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Reunions - Chapter One

The gunshot echoed around the room. Ianto, confused, checked his gun before turning around, stopping at the sight in front of him, eyes widening.

"Hey kids, d'ya miss me?"

"Oh my God, Jack," screamed Gwen, leaving her post by the door frame, now absent of the woman she was guarding, running forwards and engulfing Jack in a massive hug, the force of which nearly sent the two of them into a heap on the floor.

"Jack," said Tosh, breathlessly, tripping over her own stiletto wearing feet in her hurry to give Jack the recognition of his return.

"Jack," Owen recognized, nodding his head at the captain. "I would but, well, y'know," he followed, acknowledging his blood covered hands and the patient still bleeding below him.

Jack looked over at Ianto, one arm around Gwen, the other around Tosh.

"I'll phone for the ambulance," said Ianto, looking over at Owen, ignoring Jack, before rushing outside, the cold air hitting his face. Mentally slapping himself he reached into his pocket and, pulling out his phone, punched in the numbers.

The ambulance arrived several minutes later, a mixture of sirens and flashing blue lights. Popping his head around the door Ianto took in the scene in front of him which still hadn't changed: the mother; arms around her quietly sobbing daughter, the husband; bleeding in Owen's arms.

"Ambulance's arrived," he said, not meeting Jack's blue eyes that were gazing intently at him.

"Thanks Ianto," replied Owen, looking up and giving Ianto a gentle smile. No longer did Owen reply with a quirky comment, but with a proper dignified answer, a true way of showing how close the team had become since Jack's disappearance. And despite the fact that Owen would never admit it, he thought highly of Ianto for holding himself, and the team, together even though, as only Owen knew, at night Ianto wouldn't return home but saw it as his duty, and his will, to stay behind to "look after" the rift.

What would happen now that Jack had returned? Would Ianto go back to tea-boy and sex-toy to the Captain? No, Ianto was determined that that wouldn't happen. Not again.

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