Summary: Bella Swan is left in a coma after a fateful plane crash that killed almost every single passenger. As she waits to die, with doctors on the brink of turning off her life support, is there some else who can make her wake up? [All Human]

Inspiration: The idea that love truly has 'no boundaries'

Chapter 1

Sunset Borderline

Imagine yourself, lying there, stranded, helpless and dying. Imagine not being able to squeeze someone's hand, or look someone in the eye when you're talking to them. Imagine not being able to talk.

When you were lying there, paralysed, comatose and speechless, unable to move a single muscle and yet hear every movement, every whisper around you... you believed in the impossible. You believed you could love someone without ever truly meeting them in the first place.

I had nothing else holding me to life except him.

The machine whining, constantly like a school fire alarm next to me, pumped blood into a heart that would be just flesh without him and the comfort of his hand, warm against my cheek.

Although I'd never spoken to him, or even seen him in person, despite the single photograph burned into my memory, I knew I loved him. It sounded ridiculous and irrational and crazy to even assume that I could love a person so irrevocably without ever saying a word to them – but I knew that had he not been here, the blackness fighting relentlessly in the back of my mind would have won.

I knew I should have regretted getting on the plane... but I couldn't bring myself to say that. If it hadn't crashed, I wouldn't ever have met him.

Without him, I wouldn't have a reason to fight with the blackness... and to keep my heart beating.

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