Emerald Twilight

Title: Emerald Twilight

Rating: T-M

Warnings: Non-Magic, AU, CROSSOVER with Twilight. Harry and characters immersed into the world of Twilight, Cullens, and Jacob remain the same. Violence, Language, Adult Content, SLASH, M/M pairing.

Pairing: Harry Potter/Edward Cullen

Summary: Harry decides to leave his smothering but loving mother and live with his father in Forks, Washington. Harry believes the beautiful green town is boring, but when he meets Edward Cullen, Harry realises that there is no such thing as boring. Especially, when he meets a nomad vampire named Tom Riddle Jr. who becomes obsessed with making him his mate.

!Note!. Haha, I told myself I wouldn't do this. I told myself this was the end… bullshit. I will blame Azinine for planting the seed and my own self for getting a bit carried away. I have NEVER done a crossover, nor have I ever done a non-magic story. I don't know how it will turn out if/when I decide it's decent enough to post. This is definitely new to me. The story basically follows the first book but name changes and even some of the events, feelings, and thoughts associated. For those of you who have never read Twilight. You can still read this and understand. The only bits I'm leaving out are nonsensical details. My notes in the rest of the story will NEVER be this long, if there are any. Just being a first time crossover, I'm a little scared. (Hides under blanket)

HP/Edward Cullen: Non-Magic, Crossover

-Edited by Kamerreon! Thank you (Slowly each chapter that hasn't been edited will be. Thank you for patience!

Chapter One

Never let it be said that Harry Potter was ungrateful. For the tenth time in a row, the raven-haired teen had to clamp down on his pink lips to resist the urge to snap at the black-eyed man before him.

Harry was getting nowhere. He sighed heavily, turned, and as swiftly as possible darted up the staircase and to his bedroom at the end of the hall. If there was one man in this entire world he hated, it was Severus fucking Snape. God! Why did, his mother have to go and marry such a cynical bastard? He groaned; his head was killing him. The man just spent an hour trying to 'lay down the law.'

Git! Severus Snape was not his father. He had absolutely no power to tell Harry what to do, no matter what technical name he was given after he'd married Harry's mum.

He slammed the door shut and made sure it shook the house when he did. He longed to grab at something and tear it apart. Clenching his teeth together, he glared at the reflection of himself in the mirror. His too long black hair, a constant reminder of whom his mother had married first, pissed the man off to the point of threatening to cut it! Harry liked his long hair thank you very much. It was unique, unusual; it was him! It fell down his too petite shoulders. Severus was always ready with a jab at Harry and his appearance. He was too petite, too feminine, too dainty, and the worst of it was Harry knew it himself! He didn't need to be told this. He knew that ninety percent of males his age were taller than him and didn't have the same tender look that he somehow received between his two biological parents.

They meshed together and here Harry James Potter was, standing, seventeen years of age, and Severus Snape couldn't stand it.

His face was also translucently pale in colour. It didn't match his mother's soft tan. The only thing he had from his mother was the nose and the eyes. Classic emeralds in the shape of almonds and while they were big that's what gave them the shine that they had. He had corrective lenses to fix the eyesight he had gotten from his real father.

Not the fake downstairs barking his head off at every turn. It had been six months since his mother, Lily Evans, now Snape got married to the greasy git, and Harry was about to explode with frustration.

The teen reached over, pressed the play button on his CD player and grinned when loud hard rock music that would make anyone cringe blared out of it's speakers. Hah, he thought bitterly. He was about to make a serious decision in his life.

A decision that he knew his mother wouldn't appreciate but it was the only way that Harry could see himself surviving the rest of his teenage years.

Hmm, he thought to himself, reaching over to the cordless telephone in his bedroom. He turned on the talk button and then nodded firmly. He would do it. He would make the decision.

Any longer here and he'd most likely go into suicidal/homicidal teen mode and it was something that Harry wasn't up to doing. He had hoped to bypass all the teenage ludicrousness. Yes, he would do it.

He dialed an over the ocean number and hoped that James Potter was home…

Dinner that night was filled with chatter from his mother. Her vibrant red hair was pulled up high and she had just a touch of gloss along her pinkish lips. Another trait Harry had adopted from her.

… not the lip-gloss. He may prefer males but he wasn't cross-dressing anytime soon.

"Mum?" Harry began interrupting her softly.

Severus shot him a cold look but the teen ignored him completely.

"Yes, sweetie?" She asked, eyes glittering.

Oh, dear, this wouldn't be easy. He placed his silverware down and then straightened. "I've come to a decision about something."

She blinked. "What is it, honey?" She asked beginning to get worried.

He stared her straight in the eye. "I have decided that I need a change in atmosphere."

Lily looked completely confused. "What do you mean sweetie? Is something wrong?"

"Not really, except," except pompous stepfathers who need to be kicked in the nuts. But he wouldn't go there. "I think it's time I visit dad."

Of all the things he could have said, Harry knew that Lily had not expected this. She simply stared at Harry, her eyes having gone from shock to wide with fright. "Harry…"

"You're not alone anymore and dad is. I think it would be the best arrangement if I went and lived with him."

"Live… live… across the ocean?" Lily's breath hitched and she clamped her hands onto the table.

"Don't be stupid, Harry." Severus snapped, seeing his wife about to panic.

Harry clenched his teeth together and then narrowed his eyes on Severus. "I am anything but stupid, old man. I am seventeen-years-old and as such I wish to move in with my dad."

Lily frowned and looked from Severus to Harry. "Is this because you two don't get along?"

Severus gulped but Harry shook his head. It was true, but he wasn't going to admit it and make her choose. "No mum, this isn't." He was never the best of liars. He sighed. "I just think it is time for a change. Dad has been on his own since I was three and I haven't seen him since I was fifteen. I think I owe him."

Lily was quiet, she was staring down at her dinner, and Harry could literally feel Severus relax when Harry hadn't whined to her about how much they hated one another. She was about to say something when Harry quickly jumped ahead, he could read exactly what she had on her mind.

"There is no changing my mind. No, I don't need anything specific; you know I never ask for more than I need. You've not done anything wrong mum, you've been wonderful but I think it's rather selfish to leave dad all alone when you have someone now."

"Oh, Harry…" She moaned and sagged back against the chair.

"I'm sorry. I will be leaving Sunday."

She squeaked. "So soon?"

"I've made the plans. Dad is paying for my ticket. It should be here the day after tomorrow."

"W- well, you can have the suitcases that I bought before I went on my honeymoon." She spoke as evenly as she could but Harry could tell there was hurt in her voice. His mother sounded like a wounded puppy.

But Harry wasn't needed here anymore and with Severus' bastard personality, Harry couldn't perceive remaining here any longer. It was getting worse and eventually, Harry would snap and then Severus would snap and Lily would not know what to do.

It was best to distance himself now, before it hit that roadblock.

It was exactly four days later, when a sobbing Lily, drove Harry to the London airport.

Harry would be heading from one drizzly place to another. So, it didn't have too much effect. Of all the places his dad had to choose when he moved it had been the furthest away continent and the furthest away city.

Forks, Washington; United States. It was an Olympic Peninsula, whatever that was. He only knew because of the many times they talked about it. He supposed there was a lot of water… rain… well; London was a lot like that, except London had more fog.

Harry had only ever been there one or two times. He usually went somewhere warm to visit his father. He'd been fifteen at the time.

James had warned him before he arrived that it rained 90 of the time and that the sun was rare, which was why they both opted to meet somewhere warm and sunny for holidays.

He was wearing a kick ass outfit as a farewell gesture. Harry was probably the only teenage male boy alive who enjoyed looking different, even if it did make people like Severus sneer and question him.

A nice pair of tight fitting jeans that had a boot cut for his lace up blacks and a black shirt that clung to him like static. His hair was pulled back low and a couple strands fell forward into his eyes.

"Harry…" They were now standing at the terminals and Lily had a pleading look in her eyes. "Please change your mind?"

Harry shook his head. "No, mum. I can't." He hated to hurt her like this. But he had to go. "I love you." He wrapped his arms around her petite shoulders, another trait he picked up from her.

She moaned into his hair and squeezed him tightly. "Tell James, hi for me."

Harry nodded not trusting himself to speak. It hurt to leave her but he had too.

The flight was grueling. Harry had prepared himself for the worst and was now rereading one of his favourite novels. There was a stuffy woman sitting on his left; she had the largest nose and the most stuck up air about her.

"What are you reading boy?"

Harry blinked and turned his emerald eyes upon her. "Anita Blake."

"Such rubbish. Spoils a child's mind."

To say that Harry didn't like her was an understatement. "Uh huh." Was all he said before going back to it.

"I'd never let my Dudders read such filth."

"Dudders your dog?" Harry asked brazenly.

She growled. "No boy, my son! Dogs don't read."

"How do you know?" Harry asked neutrally, getting a thrill at the glowing red that stained her cheeks. "Have you ever asked one?"

She glared mutinously at Harry, who remained stoic in his questioning. "One of them freaks."

"Rather be a freak then a mundane bitch." Harry smiled as she gasped.

"How dare you speak to me that way young man? Where is your mother?"

"Back at home, but if she was here, she might slap you." Harry's smile was never ending and the blonde woman turned her horse face away, teeth bared and all. "Neighhh."

She flinched and Harry giggled before going back to his book.

When Harry got off at Seattle, his bum was more than numb. He groaned and ran a hand over it while waiting for the wench beside him to piss off.

She met with a heavy-set man just inside of the airport. "Petunia dear, how'd you fair?"

"Very well, Vernon darling. Though I had this annoying little whelp next to me reading such filth that ought to be burned…"

Harry rolled his eyes as he walked by but he couldn't resist, "Moooo!" He taunted in his best cow voice, before giggling and ducking behind a security guard when the large man turned around furiously. "Hehe, bastards."

He headed over to the small flight that would take him to Port Angeles.

Dripping rain! Harry thought staring out the window into the gray skies. Drip, drip, drip. He cocked his head to the side. He now had the section he sat in to himself.

Port Angeles wasn't very big and Forks was even smaller. Harry bounced up, wondering how many more times he would have to sit longer than a half hour.

Harry met his dad outside by his police car. The teen cringed inwardly and made a mental note. 'Must buy a car.' Blue and red headlights at school, was an embarrassment waiting to happen.

His father beamed and launched himself on Harry the moment he appeared with all his luggage in his arms. "HARRY!" The fun-loving man practically lifted his son up off the ground and squeezed him.

Harry smiled, and suddenly wondered why it had taken him so long to decide to come here? Oh yeah, his mother. Harry and James had always gotten on well. They weren't one hundred percent close due to the split-up but they weren't estranged from one another.

James, like Harry had black hair and bad eye sight. But instead of the long tresses that took Harry four years to grow, James' was a messy mop on top of his head. His eyes were hazel and they glittered mischievously. He had glasses and he had the same pale features that Harry possessed.

"Hi dad!" Harry said patting his father on the arm.

"Bambi!" He crowed placing a kiss to his small son's cheek. "I've missed you!"

Harry's cheeks coloured very deeply when he remembered his father's nickname for him. "Dadddd!" He then complained.

Chuckling, James grinned. "You're still my little deer."

"Argh, only in private." Harry said shaking his finger.

"Sure thing! My God you've gotten gorgeous, Bambi!"

Harry sighed, he might as well get used to it. "I'm a boy, dad." He reminded, wondering if he would have to mention the male anatomy that he so-happened to possess.

"Yes, but it doesn't stop you from being beautiful." He grabbed all of Harry's bags and put them into the trunk of the black and white cruiser.

Harry smiled. "Thanks, dad. How are you doing? Thanks for having me on such short notice."

James shook his head, slammed the trunk shut, and put the rest of the bags into the back. "No, no short notice at all! I have you enrolled in High School and everything."

Harry slid into the passenger seat and blinked for a few moments, remembering that American's drove on the wrong side of the road. Oh, great, he couldn't wait to try this out again. The last time he was in Florida and got behind the wheel of the rental car, Harry nearly smashed into a yellow Porsche.

James enjoyed every second of it. James Potter was the Chief of Police in Forks, Washington, but that didn't stop him from acting like the world's biggest goofball.

"How's Lily?"

Harry sighed. "She cried - and cried - and cried."

James smiled sadly at that and took off down the road. "You sure you want to be here then?" He asked painfully.

Harry smiled. "Dad, I have wanted to come for over a year now. I love mum, I do - but she babies me so much I can't breath and now - Severus making my life hell…"

James growled. "How dare he say such foul things to my son? I've always hated that man."

"I second that hate." Harry agreed. "Of course, mum is to never get wind of this." He said firmly and James nodded his understanding.

"I'd never betray your trust Bambi, I know better." They turned right, going through an almost completely deserted street. The rain tapped melodically against the windshield and Harry could see through its drops just how green the area was becoming.

The lush valleys and centripetal trees and wood made up for the bland skies.

"So how are you, dad?"

James beamed. "I've never been happier! I finally get you. Your mum's been a hog long enough."

Harry chuckled and fiddled with the radio, he was careful not to turn on the CB by accident like he had done when he was fourteen.

"Oh, oh, oh! Before, I forget." He grinned widely. "I bought you a car."

Harry paused on a whiny teeny pop song and stared up at his father. "Seriously?"

James bobbed his head excitedly. "I did! It's got a few years, but the engine is a killer!"

A few years. Harry gulped silently. "Uhm, thanks dad, how old is it?"

James' excitement turned to nervousness. "Well… do you remember my best friend Sirius Black?"

Harry blinked. Was the car in that bad of shape? He thought worriedly. "Uhm, hmm… I don't know. Maybe…"

"Black hair, gray eyes, up at La Push?"

"Ooh." Harry nodded, now he knew. "Yeah, he had the girls Parvati and Padma."

"Right!" James chirped. "We used to push you lot to play together."

Harry laughed, pushed was an understatement.

"Well, his son Jacob is killer with cars. So he's fixed this one right up and it was a steal, Bambi!"

Evasion tactics. Harry chuckled. "I won't sulk, dad. What is it?"

"A truck."

"Truck?" Harry repeated slowly, trying to wrap his mind around it. "What kind of truck?"

"A Chevy."

Hum… dad wasn't giving him any leeway. "Year?"


"Dad, come on!" Harry whacked him in the arm. "I'll play opera…"

James' eyes widened at such a threat and Harry resisted laughing at him. "Okay, okay late fifties somewhere in the sixties at the earliest…" He stammered, the red colouring his cheeks.

"There that wasn't so hard was it?"

James laughed hesitantly. "If you don't like it-"

Harry cut him off by leaning over and kissing his cheek. "Thank you, dad."

The blush got brighter and Harry wondered why he was never snapped up by anyone else. Someone would be lucky to have him. "Yeah - well - least I could do." He mumbled childishly.

Harry smiled at his embarrassed nature. It was too cute.

"You didn't mind giving up your friends for me?"

Laughing, Harry shrugged. "It's not hard, dad and besides. I didn't have many friends." He said this last bit softly making James look over.

"Why not? You're absolutely gorgeous, you have the best personality, and dammit you're a Potter!"

"Ah, it's nothing dad." He waved his hand nonchalantly. "You know I'm gay."

James nodded. "What's wrong with that? Is it that bad in London?"

"No." Harry smiled. "I've always been the quiet one though. I kind of fade in and out you know?"

"You've never had a boyfriend?"

Harry shook his head. "No."

"No friends?"


"Was it because of me?"

Harry laughed. "Dad!" He whacked his father again. "Don't say that. No, it wasn't you. It's just not easy for someone shy, gay, and virtually silent to meet new people, you know?"

"Didn't you like anyone?"

"Yes, but that's beside the point."

"Your mum knows right?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. It just wasn't the right time to find someone or date. I had her to take care of." James winced visibly at that. "Dad, it's not your fault. You two didn't work out and that was that."

He nodded but he wasn't convinced.

"You're stronger than mum." Harry told him as they drove through the scenery that was worthy of the most beautiful city award. Small, quaint, and exceptionally quiet. "You should know this. It took her ages to settle down and find someone who will take care of her, no matter how much of a bastard he is."

"For a woman so independent she could be fiercely dependent."

"I know." Harry agreed.

We turned down the street that Harry vaguely remembered the house being on. It was a small two-bedroom if his memory served him properly. It was blue with white shutters and to Harry's surprise, sitting in the lot was new truck… er - new but very well used truck.

It was faded red in colour and it was a monster. But I loved it and appreciated it. Anything beat driving to school under the headlights. Though it was no speed machine, Harry would test it and put it up to its full limit.

"Wow! I like it! I really like it." Harry said bouncing out of the car and running over to it. "Thank you dad!"

James chuckled and shrugged. "No problem Bambi, I swear it runs good. I'd never give you something that didn't run."

Harry laughed and went to the trunk. James helped him take everything into the house. The living room was small, decorated mostly in shades of black. There were pictures on the wall of him from previous years.

"Oh good, God, dad. I'm here now, take those off the walls, please?" He moaned seeing one of him, missing his two front teeth, heading into kindergarten with glasses that were too big for him and his hair as mussed as James'.

James laughed. "They're cute."

"They're horrifying! Please, or I'll never make a friend." Harry knew he pulled a fast one and James sighed longingly.

"Fine, I'll stick them in my room, okay?"

Harry beamed. "Okay!" Wow, his room had never changed. He dropped his stuff.

It was painted black, the curtains were black, and the wooden floors had black and dark blue shaggy rugs over them to hide the cold from Harry's feet.

An old computer desk was shoved in the corner with an old computer, he had a double bed, and just next to, it was the only window.

Harry noticed an old blue item in the corner of the room. It was so light that it stood out. He tilted his head to the side and realised it was an old rocking chair. He'd never seen it before.

This was such a small city, Harry thought as James brought in the rest of the stuff. The school was tiny; the one he had attended back in London was absolutely humongous! It had almost a thousand students but this one had less than four hundred. James had been the first out-of-towner when he moved here so long ago. The only one in Forks with a British accent, but Harry noticed that the accent was slowly dwindling and the American lingo had been picked up.

Only took more than ten years, Harry thought amused. James helped him unpack everything and he was all talk and laughs the entire way.

At first when Harry had decided to come to Forks, he wasn't so sure if he would like this place. He knew that it would most definitely be different but it would beat being babied by his mother and sneered at by his stepfather.

When he had told James that he'd never had a boyfriend, he sort of fibbed on that. Harry didn't want to think about it. He got squeamish when he did. But being here, in a new world and new place, it was scary, but it was invigorating.

James didn't badger nor was he demanding. He was a happy-go-lucky man who loved comedies and food equally as much as one another. He was also a sport's fanatic. Something that Harry had never really liked much. It was a surprise when James didn't mind that his only son wasn't much of a sport's guru.

James seemed pleased with just who Harry was and not what he or anyone else wanted him to be.

"Bambi? Let me take you out to dinner tonight. You and me." James chirped.

Harry laughed. "We have no food, huh?"

Chuckling nervously, James shrugged innocently, "When I get in the kitchen - things tend to blow up."

Again, Harry laughed but this time harder and happier. "Well, it's a good thing I know how to cook." He said as his dad wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "I can pick up stuff tomorrow after school, if you like?"

"Alright, but remember, me and stoves is a no, no."

"I'll remember that."

"Good, McDonalds?"

"Hmm, haven't been there in a while. Okay!"

"Good, because everything else is closed."

Being eight hours behind London schedule Harry was exhausted early. James was excited and chatty. More chatty than Harry had ever heard him on the phone.

By the time they got back home, Harry wanted to curl up and fall asleep. James squeezed his son and cupped his cheeks. "I'm glad you're here, Bambi, I really, really am."

Harry smiled tiredly. "I am too, dad. Good night." He leaned in and kissed his father on the cheek. "I'm drained! I'll deal with a shower tomorrow morning."

"Good night, Bambi."

When Harry curled up in a white sweater and black and white checked shorts he slung the covers over his petite frame and laid there in the still darkness, listening to the pattering of the rain and the soft wind rushing by. The tree that was near his house had its branches swaying gingerly from side to side.

He was lolled into such a content sleep that he was only half aware of James hovering over him and laying an extra quilt over his frame. He breathed deeply when something touched his cheek, but he didn't wake.