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One year later…

"C'mon, Matt."

"No. It's Christmas Eve. We've had a nice dinner…a great dessert…and all I want to do now is relax."

Mimi let the silence stretch, broken only by the sound of the fire crackling in the hearth. Then she asked again in a cajoling tone. "Please? Just a quick one."

Matt gave a long-suffering sigh and slouched down farther on the couch in the house they'd bought just outside the city. Turning his gaze away from the fire, he slanted a glance at his wife, who was sitting next to him. "They've all been quick lately. That's the problem."

"I'm sure you'll do better this time," she said primly.

"I would have done better the last time if you hadn't worn that damn nightgown to distract me," he replied with a low growl, feeling himself harden at the mere memory. He loved that white nightgown on Mimi. When he'd first seen her pacing slowly down the aisle behind Sora at their wedding, he'd thought she'd never looked lovelier than she did in her mother's white wedding dress. Then she'd come to bed on their honeymoon dressed in that silky nightie, and he'd changed his mind immediately.

He reached down to capture the slender fingers sliding along his side to the sensitive spot beneath his ribs, and glanced at her. His heart kicked up a beat, and his hand tightened around hers.

Fresh from her shower, she'd put on a pink sweat suit and her furry slippers to stay warm during dinner, and the outfit should have made a difference in the level of his desire. But it didn't help in the least. He knew how smooth her skin was beneath the cozy fleece. He'd explored with his hands and mouth every delicate hollow and womanly curve…and he planned to do so again very soon in their nice big bed.

He certainly didn't want to waste any time playing chess!

He opened his mouth to say so…then shut it again as he met her gaze. Her caramel eyes had an expectant, hopeful expression and her soft lips were curves in a seductive smile. Damn it, she knew he was a sucker for that look.

He sighed, admitting defeat, and released her hand. "Fine. I'll play you. But just one game."


She jumped to get the chess set while Matt rose to pull a chair and a small side table around in front of the couch. Mimi sat in the chair across from him, and immediately began setting out the pieces. They settled in to play.

In a ridiculously short time, Matt realized he was in trouble. He was frowning over the board, sure she had some devious plan in mind when she spoke again.


"Hmm?" He took hold of his knight.

"Let's make a bet."

He looked at her…something he'd been trying to avoid doing because she'd been lightly rolling his pawn against her lips ever since she'd captured it. An unfair, Freudian distraction if he'd ever seen one.

He leaned back, narrowing his eyes at her. "What kind of a bet?"

"Oh, I dunno. Just a friendly wager to make things interesting." She waved his pawn in a vague gesture, then tapped it against her lips again, pretending to think. "How about if I win, we open presents this evening?"

He scowled. Damn it…he had plans for this evening! Big plans that included Mimi lying naked in his arms in front of the fire.

"And if you win, we open them in the morning."

Matt set his jaw. She looked way too confident for him to agree to such a thing. "We agreed already to wait until morning. I don't think…"

He broke off, his voice strangled in his throat as her bare toes slipped under his pants leg. The little cheater had kicked off her slippers under the table, and was obviously intent on tormenting him. She stroked his calf then withdrew her foot. Suddenly, he felt it again, gliding along his inner thigh. Searching, no doubt, for the place that interfered with his thinking.

Abruptly, he slid back, out of danger. "Fine," he growled. "It's a bet." Grimly, he advanced his knight.

Two moves later, Mimi declared, "Checkmate!" She smiled at his stunned expression and rose, patting him on the head as she sauntered past. "I'll get the presents. Mine are in the bedroom."

Matt stared at the board a moment longer, wondering where he'd gone wrong. Then, with a sigh, he put the pieces away. He'd obviously gone wrong when he'd taught her how to play chess.

He stood up and gave a huge stretch, then retrieved the present he'd bought her from beneath their tree which they'd decorated with twinkling lights, ornaments, and the little angel perched on top. He eyed the big tree considerably. Opening their gifts shouldn't take too long. The scent of pine, the thought of the colored lights flickering on Mimi's bare skin was giving him a great idea…

Mimi came back into the room a few minutes later, wearing her "distracting" nightgown, and discovered Matt sitting on the couch with a satisfied look on his face. Looking past him, she shook her head as she saw the pillow and blanket he'd cunningly placed beneath the tree. When it came to making love, the man didn't know the meaning of the word enough. Which was a very good thing for her.

She joined him on the couch, curling her legs beneath her.

"You first," Matt said, handing her a small oblong package.

Mimi accepted it and carefully unwrapped the silver foil to reveal a black velvet jewel box. She lifted the lid, and gasped, tears springing to her eyes. "Oh, Matt…"

He'd given her a diamond solitaire necklace, a perfect match for her engagement ring. She held it up, watching it sparkle in the firelight. "It's stunning. It's lovely…"

"Yeah, well…" He pulled a wry face.

Mimi sifted a smile. "Can you help me put it on?"

She turned her back and Matt deftly fastened the small hook. When she turned around again, he caught his breath. The diamond hung in the deep V of her nightgown, right between her breasts. "You look beautiful, sweetheart," he said huskily.

He went to take her in his arms, but Mimi gently held him off, saying, "Your turn." She handed him a large package.

"Hmm, what can this be?" Matt said…as if he hadn't shaken the gift a hundred times since he'd found it in their closet. He ripped off the paper and a big smile crossed his face as he opened the box inside. Sure enough, just what he'd expected.

He lifted out the blue sweater she'd made him. "It's beautiful, Meems." He watched her face light up, then added, "But…" he hesitated.

"But what?" she demanded, taking the bait.

"But now that I don't have my yarn ball anymore, what am I going to play with?" He gave her a meaningful look.

She simply smiled, as she handed him another brightly wrapped gift. "This."

Matt accepted the present curiously. This one had him puzzled. Shaking it hadn't revealed a thing. And when he ripped the paper off, at first he thought the box inside was empty. All he could see were a few pieces of tissue. He glanced at her questioningly.

"Look again." Mimi's voice sounded oddly breathless.

He pawed through the tissue and discovered a couple of strands of yarn, twisted together.

One pink. One blue.

His heart began pounding. His throat felt tight, but he forced out the words. "Are you…"

"Yes, I'm pregnant…we're pregnant!" she said, before he could complete the question. She threw herself into his arms, a glowing smile on his face.

"Oh, sweetheart…" His voice was choked. Matt settled her across his lap and buried his face against her soft hair. "When?" he croaked huskily.

"Seven more months. Our baby should be here late in July." Never, Mimi thought, had she ever expected to see such a look of wonder on her husband's face.

His ocean blue eyes blazed, but the kiss he gave her was tender and sweet. Her arms were clinging around his neck when he lifted his head to look down at her again. "Mimi, I love you so much."

He hugged her, and Mimi rested her cheek against his heart. She smiled slightly as he dropped a kiss on her head, and spread his big hand protectively across her still-flat stomach. In a minute or so, she knew, he'd lie beside her on the nest he'd made beneath the tree, and they'd make love. Make another memory, another link in the chain of their life together.

She cherished those moments when he was inside her, as close to her as he could get. But she savored these moments, too. When, snug in his arms, she knew she was safe and warm.

And loved.


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