"I have never seen anything so strange in all my long years…" The figure gazed down upon the two figures in the bed, his brow furrowed in curiosity. "They lay in bed with each other, and yet they just…talk."

"That is possible, Eros," another figure said, coming up alongside him so as to watch the couple herself. She blinked in surprise. "That can't be who I think it is…"

Eros laughed. "Oh, it is, my dear Aphrodite, it is."

"But…if she's in his bed…surely…"

Eros shook his head. "Nothing tempts her—believe me, I've tried." Aphrodite shook her head with a sad smile. Of course he had tried, despite the fact that the two gods of love were forbidden to push the woman into a relationship. "At least…" Eros turned his attention back to the couple. The woman had moved closer to the man she was sharing a bed with and was speaking to him quietly. "I believed nothing did."

Aphrodite eyed Eros curiously. "This man does?" She looked back at the couple. "But apparently not with his body."

Shaking his head, Eros shrugged. "Strange, those two. Sneaking behind her fiancé's back, sleeping in each other's beds…"

"Yet nothing happens between them—nothing physical, at least." Aphrodite's brow furrowed. "But surely she cannot be emotionally attached to him."

"She may be. I cannot say."

The two gods exchanged a worried glance. "No…it could never happen," Aphrodite said with a shake of her head. "The goddess of freedom, giving a man her heart?"

Eros chuckled, but it sounded forced. "Never." He glanced back at the two people in the bed. "Why don't they just get on with it? I would feel much better if they would just…" Eros sighed with irritation. "Why must this Admiral have so much self control? I can't seem to affect him, either!"

Aphrodite could not help but find Eros' anger at his failure to make the couple become overcome with lust humorous. Her amused grin was not overlooked.

"They are already mostly there," Eros said, pointing at the two. "Look at them! Defying her fiancé, sharing a bed…but no romantic or sexual contact whatsoever. What kind of an affair is this? It's pathetic!"

"I suppose it's not that kind of affair." Aphrodite smiled down at the two as they drifted off to sleep. But she was worried—if it wasn't thatkind of affair, it was far more dangerous to the gods…

The woman's eyes snapped open and she looked at the ceiling of the cabin. "Robin?" She looked at the man she was curled up in bed with, James Norrington, who had apparently been awakened by her sudden movement.

"Nothing, James," she said, running a hand threw his wigless hair. "I just thought I heard something." James held her a little closer as he closed his eyes to go back to sleep. The woman glanced up again, sure that she heard laughter and voices…