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2046- The first Lunar colonies are established on Earths only natural satellite.

2048- The first orbital living habitats able to cater for more than ten thousand people are established at several of Earths Lagrange points.

2052- After a brief but devastating war between the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China, the United Nations intervenes, forcing both sides to surrender.

2053- Under the leadership of the United Nations, all nations of Earth form into a single united government, referred to as the United Earth Government.

2068- The first colonisation of Mars occurs. 50,000 people are moved into a massive dome-city on the red planets surface, most of them scientists and their families. The first archaeological expeditions are sent out to determine if any life ever existed on Mars.

2073- Five years after the first archaeological digs are started, a small group of scientists led by Professor Rudolph Beltzman and his wife, Doctor Andrea Beltzman discover the first signs of alien civilization in the form of the ruins of a buried city. Hundreds of scientists from Mars City and Mars One, the two largest colonies on Mars, and from Earth begin arriving to aid in uncovering the archaeological find of the century.

2074- The U.N and the U.E.G begin taking a marked interest in the alien city at the Beltzman Dig with discovery of what appears to be a crashed spacecraft half embedded in the side of a recently discovered ruin.

2076- The scientific teams surveying the Beltzman Dig uncover a vast repository of information and alien technological artefacts buried nearly a kilometre beneath the alien city.

2082- After six years of studying the alien language, the first reliable translation software is created. It is discovered that the aliens were not native to Mars, and in fact came from somewhere far beyond the Solar System. Schematics for starship, weapons and Faster-Than-Light engine assemblies are discovered and immediately tens of billions of standard credits are poured into researching them.

2083- Information about a vast, malevolent alien empire that possibly led to the destruction of the alien civilization based on Mars is discovered and partially disclosed to the public. Suddenly worried about running into hostile extra solar beings, the already considerable research budget for the development of warships and weapons is increased tenfold. Extensive mining operations begin in the asteroid belt and Jupiter's moons in preparation for Earths first true space fleet. Old, slow and poorly armed and armoured ships begin to be recycled. Saturn's moons are surveyed for ore deposits.

2091- First generation warships begin rolling off the production lines. Much faster than the older Earth ships, they begin to seed Jupiter's moons with small dome-city colonies and start extensive searches throughout the solar system for more alien repositories.

2118- A second alien repository is discovered on Pluto's surface. First generation energy shield technology is fitted to old First Gen ships and Second Gen ships begin production, outfitted with better armour and weapons, as well as more efficient sublight engines and First Gen FTL drives.

2120- Humans take their first tentative steps out of their home system. Four colony ships, each carrying 15,000 colonists and 1500 crewmen, escorted by two heavy cruisers, ten destroyers and twelve frigates colonize Tau Ceti, the nearest neighbouring system with Earth like worlds. First Contact is made with the Tau Republic, the peaceful inhabitants of Tau Ceti Prime and Tau Ceti Beta. Tau technology is at a level humans would have been at by now if not for the discovery the Beltzman's made forty seven years ago.

2122- The first significant technology exchanges are made with the relatively humanlike Tau. The Tau receive outdated First Gen ships to serve as their own defence fleet, and humans receive the secret of artificial gravity, something which had been discovered in the alien repositories yet had not been researched to the extent the Tau had managed on their own, a remarkable feat considering the Tau had been developing at roughly the same rate as the humans before the discovery of the alien repositories.

2130- Combined Human-Tau population reaches the 180 billion mark, as more and more colonies and outposts are established throughout the nearby star systems. Tau begins construction of their first "home-made" defensive fleet and orbital defence networks. Humans begin construction of Third Gen ships, equipped with Fifth Gen rail guns and anti-ship nuclear missiles, Second Gen shields and FTL drives, Third Gen composite armours and First Gen laser weapons.

2133- The first successful attempts at terraforming otherwise uninhabitable worlds is made, increasing the number of potential colony worlds by a considerable margin.

2136- Combined Human-Tau fleet enters Alkaid star system. First Contact is made with the canine like Alkaid. The Alkaid, more technologically advanced than both the humans and their Tau allies, and highly xenophobic, open fire on Allied fleet. The First Interstellar War erupts.

2140- Allied fleets are pushed back to the Mercon star system. Forced to abandon two colonies and nearly five billion people of both races, the 23rd,5th, and 9th Earth battle groups and the 15th and 3rd Tau battle groups draw a sand in the line. With the loss of nearly two-thirds of the entire Allied fleet, andthe total destruction of all Alkaid ships, the first naval victory is scored against the Alkaid.

2144- Human Fourth Gen ships, equipped with First Gen plasma weapons, begin production, while military technology research continues to receive vast budgets to fuel faster technological evolution. Fourth Gen ships are roughly equivalent to Alkaid vessels, and the tides of the war finally begin to see a serious change.

2147- After eleven years of war, the Alkaid suddenly and inexplicably disappear. Even their believed home system is abandoned, leaving behind cities and a few outdated ships. Humans and Tau alike are thoroughly confused, as even with the latest technological advancements the war was still going more in the favour of the Alkaid than the Allies.

2181- After thirty-four years of peace, the Alkaid are rediscovered, and the discovery frightens the Allies. A fleet of Fifth Gen ships find hundreds of the once formidable Alkaid warships lingering in the gravity well of a dead planet. On the surface, dozens of vast cities lie lifeless and irradiated, with the hulks of dead Alkaid ships crash-landed all over the planet and evidence of orbital bombardment. Several dozen wrecks of unknown design are found intermingled with the wreckage of Alkaid ships and it is assumed that the only way the Alkaid were able to achieve even these minor victories was by ramming the unknown vessels. It is believed that the battle that occurred here happened twenty to twenty five years ago.

2182- All further exploration is forbidden while Allied scientists study the wreckage orbiting the dead Alkaid homeworld. All established colonies are given far more extensive Orbital Defence Networks and assigned extra destroyer and cruiser squadrons. Once again, vast amounts of money are poured into military research endeavours. The largest military build-up since the opening days of the Alkaid-Allied war begins, with the latest technologies being used to begin the creation of Sixth Generation Human ships and Fifth Generation Tau ships. All of humanity rallies behind the United Nations and pledges their full support for the U.N to become the ruling government body.

2183- The United Nations Space Command is formed, and all human ships currently in service and undergoing construction receive new registration numbers, officers receive new uniforms to match the changes in government, and military control shifts entirely to the UNSC.

2187 (Present)- Contact is lost with Tau Hyperspace Monitoring Outpost #31 at the very edge of the Republics sphere of influence towards the "centre" of the galaxy. A recon patrol, consisting of a Tau destroyer and two human frigates is sent to investigate. Recon patrol fails to report in at the designated time. The 22nd UNSC battle group, command by Rear Admiral Aleksandir Vladislov, and the 8th TRN battle group, commanded by Elder K'Hahn forms up above the nearest Tau colony to the Outpost of Sorna Prime, and prepares to jump to the outpost to investigate in forceā€¦


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