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Romancing the Ninja


Yuffie could call herself a master of facial expressions. Though keeping a blank face had always been Vincent's specialty, not hers. Right now though, she was trying to keep a straight face as Reno stared her down, watching her serve drinks and move back and forth behind the counter. Tifa was busily taking orders and serving too because tonight was the last night the bar would be open for the next two weeks. Cloud and Tifa would take a much deserved vacation, and though it was impossible to believe, Yuffie would be in charge of watching over the children.

There was something unnerving about being the center of attention of one man. She was used to being the center of attention in groups, but when it was only one man… well, that was an entirely different thing. It wasn't the fact that he was a Turk, or that he had once been an enemy of theirs, not even the fact that he was rumored to be a player—though she had to accept that she had never seen a woman on his arm. Maybe he went to a different part of the city for that. The fact that unnerved her the most was that he was cute, and that she had never had any type of serious relationship. Not even her old crush on Vincent counted.

The angsty gunman was working with Reeve in the WRO, and he was nothing but what she had said, an old crush. She was too young and beautiful to be in a serious relationship at nineteen. Yuffie let out a breath when Reno took a sip of his beer and winked at her over his glass. But damn, he really was hot. She'd have to do some recon to find out if it was true that he had a woman in every city.

"Is it just me, or has Reno been watching your every move tonight?" Tifa asked as they passed each other behind the bar.

Yuffie smirked and shrugged. "He can look all he wants. This work of art is off limits," she said with a grin.

"Maybe you should ask him on a date."

"A girl doesn't ask a guy out," Yuffie declared quietly, feeling the red-head's eyes on the back of her head. "If he wants a piece of this, he'll have to work for it," she said before moving on to serve more drinks.

Tifa smiled and shook her head to herself. She loved Yuffie like a sister, but sometimes the ninja confused her beyond anything. At least though, she had moved on from Vincent and was now showing interest in someone who would actually pay attention to her. Though by the time they decided to make a move and finally went on a date, they'd be using canes to walk. Tifa shrugged to herself and winked at Cloud where he sat by the door, sipping a glass of wine. He winked back and she smiled pleasantly before getting back to work.

"Are you going to nurse that beer all night or are you gonna finish it and leave?" asked Yuffie in annoyance.

Reno stared at her and grinned. "What's the problem, short stuff? I paid for it, I can finish it at any pace I want!"

Yuffie placed her hands on her hips and sighed. "I thought you wouldn't be sober by now."

"That's a very unfair thing to think of me. I'm not a drunk," he muttered.

"Yeah, well, tell that to someone who hasn't seen you chug a bottle of Corel wine in less than two minutes," Yuffie said cheekily.

"But that's wine. It's not the same as beer or any other kind of hard liquor," Reno put in with a small shrug.

"We're closing up. Are you done yet?" Yuffie asked with a slight smirk.

Reno downed what was left of his beer and stood to walk with Yuffie towards the door. Only one more person was left, and he had already shuffled out the door. "Yeah. There's one more thing," said the Turk before Yuffie shut the door on him.

"And what's that?" Yuffie asked tiredly, leaning against the doorway.

Reno looked her in the eye. "Go out with me."

Yuffie stared at him suspiciously. "Why?"

"Because we'd make a hot couple wherever we may go," he said with an easy grin.

"Thanks, but I think I'll pass. I have two weeks of babysitting to do and no time to date. Come back in two weeks and ask me again," she said with a small smile, shutting the door before he could get another word out.

"Why didn't you just make the date for two weeks from now?" asked Tifa as she pushed in a couple of chairs.

"He has to work for it now. I need to know that I'm not just another notch on his bedpost or something like that. He'll learn that I'm not as easy as the women he's used to going after," Yuffie said smartly, picking up the leftover glasses.

"You're thinking of going out with Reno?" Cloud asked in disgust. "Why?"

"Because you are already taken," Yuffie said, winking at Tifa before the martial artist decided to rip her head off with one kick. Tifa just smirked.

Cloud rolled his eyes, but his cheeks colored a little in embarrassment. "There will never be anyone but Tifa," he muttered.

Yuffie felt like 'awwing' at his words, but refrained, opting instead to snicker at Tifa's bashful blush. "Get a room!" she hooted.

"We will," Tifa replied. "We just need to clean the bar up first."

"Boy, am I glad my room is on the other end of the hall," Yuffie muttered.

Tifa just smiled. "Tomorrow we're leaving at eight in the morning. The kids are on vacation, but before they can go out and play or watch TV they need to get at least five pages of their homework packets done. Don't let them eat candy after nine o'clock."

"Why? Will they turn into gremlins or something if I feed them after a certain time?" Yuffie asked with a grin.

Cloud snorted and Tifa just gave her a playfully stern look. "No candy after nine. They should be in bed by nine-thirty, maybe ten, but I don't want them getting into the habit of going to bed late. They'll get used to it and it'll be harder to put them back into the schedule when it's time to go back to school," she said seriously.

"Got it," Yuffie said as she began to wash the glasses.

"Emergency numbers are taped to the fridge. Barret didn't much like the idea of you taking care of the kids because he says that all three of you are too much trouble and that you'll probably burn down the bar while Cloud and I are gone."

"That's not true!" Yuffie nearly yelled. "I promise to take care of this place and the kids while you're gone. I'm not a kid anymore, Tifa. You guys need to stop treating me like one."

Tifa gave her an apologetic look and nodded. "Then this is your chance to prove it. Also, don't bring any boys in here once the children go to sleep."


"Most importantly, don't bring Reno in here," Cloud muttered as he began to sweep the floor.

Yuffie just rolled her eyes and watched him and Tifa share a laugh. She didn't mind it though. It had been so long since she had last seen Cloud and Tifa so care free, they deserved to smile and laugh as often as possible. She just wondered what her answer to Reno's question would've been had she not been babysitting for the next two weeks. Yuffie just shook her head and decided to push those thoughts out of her mind. She wasn't too sure that she wanted the trouble that came with dating a Turk.


"Yuffie, can I get some marshmallows?"


"How about a bag of those flaming chili chips?"


"Aww. Why not?"

"Are you gonna tell me where all the eggs in the fridge went, kid?" Yuffie asked, turning to Denzel as they walked down the cereal aisle of the local grocery store.

"I don't know anything about that," Denzel said evasively, looking at the various box of cereals they were passing by.

"If I tell you what he did with them, can I get some strawberry ice cream?" Marlene asked with a grin.

"Marlene!" Denzel exclaimed, not believing that he was about to be sold out for some too sweet ice cream.

"Alright, Marley. You got yourself a deal," Yuffie said, shaking the girl's hand.

"He went off with Reno yesterday and they egged some kid's house because he made fun of Denzel's pitch at the game!" Marlene said in one breath.

Yuffie's eyes narrowed as she turned on the boy. "Reno? You asked Reno to help you prank someone when I was around and you didn't ask me?" she asked indignantly. "Why!?"

"If it's a question about who's more awesome then who, then we already know it's me. Besides, you were too busy playing dolls with Marlene to notice what Denny was up to," said a drawling voice behind them.

Yuffie had to refrain from sighing in frustration as she slowly turned to look at Reno. "What are you doing here? Are you stalking me now? You know, that's not the best way to get a date out of me," she said, beginning to walk off with the kids once more.

Reno stepped up next to her and took a look inside the cart. "You plannin' some type of party?" he asked, taking in the marshmallows, boxes of various cookies, strawberry ice cream, and popcorn.

"No," Yuffie said, turning towards the aisle with the bottled drinks.

"Can I come?" Reno asked, loading a six pack into the cart.

Yuffie took it out. "I'm not paying for your booze, Reno," she said in annoyance. "And it's not a party. We're just going to eat junk food and watch movies this weekend. Starting tomorrow night."

"I like movies. What kind of movies?" Reno asked, putting on his best begging face.

The ninja shared a look with Marlene and the girl giggled. "We're watching 'Beauty and the Beast'. And then we're going to watch more princess movies!" Marlene said excitedly.

Reno turned to Denzel who had kept unusually quiet through it all. "You're okay with watching… princess movies?" he asked incredulously.

"What do you think all the cookies are for? Besides, we're watching a werewolf movie once Marley goes to sleep," said Denzel evilly.

"How about I come over and keep you girls company then?" Reno asked, winking at Marlene. "I know some pretty scary stories."

"I thought Cloud said not to bring Reno into the house," Denzel said.

Yuffie chuckled nervously when the Turk raised a brow and looked at her. "You've been talking about me with Cloud?" he asked in interest.

"Hehe… no, Tifa was just worried that you'd drink her booze without paying," Yuffie said, hurrying towards the dairy section to get some more milk and eggs.

Reno had to jog to keep up with her and the kids. He hadn't really been following her, he had just happened to find himself at the grocery store because Rude had kicked him out of their apartment. Rude seemed to think that he was talking way too much about finding a way of convincing a certain ninja to date him. In all truth, Reno thought she was cute and wouldn't mind getting to know her a little.

He was very aware of the fact that if he screwed her over in some way, she would have the pilot, the vampire gunman, the man with the gun on his arm, and the swordsman on his ass so fast, he wouldn't know what hit him. Not to mention that she seemed to have eerie control over the WRO commissioner as well. What was it about her that seemed to make her the center of every man's world?

"Slow down, will ya? If I promise not to drink the booze, or to curse around the small fries, can I come?" Reno asked again.

Yuffie stopped the cart and turned to look at him, meeting those blue-green eyes unflinchingly. "Why are you so interested in being around me?" she asked him seriously.

Reno stared at her but said nothing for a moment. He had never been intimidated by any female, this one shouldn't have been the exception. "Let's face it, you and I can't keep skating around the mutual attraction. We either take it head on, or we keep acting like teenagers."

Yuffie smirked. "So you're volunteering to watch princess movies as long as you spend time with me?" she asked dubiously.

"Yeah," Reno said with a grin. "I'll just have to bring my own booze to this," he added.

Against herself, Yuffie laughed and nodded. "Fine. But you have to do something more for me."

"What's that, short stuff?"

"First off, stop calling me short stuff. It's not a cute nickname. If you really want to be on my good side, call me 'White Rose,' or, 'Your Grace,' or even, 'Princess'. 'Short stuff,' is not something that I enjoy being called. Second, you have to push the cart," she said, walking ahead with Marlene and Denzel.

Reno looked at the cart and realized that at the grocery store, Rude was usually in charge of pushing the cart, since be shopped alone. He had told Reno that he was worse than a child when it came to buying their weekly supply of rations. Huffing to himself, he pushed the cart. When had he gone soft for a pair of brown eyes and nice legs?


Preparing for their night of movies, junk food, and general pigging out, Yuffie grinned to herself. Tifa hadn't banded junk food before nine-thirty at night, so until then, everything went. As she prepared to pour the popcorn into a bowl, the sound of thunder, followed by lightning caught her attention, as well as the fact that the lights flickered. Great. All they needed was some type of power failure. Then what would she do with two freaked out kids and no light?

There was a knock at the door and Denzel answered it after he confirmed that it was Reno. They seemed to have developed some type of friendship while no one had been looking. Yuffie didn't think that was a good idea. Reno was even more devious than herself, and that was saying a lot.

"Brought the booze!" Reno announced, taking a look at her as she stood, waiting for another bag of popcorn to finish.

Yuffie shot him a small glare. "You can't seriously be thinking about getting drunk around the children. They don't need to see that."

"I won't be getting drunk, just a little… buzzed," Reno replied, taking a handful of popcorn from the bowl. "When is the movie starting?"

"As soon as Yuffie brings the snacks in!" Marlene called from the living room.

"Make yourself useful and help me, will you?" Yuffie asked, picking up a few bottles of juice.

Reno just nodded and picked up the bowl of popcorn, the bowl of chips, and a couple of napkins. As he stepped into the living room, the lights flickered with the sound of thunder and then died with the lightning. "Great," he muttered to himself.

"Yuffie?" Marlene asked in a shaky voice from somewhere to his left.

"I'm right here, kiddo, there's no need to be scared," Yuffie assured the girl. "The dark only holds shadows that can't hurt us."

"Okay," said Marlene quietly, letting out a little sigh of relief when she felt Yuffie sit next to her and squeeze her hand.

"I'm going to find some candles or some flashlights. You stay here with Denny and I'll be right back, 'kay?" the ninja asked her seriously.

"Yeah," said Marlene, squinting in the dark as Denzel took a seat next to her.

"I'll go with you," Reno said, following Yuffie as she blindly began making her way towards the kitchen and where she had remembered seeing Tifa place some candles in a drawer. She stopped when she nearly ran into the doorway, but in the dark, Reno wasn't able to keep from bumping into her. He slid a hand over her waist in an effort to steady himself, but Yuffie wondered if he truly had issues with his balance.

Reno nearly bumped his nose with her head, but he took the opportunity to take in the scent of the dark strands. "Gotta watch where you're going. A guy could just end up falling all over you," he murmured, his fingers still on the warm skin of her stomach.

Yuffie had to refrain from shivering, but she slowly pulled away from him. She felt her way around the kitchen until she found the drawer she had been looking for. Bringing out the candles and the matches, she lit one and turned to find those blue-green eyes staring right back at her. "Don't try to be slick," she said cheekily, turning to walk away with her light.

"Slick is my middle name," Reno replied, grabbing her arm and turning her before she was out of the room. "Why won't you take me seriously?" he asked.

She looked at him. "Have you ever been serious about anything in your life?"

Reno had to think it over and nodded. "I've been serious about my job, though it may not seem like it. I do it my way, but I get things done," he said. "I'm serious when I say that I want to get to know you."

"Where would you take me on our first date? Don't think about it. Just answer of the top of your head," Yuffie said.

"To dinner. Somewhere nice and where there will be no interruptions," Reno said quickly.

"No interruptions for what?" Yuffie asked, beginning to walk off towards the kids again.

"For you to realize that I ain't just a pretty face," Reno said, placing a candle on the coffee table and lighting it. "So… what are we gonna do while we wait for the lights to come back on?"

Marlene crawled over to sit next to Yuffie and the bowl of popcorn. Denzel just looked bored with everything going on. "How about we tell each other scary stories?" asked the boy, grabbing a bag of chips from the table.

"I've got the perfect story for this then," Reno said, sitting on the couch and grabbing the candle so that it would cast an eerie shadow over his face.

Yuffie sighed and held back a grin when Marlene tensed and Denzel grinned. Reno's eyes met Yuffie's and he smirked as he began to tell his story.


"You really freaked them out, you know," Yuffie said as she came out of the kids room after having tucked them in. Marlene had been completely freaked, but she had been tired and had fallen asleep quickly, making her promise to leave the door wide open.

Reno shrugged. "I didn't think my story was that bad," he said, following her down towards the bar. They sat at the bar counter and Reno brought out the bottle of liquor he had brought over himself. "What are you still doing in Edge? I thought your pops would've wanted you back in Wutai."

Yuffie shrugged. "The old man has found himself someone else to pester. He's… getting married."

"And you're… okay with that?" Reno asked, taking a sip of the bitter liquid.

Yuffie swallowed down her own share and shook her head. "No… no, I mean yes. It's just that… it's only been him and me for years and now there's someone else. I'm stuck between hating this woman for taking my dad away, but at the same time, I want him to be happy."

"But you ain't angry that he's moving on, right? It's taken him a lot of years to get over the death of your mom, right? Think of this as him finally healing and being truly happy, the same thing he wants for you," Reno told her quietly.

Yuffie had to smile. "Wow. Never thought I'd hear something smart come from your mouth," she said.

Reno smirked and leaned towards her, watching as her brown eyes blinked up at him. "All I want to hear from your mouth is the sound of my name."

"Reno," she said in exasperation.

"Just like that," he murmured, their lips brushing.

Yuffie had to stop and remind herself how to breathe. Was she really kissing Reno, the Turk that had once fought her friends and had tried to defeat them more than once? He was being so unlike the man she was used to dealing with, she didn't know what to think anymore. The taste of him was a mix between alcohol and something sweet, possibly mint gum.

"Will you go out with me now? We don't even have to go to dinner if you don't want to. We'll just go somewhere we can talk," Reno offered after pulling away.

The ninja watched him in the dark and thought about it for a moment. "You want to go somewhere to talk?" Yuffie asked him incredulously.

Reno smirked and nodded. "Don't look at me like that, princess. The rumors about me are greatly exaggerated."

"You mean the ones about you in the sack?" Yuffie asked smartly.

"Those aren't rumors, babe. Those are facts," he said smugly. "I meant the rumors about me having a girl in every city. That was before Meteor and all that. I'm a different man."

"Why is it that I find that hard to believe?" she asked, ignoring the way his eyes stared at her lips.

"That's where the date comes in. if I'm honest with you, and these days I'm too damned honest to make a living as a Turk," he said with a wink, "I like you."

Well, she couldn't complain about him not being honest with her. As usual, her mouth ran away with her. "How about we just order a pizza and go somewhere we can truly see the stars?" she asked, noticing that one of his hands was in her hair, gently touching the silky strands.

"Not the fancy type, huh?" he asked.

"Can you see yourself in a tie?" Yuffie countered.

"Nope. I can get Rude to let me borrow one, but I don't think he'll like the idea of me getting it dirty," said Reno with a grin.

"You'll still have to wait for nearly two weeks for our date though," said Yuffie, noticing how the lights from outside made his eyes gleam like a cat's. And in all actuality Reno was like a big cat. He was slick, lazy, and far too friendly. It made Yuffie want to giggle.

"What's that saying, 'good things come to those who wait?' I'll just wait the week and a half," he said with a shrug.

Yuffie grinned and nodded, her eyes drifting shut as he moved towards her for another kiss.


They broke apart and Yuffie sighed, moving away from Reno as she approached the stairs. "I'll be right up, Marley!" she called back.

"The light went out again!" Marlene called shrilly.

"Okay kiddo, let me just lock the door and I'll be right up," Yuffie replied. She turned back to Reno and smirked. "I'll be expecting a good date. Not a fancy one, but a good one."

Reno nodded. "On Saturday night when Tifa and Chocobo-head get back?" he asked.

Yuffie nodded and grinned. "Until then," she said, nearly pushing him out the door.

"Hey," came his muffled voice. "That's the second time you've shoved me out of this bar!"

"Get some sleep, smartass!" she called before making her way up the stairs and towards Marlene's room. She and Denzel had whined, wheedled, and cajoled until Cloud and Tifa had finally allowed for Denzel to take Cloud's old room, leaving Marlene to her own room too. "What's going on, Marley? I thought we were getting too old to get scared at scary stories."

Marlene patted the spot next to her and Yuffie lay down next to her, stroking the girl's long, soft hair. "I know, but Reno's story was scary, and with Denzel making all those noises, I freaked out."

"Don't tell your pop that Reno was here, okay?" Yuffie asked abruptly.

"Don't worry," said Marlene with a little sigh. "I know that you like him, so I won't get him into trouble."

Yuffie felt herself blushing in the darkness. "How are you so sure that I like him?"

"Your eyes get all sparkly the way Tifa's do when Cloud looks at her or smiles. It's kinda obvious," Marlene said smartly. "Do you think you'll end up marrying him?"

Yuffie snorted in laughter. "Yeah right. I'm too awesome to get married just yet. But I'll see if Reno is someone I want to be with."

"I like Reno," Marlene admitted, her voice growing softer as she began to slip into slumber.

"Yeah… me too," Yuffie said with a smile.


"I'm getting out of shape," Yuffie muttered to herself as she walked out of a WRO training room.

"What was that?" asked a deep voice from behind her.

Yuffie turned and grinned, nearly jumping into Vincent's arms when she saw him standing there, looking as hot as always. "I was telling myself that I'm getting out of shape. It's either that, or Tifa has actually been making her cookies with regular sugar," she said. "I usually run thirty lap during training, but today I only got to twenty-eight when I had to stop."

"Twenty-eight and you call yourself out of shape? I've seen the pool. It's larger than the Shera," said Vincent as they walked together towards Reeve's office.

Yuffie sighed and let out a small laugh. "I guess you're right. I'm being dramatic," she said, bumping his side gently.

"How are you doing these days, Yuffie?" he asked her.

"I'm good. How about you? No more thoughts on coffins, right?"

Vincent smirked and shook his head. "My work with Reeve certainly keeps my mind off of those things. But… what are you doing here? Weren't you babysitting for two weeks?"

Yuffie nodded and shrugged. "Barret came over to take Marlene and Denzel for the day. They were going to go to the arcade and to lunch so that I could get a small break since he's in town. I bet he's just checking up on me and asking the kids questions about how good a babysitter I am," she said, eyes narrowed.

"Do not worry yourself. I'm sure you are doing a good job," said Vincent lightly.

"Aww, Vince!" Yuffie said, clinging to his arm and giving him a squeeze. "You're so sweet," she said, smirking when she noticed the exasperated look in his eyes as they both walked in to see Reeve.

Both were unaware though, of blue-green eyes watching their interaction. He turned to his partner when Rude cleared his throat. "What does she see in that guy? He's like fifty-thousand years old and he smells like something that's been too long in a closet," Reno grumbled.

"You've… smelled Valentine before?" Rude asked, smirking.

"That's not the point, man!" Reno snapped. "The vampire just swoops in and destroys all that I have worked for. It's not fair, damn it."

"You're being dramatic," said Rude. "Just ask him if he's interested in her."

"Wouldn't that piss her off?" he asked. Rude shrugged. "Fine. I'll ask."

About an hour later, Reno found himself in the WRO locker room, trying to figure out where Valentine was. He caught him standing in front of his own locker, holstering his gun and counting his materia. The picture pasted onto the inside of the door made something twitch in his chest. It was an image of Yuffie, hanging off of Valentine's arm and throwing her other arm in the air in a type of cheer. The smile on her face was bright and something he hadn't quite seen on her face the last few times he had seen her.

"You interested in the ninja?" Reno asked him abruptly.

Vincent slowly turned to look at him and gave him a cold look. "Why is that any of your business?"

Reno tried not to look intimidated, but the man had a huge gun and the scariest glare that had ever been aimed at him. He waved vaguely towards the picture on the locker door. "… that," he muttered.

Vincent gave him a scrutinizing look. "Yuffie pasted that onto the locker door with some type of permanent solution. I couldn't get it off, so there is stayed. Are you interested in Yuffie?" he asked calmly.

"What if I am?" Reno asked smugly, puffing out his chest a little.

"It would do you well to not hurt her. Yuffie means a lot to her friends and we are willing to defend her from anything and everything," said Vincent in a deathly quiet tone.

Reno took a step back and grinned. "I understand, man! I'm not out to play with her. I just wanted to know if you and her… you know. If you were, I know that I wouldn't stand a chance," he muttered.

Vincent looked over at the picture and smirked. Yuffie was only his friend and he appreciated her very much, but nothing more. "We are only friends," he assured the other man. He was cooperating because it wasn't up to him determining if Yuffie was doing the right thing in letting the Turk in. "Heed my warning Reno, do not hurt her," said Vincent. Then he was gone with a snap of his cape and his quiet steps.

Reno stared into space and grinned to himself, wondering what he could do sweep the ninja off her feet. First, he had to find her and see if she wanted to move their date to tonight.


Yuffie sighed to herself as she waited for Reno at the small park near Seventh Heaven bar. Barret said that he would stay with the kids until morning, and then he would get back to his job, since he was happy that the kids had told her that she was a good babysitter. The ninja had felt the urge to lodge her shuriken where the sun don't shine. But still, at least the big marshmallow had convinced himself that she wasn't totally incompetent.

While she had been walking out of Reeve's office earlier that day, Reno had nearly blindsided her. He had been acting a little weird, though she couldn't say that it was too strange, but he had asked her to move their date up to tonight, since he had heard that she had the day off. She had accepted and been thoroughly curious when he had promised her a night to remember.

That was why she stood in the middle of the baseball field in the dark, wondering how much longer he would make her wait. That was when she heard it. The sound of an approaching helicopter made her look up and frown. She moved back towards the bleachers and stared as the chopper with the Shinra logo landed right where she had been standing. Her eyes were wide as she stared at Reno when he pulled off his seatbelt and got out to approach her, the chopper still on.

He grinned and produced some white roses from inside his coat, handing them to her. "Ready?" he asked as she took the flowers and sniffed them. "It's a little less conventional than a car, right babe?" Reno asked with a grin.

Yuffie nodded with wide eyes but managed to smile as they walked towards the helicopter. "Uh, Reno… you do know that I get air sick right?"

Okay, so how was it as a start? Next chapter is the conclusion of what should've been a oneshot, but grew too big to fit into one. That seems to be happening a lot to me lately. Still, hopefully I didn't go too OOC. How was it Tori? The reference to Disney was just for you since I've seen you use the movies in your fics. Next chapter will contain romantic moments, their date and/or dates, and possibly some fluff and a little smut. Once more I apologize for taking so long, but when I write a new couple, I hesitate because I don't know if I'll get them right. Hopefully I didn't butcher it too bad. So thank you for reading, and hopefully I'll have a next chapter out soon!