Harry Potter Charaters don't belong to me they belong to J.K Rowling.
This is a Harry Potter/Hermione Granger Hermione Granger/OC

Hermione is me and I am Hermione in this Story. Basically were both the same person. This story is based off my life, Hermione's life and Hermione's life as a Princess of England.

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My name is Lola Maria Johnson. I am 18 years old. But you also know me as someone else? Do you have a guess? Yes your right I was at one time 2 years ago known as Hermione Granger. I was dating Harry Potter at the time when my step dad and my mother both died in a car wreck. I didn't know I had a dad until I found out from Professor Dumbledore. My dad gained full custody over me and brought me here to America where I started to go to Entiat High School which was a magic and muggle school. Where muggles here really don't care about the witches and wizards. Hell I even have a muggle friend named Patty who is a cheerleader. Well after 2 years of living with my dad we got into this totally big argument and he kick me out on the streets. But my dad didn't know that I inherited all of my mother's fortune that my father didn't know about. Well after I was told that I was also the Queen of England's Granddaughter and I was also known as Princess Hermione Maria Lola Johnson Granger Windsor. Well being magical was one thing but also finding out your princess is another. Well I decided to go into Job Corps. I am currently at Fort Simcoe Job Corps and I go by Lola Maria Johnson. I have dated Drew Fitch and Robert Kessinger. I hope that no one finds out about me being a princess or I'm really fucked.