The Cullens Discover Fan Fiction – by BandGeek99

The Cullens Discover Fan Fiction – by BandGeek99

Don't tell me you've never read one of these for another fandom. I haven't seen any in Twilight, so I took it upon myself to do it. Yay me!

Depthmon: Skip the speech and hurry up, I wanna read, dammit!

The Deimon Commander From Hell: Oi vey. There he goes…

Depthmon: Shaddup, you!

TDCFH: No, I don't think I will.

BG: Boys, if you can't play nice you can't play together. Please let me give my speech and then you can read it.

TDCFH: Can I help terrorize the Twilight people with my incredible fan fiction awesomeness and evilness?

BG: You don't even read Twilight, last I knew.

Depthmon: Yeah, idiot, how are you supposed to do anything cool like that? Lame-o…

TDCFH: TAKE THAT BACK, YOU SON OF A BATCH OF COOKIES!! Or I'll whack you with a stick!!

Depthmon: Oh, punk wanna dance? (begins fighting with TDCFH)

BG: (sweatdrops) Okay, um, well, I hope you readers enjoy this… and… um… yeah-ha-ha…

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Twilight. If I did, would I be writing fan fiction with you people?



Edward Cullen sat on the couch in his room with his stereo playing "MONSTER 80's: DISC 2" (track 10, "Take On Me" by a-ha). His laptop was open on his lap and he surfed for news on the upcoming Harry Potter movie.

A dinging noise rang through his ears and he noticed that Bella, who was at home, had sent him an IM.

BloodSuckingWolfGirl: hey, eddie. sup?

PuRePuNkRoCk: nm. u?

BloodSuckingWolfGirl: ditto. u need 2 check out fan fiction cuz it's amazing!

PuRePuNkRoCk: do u mind explaining?

BloodSuckingWolfGirl: well, jake got me hooked on this manga, fruits basket, so i went online and looked at fanfiction 4 it and it was great and i think u should read some.

PuRePuNkRoCk: yeah… ill take a look, kk?

BloodSuckingWolfGirl: kk!

They chatted on about meaningless things until Bella had to get offline to feed Charlie. When she was done, he clicked on the link she'd sent over.

He looked around the homepage and noticed the "Just In" at the top. He clicked on it and noticed many a story under the "TWILIGHT" category.

"Huh?" he murmured, a frown furrowing his face. He clicked on one that said "My Boy" by PrettyRAINBOWS.

Rosalie Hale smiled and laughed evilly as she thrust a knife into the sleeping Bella's back. Thunder crashed outside and lightning lit up the room.

"I've triumphed!" she cried and laughed again, tossing her blonde hair behind her back. "Edward will be mine!"

She climbed out the window again, off to claim her prize.

Edward stared at the webpage in horror. "Oh, my God!" he whispered. "How did they… why would she… WHAT THE HELL?!"


So what did you think? It was only an intro, but I hope it was enough to intrigue you. I'll churn out chapter 1 today, probably, since I have no life. (Ah hah, jk jk!!)

Depthmon: Wow. I didn't know people could be that cruel to Bella.

TDCFH: How? (takes out gun, starts shooting at BG's feet) I do it to you guys all the time.

BG: (dancing around and – thankfully – not wearing a skirt, but pajama bottoms) Why me?!

TDCFH: I dunno, maybe cuz it's funny when you get mad.

Depthmon: (rolls eyes) Great…

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