It was still dawn as he walked down the gravel path,driven by nothing but hatred in his heart. He had lost everything,and he was alone once again. There was an excruciating pain in his chest,that never left his side. It was like an untreated,festering wound.

He sat down under the cooling shade of the tree nearby,alongside a beautiful green pond. He never knew a place this quiet existed. He wished his feelings would also be quiet once, would once refuse to burn like black fire

He remembered the day his bitter and resentful heart had got solace.

It was the day Hiou Shizuka, slaughtered his family and bit Zero. He knew with satisfaction what Zero must've felt, when he, Ichiru, watched this, completely unmoved, his face near a smile.

I thought you were dead, Zero had told him, his voice dripping with cold contempt. But to me, you were dead that night, four years ago

He accepted Zero s contempt with ease, yet why was there a part of him that was hurt?

He smiled,almost mockingly at himself.

He had a strange relationship with Kiryuu Zero,his twin.

They were were born from the same egg,spent inseparable nine months in the same womb, lived under the same roof for years,and received the Hunter's training from the very same sensei.

What could be different?

Zero was better.

He was a prodigy, able-bodied, skilled, and intelligent with natural instincts.

Everyone admired Zero, while they pitied his, Ichiru's ill-body.

"Zero-kun is really great!" he would say to his brother. It was true, but it was difficult for him to mean it. His words sounded hollow and empty even to himself.

Zero,Zero,Zero. He was sick of it, hated it. What was so special about him anyway?
He resented the fact that he knew his own answer.

He walked towards the pond, knelt down to see his reflection.

He remembered Zero's face, filled with contempt for him. Looking at Zero s face at that moment, was like looking into a mirror.

The real person he hated was not Zero; the real person he hated was himself. He hated his worthlessness, that he cannot compete with Zero, and the fact that Zero was incorruptible, unlike him.

The dawn had started to break, with rays of sunlight hitting his face. He immediately shielded his face. Nay, he was not a vampire-Shizuka refused to drink his blood till her last breath. He knew it was only Zero's blood she wanted.

It was just that when someone lives in darkness for too long, the light blinds him.

He got up, and walked back to where he came from. His heart was still bleeding like there is a fresh wound.

He smiled cynically.

Always, Always, meant to be overshadowed. Life condemned in never ending darkness.


Author's Notes :It is just meant to be reflective fic.A collection On Ichiru's feelings and,I never thought I would write on Ichiru. I am in love with Zero.:P

I call this an impulse fiction as well,I didn't do research for this, for example.I wrote it just after I finished watching Vampire Knight episodes,so forgive me,if i misinterpreted Ichiru's character or anyone else's.