwendal's arms, and at last they let him go, grateful for the sleeping draught, unknowing…

It was the wrong thing to do.

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