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Kyo Kara Maoh: The Next Generation

Chapter 1: The Prince of Demons

Yuri was taking a well earned break from his duties as the king of the demon kingdom. He sighed as he lay back against the soft grass in the royal garden away from the hungry eyes of Gunter who would most certainly be looking for him by now. Yuri let a small smile grace his lips as he thought about the lilac haired man rushing around the castle calling for him. Gunter had calmed down though after getting married to Gwendal and having a beautiful young daughter called Honey. Honey and Giesela got on famously and Gunter was happy that his adopted daughter and blood daughter liked each other. At 16 years of age Honey was becoming a fine woman with Gunter's lilac hair and Gwendal's eyes. She seemed be a blend of Gunter's helpless energy and Gwendal's stern outlook on life. With her hair long and piled up on her head and wearing on of her nice dresses, she was the object of many young men's dreams.

Conrad had finally married as well and become slight less worried about Yuri and protecting him from danger. Conrad had married Josak almost a year after Yuri married Wolfram. Conrad had two young twin boys, one called Joey and the other Seth. Joey had Conrad's light brown hair with Josak's blue eyes while his brother was almost a mini-version of Josak, personality and all. Both boys would be 13 soon, Yuri mused to himself as he gazed up at the clear blue sky above him smiling. His mother-in-law was once again off on a trip to find love, her beauty still perfect even after another 17 years and Greta, wanting to see the world, had gone with her.

Yuri had noticed that none of them, besides the children, actually looked any older. Gwendal had a few more wrinkles due to his worrying about his daughter but other than that they were more or less the same in looks. I wonder if mother had aged any since I saw her 5 years ago, Yuri thought sadly. She had come to his wedding and to see his son but it was hard on her to get through the barrier, so just told him to send letters and pictures instead.

Ryan, Yuri's face broke into a huge smile as he thought about his 15 year old son; Ryan Shibuya Von Bielefeld. He had black hair and fair skin with bright green eyes and was just like Yuri in personality but had the swordsmanship and horse ridding abilities that could rival his other father, Wolfram. Yuri was so proud of his blood son he sometimes wondered if he would explode, and he knew that Wolfram, the one who gave birth to Ryan, was just as proud even if he pride didn't let him say it often. The only unfortunate trait that Ryan had picked up from Wolfram was his fire powers and burst of temper. Yuri sighed when he remembered the many times before Ryan had lost control of his powers he ended up setting the castle on fire. There was a funny side to it all though.

"Aren't you supposed to be working around about now?" Yuri opened his eyes to look up at his beautiful husband who was smiling at him.

"Nah, Gunter told me to get some relaxation."

"Ha, that'll be the day." Wolfram grinned and flopped next to Yuri. "What were you thinking about?"


"You were smiling, I was just wondering what you were thinking."

"About you, Ryan, my brother's-in-law, their children…."

"So everybody basically." Wolfram laughed and Yuri grinned.

"More or less." Yuri sighed contently, "Did Gunter send you?"

"No but I heard him calling for you in the castle so I guessed you had snuck off again." Wolfram grinned and leaned in until his nose was just touching Yuri's,

"You're not setting a good example to your son."

"What's he done now?" Yuri groaned. Like his parents, Ryan seemed to be a magnet for danger as he threw off his duties to run off with his friends. Wolfram was adamant that Yuri wasn't hard enough on Ryan but Yuri couldn't help it. Ryan was young, he was going to make mistakes and he had to learn about the 'big wide world' on his own.

"He was supposed to go to practice for fire wielding but he didn't turn up. His horse is gone along with Alviss's and Elvira's." Wolfram shook his head with a smile and sat up as Yuri sighed heavily. Alviss and Elvira were Ryan's closest friends and they seemed all too happy to race off with Ryan and leave their worrying parents and angry instructors behind.

"The one class I insist he goes to." Yuri muttered and Wolfram grinned.

"Just shows that he has a serious lack of respect for your wishes."

"Hey you can't talk Wolf," Yuri snorted, "I seem to remember telling you that I didn't want to marry you but you didn't respect my wishes back then did you?" Yuri teased and Wolfram kissed him pulling away smiling.

"And look where it got us." Yuri grinned and flipped Wolfram on his back and stole his lips in a fiery kiss that Wolfram was more than happy to return with equal passion. They were suddenly disturbed by Gunter's loud clear voice shouting across the garden.

"Your majesty if you don't come out this instant I will order the guards to drag you out from wherever you're hiding and will bind you to that chair!" Yuri sighed loudly and dropped his head on Wolfram's shoulder.

"I better go; knowing Gunter, he would carry out his threat. See if you can find Ryan and you have my permission to ground him."

"Huh, like that's ever stopped him before." Wolfram grinned as Yuri got off him and pulled him to his feet. "I'll see what I can do."

Yuri smiled as he went of to find Gunter and Wolfram went to saddle his horse and call his personal guard.


Ryan sighed as he pushed his long-ish black hair off his face, out of his bright green eyes. He surveyed the peace of the countryside of the demon kingdom and sighed heavily again.

"What wrong with you?" Ryan glanced at his best friend Alviss who had his head to one side as he regarded him out of his bright blue eyes. Alviss had thick, short dark blue hair and light coloured skin. With his tall, slender, but strong, figure he looked older than his 16 years. He was a full blood demon like Ryan and skilled with both a sword and the element water. He could bend water into any shape and control it seemly with little or no effort. He once stopped a flood and HELD the huge body of water in place for almost a day so the people could move their items out of their houses and soldiers put up sandbags to divert the water back to the river. He had collapsed afterwards and been asleep for almost 48 hours but he simply waved a hand when people tried to thank him and said, 'it was nothing'.

"Dad is going to be mad when he finds out I skipped fire practice, he doesn't think that I have it under control yet. I think he thinks I might set someone on fire if I get angry with them."

"Huh, I think that he thought right." Alviss teased and Ryan glared at him.

"He's not; if he was you would be a pile of ash right now." Alviss laughed and gave Ryan his sexy lopsided smile. Nearly every girl in the demon kingdom was in love with Alviss, even more so since his display of power about two months ago with that flood. Some said only the king himself could rival his elemental powers.

"You wouldn't kill your best friend Ryan, besides there is plenty of water around for me to put you out." Alviss snickered and Ryan gave him a friendly punch.

"Guess who's heading towards us boys." Alviss and Ryan glanced at Elvira in surprise. Elvira had short blond hair and deep blue eyes and was full human. She had met Ryan when she was 10 and he was 8 years old and the two got on like a house on fire. Now at 18 she was a fine, young, hot headed and independent woman and not lacking in the beauty department though she paid little attention to her looks. She was training to be a warrior and she fought with two twin blades that were at her hips in their covers. Wearing a pair of blue trousers, brown calf-high boots, a tight blue sleeveless top and black fingerless gloves it was easy to see the effects of her hard training.


"Your father Wolfram." Elvira grinned, "With 6 personal guards." Ryan groaned and Elvira smirked. Alviss knew that look.

"You have an idea?"

"I think we should have a race, see who is faster." Alviss and Ryan exchanged looks before smirking.

"I agree." Alviss nodded and Elvira nodded back.

"I'm going to be in so much trouble, but count me in." Ryan jumped to his feet and waved his arms in the air to get his father's attention then bolted for his mare with Elvira and Alviss hard on his heels.

"Look Lord Wolfram! It's Ryan and his friends." One of the guards called pointing at the grassy knoll and Wolfram smiled. Found you already, I'm almost disappointed Ryan. Wolframs frowned as he saw his son jump to his feet and wave his arms.

"Is he hurt?" Wolfram kicked his horse into a trot to see Ryan running to his horse with the other two. "What are they…?" Wolfram's eyes widened as the three friends leapt on their horses and galloped away.

"I think they want us to try and catch them Sir." The guard said with a small smile. Wolfram growled in annoyance before kicking his own horse into a gallop.

"Chase them until they get bored of this foolish game." He ordered and the guards nodded and followed him. Ryan, you are so grounded and your friends too.

Ryan couldn't help but gulp at the look of anger on his father's face. Maybe Wolfram wasn't in the mood to be messed with today. But Ryan had inherited his father's stubborn streak and he wasn't going to give up just because his father was in a bad mood. Ryan's mare snorted and tossed her head. She was pure white with a black mane and tail with black legs and black muzzle. Soft and gentle to the outside eye no one really thought that Snowfire could be a war horse. She surprised everyone one day though and secured her place with the demon prince until she died.


Ryan had been 13 years old and Snowfire was 3 years old, young and fresh from training. Ryan had fallen in love with her from sight so the king had given her to him as an early birthday present while his father had mock told his dad off for spoiling him. They had been together for only 4 weeks when the incident happened. Ryan was ridding with his parents and a few guards when he left the group to watch some wild horses grazing.

"Ryan, stay with us!" Yuri called and Ryan sighed sadly as the wild horses snorted and ran off.

"Dad, you scared them away!" Ryan wined and suddenly Snowfire snorted and reared causing Ryan to fall from the saddle with a yelp of surprise. He had managed to sit on a rearing horse before but Snowfire had taken him by surprise. He fell on the ground on his butt and quickly rolled in case Snowfire kicked glaring at her. "What was that for?"

"Maybe she was telling you off for leaving the group." His father said with a grin while the guards laughed. Ryan hated being laughed at and pouted in annoyance. Snowfire snorted, dancing on her hooves her ears back and eyes rolling in fear.

"What is it girl?"

"Young Prince you must run!" One the guards yelled drawing his sword while everyone stared at him like he was going mad. That's when the lion jumped out from behind the bush and leapt at Ryan.

Ryan froze in fear as the lion bared its sharp teeth its claws out and ready to tear him to pieces. Ryan screamed and his parents and guards galloped their horses towards him. They were too far away; they all knew the lion would reach the young prince before they did. Lion opened its jaws and Ryan would most certainly have died if a blur of black and white hadn't leapt between them.

Snowfire reared up and kicked the lion away from Ryan with her powerful fore legs. The lion went flying but it jumped to its feet with rage in its eyes. Snowfire puffed out her chest and screamed in rage stamping her feet. The lion tried to get to Ryan but Snowfire jumped forward and kicked out at the lion her lips pulled back over her teeth as she protected her young master. The lion backed away from the dangerous hooves and roared but Snowfire didn't even flinch. By now Yuri had leapt from his horse and was holding his shaking son in is arms while Wolfram called up a fire ball to kill the lion.

"No father! You might hit Snowfire!" Ryan screamed desperately and Wolfram paused. Snowfire seemed to notice that her master was now safe and she spun and galloped back to the group away from the lion. Once he was sure he wouldn't hit her, Wolfram threw the ball at the lion and Yuri covered Ryan's eyes and ears so he wouldn't witness the kill.

Snowfire snorted and nuzzled Ryan who grabbed her and hugged her tightly. Yuri smiled glad that his only son was ok and patted the mare since she was the one who saved him.

"Maybe this mare would make a good warhorse after all." Wolfram said with a smile and Ryan nodded.

"I told you she was special!" Snowfire nickered in agreement and everyone laughed as the tension broke up.

*end flashback*

"Hey you still with us?" Alviss galloped his bay and black stallion, Hellfire, close to Ryan's and grinned at him.

"Just daydreaming, they still with us?"

"Yep, want to lose 'em?" Alviss grinned ready to practise their 'evading' techniques that the three of them practised when they were out together.

"Nah, father looks mad. Besides he would just chase me and leave you guys out here to wander back by yourselves."

"I don't see anything wrong with that." Alviss gave him his lopsided smirk again and if they hadn't been going at a full gallop Ryan would have punched him. Instead he just rolled his eyes.

"Oh blow this." Wolfram muttered as the three pulled further ahead. All three horses were fast and sure footed with a head start. Wolfram doubted that he would be able to catch them up. Summoning fire he set the path ahead of them alight and the horses skidded to a halt rearing and snorting. Wolfram trapped them with the fire and him men and eyed the sheepish looking children. "I think that's enough for one day don't you?"

"Yes, sorry dad."

"It's going to take a lot more than sorry Ryan Shibuya Von Bielefeld." Wolfram said coolly and Ryan groaned. When his father used his full name it was never good news. He sighed in defeat as he father put out the flames only leaving a small semi-circle of burnt grass as evidence to the raging fire that had been there before. As Wolfram turned to go back Ryan followed shrugging at his friends. He could tell that his father didn't want to mess about today since he had used his fire power and he didn't want another lecture from his dad about not winding his father up.

"Are you admitting defeat Ryan Shibuya Von Bielefeld?" Alviss whispered and Ryan glared at him.

"Not at all, I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to run without being fried."

"I heard that young man." Wolfram said sharply and Ryan sighed. "Your friends will be joining you tonight in your household chores to make up for your disobedience."


"No one to blame but yourself Ryan, and they can't go home until all the jobs Grim allocates to you have been done."

"Oh no not him!" Ryan whined. Grim was an old grouchy guard whose soul purpose seemed to make the lives of the people around him a misery. Ryan knew that Grim would have them up cleaning stuff till 12am and up again at 7am if his father thought he deserved it.

"Why do we have to do it?" Alviss asked more to himself than anyone but Wolfram answered anyway.

"Because you snuck out of practice as well young man and you young lady." Wolfram gave Elvira a hard look which was cheerfully disregarded. "And you could have stopped Ryan rather than joining him but you didn't." Alviss huffed but didn't say anything and Ryan sighed as he settled himself in the saddle for the ride back home. Elvira noticed their looks and grinned, even household chores can be made fun if your doing them with two boys like Ryan and Alviss.


"I want the floor so clean I could see my face in it." Grim told Ryan who started at the huge hallway in dismay. Who would want to see your stupid face? Ryan thought to himself but knew better then to say anything. "Right you two come with me." Grim said to Alviss and Elvira.

"They have to go!" Ryan exclaimed not wanting to be left alone in the semi-dark mopping the floors. Grim smirked.

"Going to be scared without your pals to hold your hand?" he cooed as if Ryan was a baby. Ryan glared at him before turning his back and stuffing the mop in the bucket of soapy water and splashed the water around in anger. His father and dad would NOT forgive him if he set the irritating man on fire. "Good, now let's go."

"You sure you'll be ok by yourself?" Alviss whispered so Grim wouldn't hear and Ryan opened his mouth to snap but stopped when he saw the soft concern in Alviss's bright blue eyes.

"Yep, if I get into trouble I'll scream real loud." Alviss grinned and hurried to catch up with Elvira and Grim. Ryan suddenly felt so alone when his friends disappeared around the corner and silence filtered down. Shivering Ryan squeezed the water out of the mop and started on the floor.

Ryan finished half of the hallway with the water in the bucket until the water was so muddy it seemed to making the floor dirtier rather than cleaner. That meant he would have to go outside to the tap and fill the bucket and get some soap from the shed. Ryan wondered briefly if now would be a good time to sneak off and go to bed. It was already 11pm and Ryan was an early riser and so was used to going to bed quite early. Yawning Ryan decided that half the hall was enough, not that you could really tell that had even cleaned it.

"Get back to work!" A voice bellowed and Ryan almost screamed like a girl as he jumped 5 feet in the air and spun around holding the mop like a weapon. Only to see Grim glaring at him.

"The water is dirty."

"Then get some more and don't bother with soap, I'll be waiting for you. And Ryan, I know how long it takes to get to the tap and back." Grim threatened and Ryan sighed and picked up the bucket fighting the urge to throw its contents at the man. Grim nodded and watched as Ryan walked outside.

Ryan swung the bucket to and fro after he emptied it outside the hall on the grass. When he reached the tap and turned it on, the gushing water seemed very loud in the silence on the night and Ryan was overcome with an urge to turn it off for fear of something finding him. Shaking off his silly childish fear Ryan waited for the bucket to fill with his neck prickling and his senses on high alert. He felt like someone, or something was watching him. Maybe it's Grim, hiding in a bush to make sure I don't pee in the water or something. The thought made Ryan laugh but he stopped at once for fear that 'it' would hear him and come looking. Ryan didn't know what 'it' was, and put his fears down to being all alone in the darkness.

Ryan only just managed to carry the heavy bucket back to the hallway and saw Grim waiting for him.

"I thought that you may have gotten lost." Grim sneered and Ryan rolled his eyes. By the God's I hate this man.


"Finish the floor then come and find me. I will be next door checking on the other two."

"Hey, how come they get to be together?" Ryan asked annoyed.

"They are not 'together'. They are in separate room doing the sliver and are not allowed to speak to each other." Grim frowned and Ryan huffed, I'd rather clean sliver in silence with Alviss or Elvira then be stuck out here by myself, Ryan thought to himself.

"Are you jealous, boy?"


"Want the pretty girl to come out here and hold your hand?" Funny that he should think of Elvira first, if I tried to hold HER hand she would break my fingers.

"I'm fine, go away."

"Don't let the monsters get you." Grim drawled as he left grinning and Ryan rolled his eyes again.

"I'm too old for ghost stories Grim. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to look at you without freaking." Ryan said the last part under his breath and Grim didn't hear him. Ryan sighed and started on the floor again. He was just getting back into his rhythm when a sudden shadow flashing past the windows made him jump and the 'watched' feeling came back.

"Is someone there?" Ryan called softy but silence was his only answer. Ryan shivered as the feeling that he wasn't alone in the hallway intensified. Get a grip Ryan, your 15 for God's sake, you can handle being in the dark. Ryan nodded to himself and tried to go back to work. It was now 11:30pm and the moon was full its light bright and almost comforting. No monster would out on a night like this; they only come out when it's really dark. At that moment a thick cloud passed over the moon cutting out all the light and suddenly the hall seemed very dark, very big and very scary.

Ryan shivered and glanced around nervously. Surly the light had been brighter before, he didn't remember so many dark shadows were a person or monster could easily hide. He so badly wanted to scream for Alviss and Elvira. He knew that they would hear him and come rushing to his aid, but then what would they think? That their brave fearless friend got spooked and wetted himself over a few shadows? He would never hear the end of it and Grim would tell everybody. Ryan couldn't stand being laughed at so he squared his shoulders and got back to work.

Ryan was starting to relax again when he felt hot breath on his neck. Reacting without thinking Ryan shoved the handle of the mop behind him and was horrified when it hit something solid which let out an 'ouch'. If it was solid it could do him damage, if it was solid, it was real. Ryan spun around to see a man behind him dressed in black holding his stomach. Two more men also in black appeared from nowhere and started advancing. Ryan finally found his voice.

"Alviss help!"


Alviss was polishing yet another damn stupid piece of sliver. He was ready to throw them all at a wall; or maybe at Grim who kept circling them like a shark. He said it was to make sure the sliver was shiny enough and that they weren't talking or writing notes to each other. Elvira also looked pissed and Alviss knew her well enough to know that if you could tell she was pissed just by looking at her, then she was boiling with anger. Alviss was some what surprised she hadn't started talking to him just to piss Grim off and smirk at him.

Alviss was reaching for the polish, wondering whether he would ever get the foul smell off his hands, when he heard Ryan scream. It was muffled due to the thick walls, but Ryan had one hell of a scream.

"Alviss help!"

"Ryan?" Alviss leapt to his feet dropping the sliver cup on the stone floor with a clang and Elvira also jumped and glanced at Alviss her eyes wide with worry. Ryan didn't scream like that for no reason, not with that much terror in his voice.

"Sit down and get on with it, I'll check on the brat." Grim said as he shuffled to the door.

"No way, I'm going with you." Alviss said firmly as he ran for the door.

"Me too, Ryan doesn't scream like that usually." Elvira pulled her swords free of their cases and Grim turned and glared at them.

"No, go back to work or you'll be here again tomorrow."

"You can keep us here until for the rest of out lives if you want but we're are going to check on our friend." Elvira threatened.

"Speak for yourself." Alviss muttered and flinched when Elvira's glare cut through him.

"What, I can handle….." Grim never finished his sentence since Alviss shoved him and knocked him flying and Alviss and Elvira raced out of the room and sped down the corridor to the hallway. Alviss was worried that after Ryan's first scream he hadn't heard anything more. The two friends skidded into the hallway and froze. The bucket had been knocked over and the mop was against the wall as if thrown there.

There was no sign of Ryan.

Alviss ran to the bucket and scanned the area looking for clues when he heard Elvira gasp. He spun to see her looking at a patch of water on the floor, only the water was red. Blood red. Ryan's blood.

"Oh shit."

"That's an understatement." Elvira whispered as her eyes met Alviss's and they both knew what had happened in an instant. Ryan had, for some unknown reason, been kidnapped.

*End Chapter*

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