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The Same Coin

Colonel Jack O'Neill made his way into the briefing room expecting to find it completely empty. In stead he was met with the sight of Dr Daniel Jackson poring over at least seven open files. As always the archeologist was completely lost in his work, more than likely unaware that anyone was near. Jack had often thought it was a focus that would get his friend killed, so far though he'd dodged several bullets, lazars, among other things. Curiosity pulled Jack closer and he noticed almost immediately that none of these files had that all too familiar 'Top Secret' red stamp on them.

Reading the header to the closest one he saw that it was a police report for Colorado Springs, "You run out of alien languages to translate?" he said by way of greeting.

"Jack!" Daniel didn't jump but his voice sounded surprised.

"What's all this?" the Colonel asked sweeping his hand across the table before picking up the closest file. Giving it a quick scan Jack met his friend's eyes, "Since when do we care abut civilian murders?"

"Since they started forming a pattern," Daniel responded immediately pulling the files towards him as though ordering them. "There have been nine deaths in the past two weeks."

"So the city has a serial killer," it bothered Jack a little how calmly he could say that, but if his job at the SGC had shown him anything thing; it was that there was far more out there for them to worry about than a few psychos.

Daniel was immediately shaking his head, "I don't think so." Adjusting his glasses he flipped a page in the file, "So far police and local authorities have been vague to answer, but what they are willing to say is they 'think' it's a serial killer."

"So what's the problem then?" Jack cut in tossing the file aside, "Thing's may be a little slow here but not that slow, we don't need to be helping the police track their killer."

"But that's just it Jack," Daniel's eyes lit up, "They can't confirm that it's a human doing the killings, they're reluctant to admit it could be anything else. But look at the autopsy reports, they're all the same."

Jack reluctantly picked up the file again flipping to the last page and quickly read. The body had been severely lacerated, and the medical examiner couldn't specify what had done it, near as he could guess it was claws; though they didn't match any animal on record. But that wasn't the ultimate cause of death. The man's heart had been completely shredded without a single laceration leading into his chest cavity.

"You've got to admit Jack, this isn't exactly normal," Daniel said after a moment turning his chair so he was facing the Colonel.

"Looks to me like we've got a really creative serial killer," he returned with a shrug, but the look Daniel leveled at him was fuming. "But you think it's what? Alien?" Jack asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I think it's worth looking into, besides I found this," from underneath the rest of the folders the Doctor produced a local newspaper and passed it to Jack.

The headline read 'Rare Artifact Unearthed!' the subtext followed 'In what is believed to have been a mass grave' considering the technology for cameras the picture was very poor. Jack could only tell that it might once have been cubed shaped, but the years had been harsh. "And what's this got to do with it?"

"The murders began the day it went on display," it was said like that one fact tied it all together.

Jack shrugged, "Coincidence."

"Would the fact that the attacker leaves absolutely no evidence behind? It's like he doesn't even exist, the only consistent thing detectives keep finding is sulfur residue."

"And that means something to you?" Jack asked with a skeptically raised brow.

Daniel just gaped at him, "None of this makes you the least bit interested? The fact that they can't identify the weapon or explain how sulfur is left in the wounds? Not to mention the fact that there's never any sign of forced entry?" he was incredulous.

The Colonel leaned back in his chair, he recognized that tone in Daniel's voice, he could be like a dog with a bone; refusing to relinquish it without a fight. "Yeah," he drawled "Don't we have enough threats to worry about off world? Why not just leave this to the locals?"

Daniel just shook his head gathering up the files into a neat pile, "I've always wondered how it was that you were chosen for the Stargate expedition, you have next to no curiosity." His tone was exasperated as he got to his feet.

"Things are quiet here right now," Jack attempted to placate, "But who knows how long they'll stay like this, I doubt the General will want to get pulled into this."

"Get pulled into what?" General Hammond's deep voice asked from behind Jack, and he watched as the spark of hope in Daniel's eyes ignited again.

"Here we go…" he muttered to himself with an exaggerated role of his eyes.


"Damn," Dean breathed fingers tailing along side a deep gouge mark in the concrete foundation of the old home.

"The EMF's off the chart," Sam informed from across the room, though Dean could hear it crackling angrily from where he stood.

Though dimly lit Dean could easily make out the blood splatters covering almost every surface of the small basement, the body had been removed but the smell lingered. It fought against the piercing stench of sulfur which was hanging heavy in the air. Dean could see lingering traces of the yellowish substance inside the claw marks.

"What're you thinking?" the older Winchester asked turning away from the carnage to fix and eye of his little brother.

Sam's attention was devoted to the room, as he stood rooted in place taking in every detail, "Not sure," he confessed finally. "Bobby was a little vague over the phone."

"Only because his informant didn't give him anything to go on," Dean tossed back, a job was a job, but he never liked walking into them blind.

"Well the demonic signs in the area would have drawn us sooner or later," he trailed off brown eyes sweeping the room yet again, "Feels odd though…."

"Your Spidy sense tingling?" Dean deadpanned.

Sam calmly flipped him off in response, "There's no local folklore about this happening every so many years…"

"So what's changed?" it was a rhetorical question and they both knew it.

"Well there's not pattern to this on the map," Sam crossed the room slipping the EMF back into his pocket, "Maybe there's something to be found in the autopsies."

Dean couldn't fight back his sigh, "Great who are we going to play at being this time?"

"You won't be doing anything," his brother was quick to respond. "It's been a month since your face was all over the news, let's not take any chances."

"Fair enough," anything to avoid wearing one of those monkey suits. "You got everything you need?" Dean asked already heading for the stairs.

"Yeah," he said following a step behind, "Hey while I'm getting the info why don't you dig deeper into the cities past? Far back as you can possibly go."

"Goodie," was Dean's dryly reply.

Stepping back onto the main floor of the house Dean came to an immediate stop left hand reached back behind him to stop Sam. The house had been cordoned off by the police for nearly a week, they were no longer keeping officers posted nearby, but Dean hadn't expected any company all the same. But there is was, a soft footstep coming from the front of the house, listening a little closer he realized it wasn't just one person but a group of them.

"Just what do you expect to find Daniel?" a tiredly sarcastic voice asked.

There was a long suffered sigh "Traces, anything the creature might have left behind."

Dean glanced back over his shoulder to Sam and jerked his head to the right. There was a back door out of the house; they'd made sure of it upon entering it was second nature to make sure they had more than one escape rout.

"You know you didn't even have to come," the second voice pointed out. The tone was calm, and it sounded far more mature than the last set of 'hunters' they'd run across.

"It was either this or stay on base for a fitness evaluation," the first returned sounding unimpressed.

Dean crossed the kitchen on silent feet Sam a half step behind them, as the new comers continued to approach. "You know you're only prolonging the inevitable," a female voice spoke up.

Slipping out the back door Dean turned to his brother, "They sound military," he commented softly making his way to the kitchen window so he could see who was there.

"What would the military care about demons?" Sam shook his head confused, but took up position opposite Dean so he too could see.

A moment later four people walked into the small kitchen, Dean focused primarily on the leader, he was military there was no mistaking it. He wore a plain black ball cap on his head, but Dean could see the hints of grey hair at his temples. Putting him at around the same age as their father, his attention quickly moved on, a younger man with glasses was pushing his way through he was holding something electronic in his hands but Dean couldn't make it out. The blond standing next to him warranted a look, though she was dressed conservatively like the men.

The last to enter the room was a tall black man, who filled the doorway, and stared impassively at the others. Dean could tell by the way he carried himself that the man was a fighter.

"Anything Daniel?" the first man asked, and the younger man looked up.

"Strong readings of sulfur," he commented taking a step towards the basement door.

"Teal'c are you aware of any species that would leave behind sulfur?" the woman asked eyes glancing around the room.

The large black man took a step forward, "No I am not," his voice was deep booming even, despite how quiet he spoke.

"Jack," Daniel said suddenly, "The readings are stronger from the basement," before he'd even finished the man had left the room.

The three exchanged glances, before Teal'c's head turned towards the window, "Colonel O'Neill, I think we are being watching."

"Shit," Dean swore moving away from the house, Sam led the way though the bush hedge into the neighbor's backyard keeping low to avoid being seen. "Glad I parked the Impala at the end of the street," he said pulling out his keys.

Sam's expression was thoughtful as he slipped into the passenger's side of the car, "Species…" he muttered more to himself than Dean, "I don't think they're hunters."

"What was your first hint?" Dean tossed back sarcastically, "They're military. At least we have more on them then they do on us." Colonel Jack O'Neill, it was a name Dean fully intended to search once they got back to the hotel.


"So?" General Hammond asked as the SG-1 team walked back into the briefing room, "What did you find?"

Jack pulled off his cap, rubbing his left hand through his hair; "Nothing that implies it was done by Gou'ald technology." The Colonel looked to Teal'c for confirmation.

"I sensed nothing of the Gou'ald there," he responded calmly.

General Hammond nodded, "Very well, for now we'll leave it in the hands of local authorities."

"Sir with all due respect!"

Jack was not at all surprised Daniel wasn't going to let the matter drop, "We may not be looking at the Gou'ald, but whatever has been doing this certainly isn't human." The archeologist stepped forward expression as serious as Jack had ever seen it. "I highly doubt local resources would even know where to begin."

"And where would you suggest we begin?" the General asked folding his arms across his broad chest.

A spark lit in Daniel's eyes, and he quickly dug into his bag pulling out a dark blue folder, "I think we need to start with this," he said passing the opened file to Hammond. There was no mistaking the almost childlike excitement in his voice.

The General took a moment to look over the paper; Jack already knew what it was he was reading, "You think this piece of junk could be the cause of it all?" his tone wasn't exactly incredulous after all much of what they found on their off world mission could fall under that label. "I'm not even sure what it is I'm looking at."

"I haven't been able to track down any decent pictures of it. That alone strikes me as odd," Daniel explained accepting the file back, "But I can make out some of the markings on it, I need to get a closer look."

"General, I'm inclined to agree with Daniel on this, it seems a foolish risk to take ignoring something like this," Dr Carter spoke up casting a quick glance Jack's way.

The Colonel fought back a sigh, "And if it's not alien?"

General Hammond raised his hand before Daniel could argue his point further, "What did you find at the first location?"

"Large amounts of blood and sulfur," Daniel informed immediately.

"We were also being watched," Teal'c added face expressionless.

Jack shook his head "Probably just kids."

"Could have been," Sam agreed, but quickly continued, "But murders have been known to return to the location of the attack. And we all know just because they look human doesn't mean they are."

"You got a look at them?" the General asked.

"I saw one face," the Jaffa answered.

"Alright," the General nodded, "Teal'c can you describe the face you say to a sketch artist?"

Teal'c nodded once, "I can."

"Then for the time being SG-1's mission will be to investigate these incidents," his tone had switched to that of command.

"Yes sir," Daniel responded happily, as Hammond walked from the briefing room the archeologist turned to Jack, "Why do you always fight so hard against this?"

He shrugged with a grin, "Someone has to be the voice of reason."

"With all we've seen Colonel, why would you insist on doubting this?" Samantha asked.

"If you see aliens in everything around you, you'll end up jumping at your own shadow," he told them simply.

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