It was a beautful summer day and Legolas and Aragorn where out in the woods miles from Rivendell enjoying each other's company. They had been planing this trip for weeks and had been packed and ready to go that week. The human smiled as he watched his friend pick a berry and chewed on it thoughtfully, the elf picked another one and handed it to his friend.

" These are very juicy. Must be the time of year."

Aragorn bit into his and nodded, then finished it with a happy grunt. Legolas laughed merrily watching his friend eagerly picking more, the man placed the berries in a bag and put the bag into his backpack. He knew these would go well with the meal Legolas was planing on making this afternoon, Then the two friends then walked on. The wind whistled throughout the trees and made this trip even more enjoyable. Aragorn sighed in contentment and turned to his friend again.

" I am glad you came on this trip with me, Mellon nin."

Legolas smiled as he walked silently beside his friend. He was glad to be with the human too, it made life more happy for the both of them. Suddenly hearing a noise they both whiped out their bows and nocked arrows in their bow strings. Aragorn saw his friend tense then release his tight hold on the bow in horror.

" Estel, there are too many of them!"

They both turned and ran from the creatures, Legolas being a really good climber took ahold of his friend and jumped up onto a low tree branch. Aragorn treambled in fright and felt the reassureing hand on his shoulder. Following his friend's lead they went to a higher branch and Legolas held onto his friend's shoulder as to comfort his friend.

" Legolas..."

" Shush, it is alright."

Suddenly a howl rang out followed by more, Aragorn glanced at his friend wide eyed. Legolas put his finger to his lips telling his friend to stay silent as he lead him to another tree branch. The wargs kept howling and the orcs kept fireing at them. Suddenly the elf stopped and his friend did too, Aragorn saw the look on the elf's face and before the human could stop it Legolas leaped from the tree. Aragorn watched with horror as his friend took off in the oppasent way from where he was hiding in the tree knowing not what to do he stayed there shivering with the terror of it all. Soon all was quiet and the human climbed down from the tree, his only hope was to find his friend, Legolas and make sure he was alright.

" Legolas, please be alright!"

He thought as he started the search for his long time friend.